PH1 - Park House School - Kingsclere - Basingstoke

A service operated by Newbury & District


Monday to Friday, Park House school days

Basingstoke - Kingsclere - Park House School

Rooksdown Parklands & Hospice (Opp Layby) 07:00
Sherborne St John, o/s The Limes 07:02
Sherborne St John Dixons Corner (o/s 5) 07:03
Sherborne St John West End (adj jct) 07:03
Monk Sherborne, opp Morgaston Road 07:05
Salters Heath Road (NW-bound) 07:06
Pamber End Queens College Arms (NW-bound) 07:08
Pamber End Elm Park Garden Centre (NW-bound) 07:08
Pamber End, adj Wakeford Farm 07:09
Pamber Green, opp New Road 07:10
Pamber Green Skates Lane (N-bound) 07:10
Tadley Manse Lane (NW-bound) 07:11
Tadley Fairlawn Road (NW-bound) 07:12
Tadley Rowan Road (NW-bound) 07:13
Tadley Mulfords Hill (NW-bound) 07:14
Tadley The Parade (NW-bound) 07:15
Tadley Silchester Road (NW-bound) 07:15
Brimpton Common, opp Falcon Fields 07:16
Brimpton Common Falcon Triangle (W-bound) 07:17
Inhurst, opp Heathlands 07:20
Brimpton Common, opp The Hurst Community College 07:23
Brimpton Common, adj Little Aldershot Lane 07:23
Ashford Hill The Pineapple Inn (W-bound) 07:24
Ashford Hill, adj The Ship 07:25
Ashford Hill, opp Primary School 07:30
Ashford Hill St Paul's Church (NW-bound) 07:30
Kingsclere Woodlands Riddings Lane (NW-bound) 07:30
Goose Hill Hill House Lane (NW-bound) 07:31
Mill Green Lane (opp) 07:32
Mill Green, adj Common Road 07:35
Headley Thornford Road (W-bound) 07:36
Headley Post Office (adj) 07:37
Headley, o/s The Harrow 07:38
Mill Green Galley Lane (S-bound) 07:39
Headley Catts Farm (S-bound) 07:40
Headley Strattons Farm (S-bound) 07:41
Ecchinswell Cottismore Farm (S-bound) 07:42
Ecchinswell The Star (SE-bound) 07:44
Kingsclere, o/s Coldridge Farm 07:46
Kingsclere Fawconer Road (SW-bound) 07:49
Kingsclere Library (W-bound) 07:50
Kingsclere St Mary's Church (NW-bound) 07:52
Kingsclere Wellmans Meadow (N-bound) 07:55
Kingsclere Coldridge Farm (NW-bound) 07:55
Ecchinswell The Star (NW-bound) 07:56
Ecchinswell Cottismore Farm (N-bound) 07:57
Headley Strattons Farm (N-bound) 07:57
Headley Catts Farm (N-bound) 07:58
Mill Green Galley Lane (N-bound) 07:59
Headley The Harrow (NW-bound) 07:59
Headley, opp Ashford Hill Road 08:00
Headley Knightsbridge Drive (NW-bound) 08:00
Headley Knightsbridge Farm (NW-bound) 08:01
Greenham Common Greenham Park East (NW-bound) 08:02
Greenham Common, adj Bishops Green Turn 08:03
Greenham Common, adj Adbury turn 08:06
Sandleford Place Newtown Roundabout (W-bound) 08:10
Greenham, opp St Gabriels School 08:11
Greenham, opp Deadmans Lane 08:12
Greenham Pinchington Lane Roundabout (N-bound) 08:13
Newbury Monks Lane east (W-bound) 08:15
Newbury, adj Monks Lane Surgery 08:19
Wash Common, nr Park House School Rear Entrance 08:20

Park House School - Kingsclere - Basingstoke

Wash Common, opp Park House School 15:43
Newbury, nr Monks Lane Surgery 15:45
Greenham, on Monks Lane east 15:48
Greenham Pinchington Lane Roundabout (S-bound) 15:49
Greenham, adj Deadmans Lane 15:49
Greenham, adj St Gabriels School 15:50
Sandleford Place Newtown Roundabout (E-bound) 15:51
Greenham Common, opp Adbury turn 15:54
Greenham Common, opp Bishops Green Turn 15:57
Greenham Common Greenham Park East (SE-bound) 15:58
Headley Knightsbridge Farm (SE-bound) 15:58
Headley Knightsbridge Drive (SE-bound) 15:59
Headley, adj Ashford Hill Road 15:59
Headley, o/s The Harrow 16:00
Mill Green Galley Lane (S-bound) 16:00
Headley Catts Farm (S-bound) 16:01
Headley Strattons Farm (S-bound) 16:02
Ecchinswell Cottismore Farm (S-bound) 16:02
Ecchinswell The Star (SE-bound) 16:03
Kingsclere, o/s Coldridge Farm 16:04
Kingsclere Wellmans Meadow (S-bound) 16:05
Kingsclere St Mary's Church (SE-bound) 16:08
Kingsclere Library (E-bound) 16:10
Kingsclere Fawconer Road (NE-bound) 16:11
Kingsclere Coldridge Farm (NW-bound) 16:13
Ecchinswell The Star (NW-bound) 16:14
Ecchinswell Cottismore Farm (N-bound) 16:16
Headley Strattons Farm (N-bound) 16:17
Headley Catts Farm (N-bound) 16:18
Mill Green Galley Lane (N-bound) 16:20
Headley The Harrow (NW-bound) 16:20
Headley Post Office (opp) 16:22
Headley Thornford Road (E-bound) 16:22
Mill Green, opp Common Road 16:25
Mill Green Lane (adj) 16:28
Goose Hill Hill House Lane (SE-bound) 16:28
Kingsclere Woodlands Riddings Lane (SE-bound) 16:29
Ashford Hill St Paul's Church (SE-bound) 16:29
Ashford Hill, o/s Primary School 16:30
Ashford Hill, opp The Ship 16:35
Ashford Hill The Pineapple Inn (E-bound) 16:36
Brimpton Common Little Aldershot Lane (SE-bound) 16:36
Brimpton Common, adj The Hurst Community College 16:37
Baughurst Common Badgers Wood (NE-bound) 16:38
Inhurst, adj Heathlands 16:40
Brimpton Common Falcon Triangle (NE-bound) 16:43
Brimpton Common, adj Falcon Fields 16:44
Tadley Silchester Road (SE-bound) 16:44
Tadley The Parade (SE-bound) 16:45
Tadley Mulfords Hill (SE-bound) 16:46
Tadley Rowan Road (SE-bound) 16:47
Tadley Fairlawn Road (SE-bound) 16:47
Tadley Manse Lane (SE-bound) 16:48
Pamber Green Skates Lane (S-bound) 16:48
Pamber Green, adj New Road 16:49
Pamber End, opp Wakeford Farm 16:50
Pamber End Elm Park Garden Centre (SE-bound) 16:51
Pamber End Queens College Arms (SE-bound) 16:52
Salters Heath Road (SE-bound) 16:52
Monk Sherborne, adj Morgaston Road 16:54
Sherborne St John West End (To Village) 16:56
Sherborne St John Dixons Corner (opp 1) 16:56
Sherborne St John, opp The Limes 16:57
Rooksdown Parklands & Hospice (Layby) 17:00

Timetable data from Newbury & District, 7 September 2021

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