R2 - Maple Cross/Chorleywood - Mount Vernon Hospital/Watford

A bus service operated by Red Eagle

Maple Cross/Chorleywood to Mount Vernon Hospital/Watford

Northwood Mount Vernon Hospital (Stop A) 09:3511:25
Watford High Street (Stop E) 13:30
Batchworth Heath (opp) 09:3511:25
Watford Cassio Road (SW-bound) 13:31
Batchworth Heath, nr Mount Vernon / Bishops Wood Hospitals 09:3711:27
Watford Durban Road (SW-bound) 13:33
Harefield Shrubs Road (->W) 09:3811:28
Watford Harwoods Road (SW-bound) 13:34
Harefield Littlebourne Farm (->W) 09:3911:29
Watford Queens Avenue (SW-bound) 13:34
Harefield Shepherds Hill House (->W) 09:3911:29
Watford Hagden Lane (W-bound) 13:35
The Harefield Academy (->W) 09:4011:30
Watford, nr Sydney Road 13:36
Harefield Wickham Close (->W) 09:4111:31
Watford, opp Cassiobridge Road 13:37
Harefield The Green (->W) 09:4211:32
Holywell, nr Morrisons 13:38
Harefield New Park Road (->N) 09:4311:33
Croxley Green Two Bridges (Stop B) 13:40
Harefield Hospital (->E) 09:4411:34
Croxley Green, opp Winton Approach 13:40
Woodcock Hill, o/s Rose & Crown PH 09:4811:38
Croxley Green, nr Hazelwood Road 13:41
Woodcock Hill, opp Hillside 09:4811:38
Croxley Green Croxley Metropolitan Station (W-bound) 13:42
Rickmansworth, nr Woodcock Hill Cemetery 09:4911:39
Croxley Green, nr Harvey Road 13:42
The Grove, nr Stockers Farm Road 09:5011:40
Croxley Green, nr Bateman Road 13:43
Rickmansworth, opp Scots Bridge 13:44
Rickmansworth, o/s St Joan of Arc School 13:45
Rickmansworth, adj Talbot Road 13:46
Rickmansworth, opp St Marys Church 13:47
The Grove, opp White Bear PH 13:48
The Grove, nr Tesco 09:5111:4113:49
The Grove, o/s White Bear PH 09:5111:4113:50
Rickmansworth, o/s St Marys Church 09:5211:4213:50
Rickmansworth High Street (W-bound) 09:5411:4413:52
Rickmansworth Railway Station (Stop B) 09:5611:4613:54
Moneyhill, adj The Halfway House PH 09:5711:4813:56
Moneyhill, opp Parade 09:5811:4913:57
Moneyhill, opp Church Lane 09:5811:5013:58
Rickmansworth, adj Whip & Collar PH 09:59
Rickmansworth, adj Springwell Avenue 11:5113:59
Rickmansworth, nr Shepherd JMI School 11:5214:00
Berry Lane Estate Shepherds Lane (NE-bound) 11:5414:02
Berry Lane Estate The Queens Drive (NE-bound) 11:5614:04
Berry Lane Estate, nr Arnett Hills School 11:5714:05
Berry Lane Estate, opp The Bucklands 11:5714:05
Rickmansworth Berry Lane (SW-bound) 11:5814:06
Rickmansworth, nr Windsor Way 11:5914:07
Rickmansworth, opp Shepherd JMI School 11:5914:07
Rickmansworth, opp Springwell Avenue 12:0014:08
Rickmansworth, opp Hall Close 12:0114:09
Rickmansworth, opp Long Lane 10:0012:0214:10
Maple Cross, nr Hertford Place 12:04
Maple Cross, opp The Cross 12:05
Maple Cross, opp Long Croft Road 12:06
Maple Cross, adj Pinchfield 12:06
Maple Cross Downings Wood Terminus (S-bound) 12:08
Maple Cross, nr Tichborne 12:09
Maple Cross, opp Ladywalk 12:09
Maple Cross, adj The Cross 12:11
Maple Cross, opp Hertford Place 12:11
Heronsgate, nr Ladywalk 10:0412:1414:12
Heronsgate, adj Stockport Road 10:0512:1514:13
The Swillett, opp Little Hill 10:0612:1514:14
The Swillett Stag Lane (NE-bound) 12:16
The Swillett, nr The Stag PH 10:0714:15
Chorleywood Furze View (NE-bound) 12:17
The Swillett Shire Lane (NW-bound) 10:0814:16
Chorleywood Hubbards Road (NE-bound) 12:17
Chorleywood, nr Chalfont Lane 10:0914:17
Chorleywood Capell Way (N-bound) 12:18
Chorleywood, opp Haddon Road 10:1014:18
Chorleywood, opp Library 14:20
Chorleywood Capell Way (S-bound) 14:20
Chorleywood Hubbards Road (SW-bound) 14:21
Chorleywood Furze View (SW-bound) 14:22

Mount Vernon Hospital/Watford to Maple Cross/Chorleywood

Heronsgate, adj Stockport Road 14:13
The Swillett, opp Little Hill 14:14
The Swillett, nr The Stag PH 14:15
The Swillett Shire Lane (NW-bound) 14:16
Chorleywood, nr Chalfont Lane 14:17
Chorleywood, opp Haddon Road 14:18
Chorleywood, opp Library 10:1214:20
Chorleywood Capell Way (S-bound) 10:1214:20
Chorleywood Hubbards Road (SW-bound) 10:1314:21
Chorleywood Furze View (SW-bound) 10:1414:22
The Swillett Stag Lane (SW-bound) 10:1414:22
Chorleywood, o/s Library 12:19
Chorleywood, adj Haddon Road 12:21
Chorleywood, opp Chalfont Lane 12:22
The Swillett Shire Lane (SE-bound) 12:22
The Swillett, opp The Stag PH 12:24
The Swillett, adj Little Hill 10:1512:2414:23
Heronsgate, opp Stockport Road 10:1612:2614:24
Rickmansworth, nr Long Lane 10:1912:2914:29
Rickmansworth, adj Hall Close 10:2012:30
Rickmansworth, opp Whip & Collar PH 14:30
Rickmansworth, adj Springwell Avenue 10:2012:30
Rickmansworth, nr Shepherd JMI School 10:2112:31
Berry Lane Estate Shepherds Lane (NE-bound) 10:2212:32
Berry Lane Estate The Queens Drive (NE-bound) 10:2412:34
Berry Lane Estate, nr Arnett Hills School 10:2512:35
Berry Lane Estate, opp The Bucklands 10:2612:36
Rickmansworth Berry Lane (SW-bound) 10:2712:37
Rickmansworth, nr Windsor Way 10:2812:38
Rickmansworth, opp Shepherd JMI School 10:2912:39
Rickmansworth, opp Springwell Avenue 10:3012:40
Moneyhill, nr Church Lane 10:3112:4114:31
Moneyhill, nr Parade 10:3212:4214:31
Moneyhill, opp The Halfway House PH 10:3412:4414:32
Rickmansworth High Street (E-bound) 10:3612:4614:34
Rickmansworth Railway Station (Stop C) 10:3712:4714:35
Rickmansworth, o/s St Joan of Arc School 10:3812:4814:36
Rickmansworth, adj Talbot Road 10:3912:4914:37
Rickmansworth, opp St Marys Church 10:4012:5014:38
The Grove, opp White Bear PH 10:4212:5214:40
The Grove, nr Tesco 10:43
The Grove, opp Tesco 12:5314:41
The Grove, o/s White Bear PH 10:43
The Grove, opp Stockers Farm Road 12:53
Rickmansworth, opp Woodcock Hill Cemetery 12:54
Woodcock Hill, o/s Hillside 12:55
Woodcock Hill, opp Rose & Crown PH 12:56
Harefield Hospital (->E) 13:00
Harefield New Park Road (->S) 13:01
Harefield The Green (->E) 13:02
Harefield Mossendew Close (->E) 13:02
The Harefield Academy (->E) 13:03
Harefield Shepherds Hill House (->E) 13:04
Harefield Littlebourne Farm (->E) 13:05
Harefield Shrubs Road (->E) 13:05
Batchworth Heath, opp Mount Vernon / Bishops Wood Hospitals 13:07
Batchworth Heath (nr) 13:08
Northwood Mount Vernon Hospital (Stop D) 13:10
Rickmansworth, o/s St Marys Church 10:44
Rickmansworth High Street (W-bound) 10:46
Rickmansworth Railway Station (Stop C) 10:47
Rickmansworth, nr Roman Catholic Church 10:48
Rickmansworth, adj Scots Bridge 10:48
Croxley Green, opp Bateman Road 10:50
Croxley Green, opp Harvey Road 10:50
Croxley Green, o/s Croxley Metropolitan Station 10:52
Croxley Green, nr Winton Approach 10:53
Croxley Green Two Bridges (Stop A) 10:54
Holywell, nr Morrisons 10:56
Watford, adj Cassiobridge Road 10:57
Watford Hagden Lane (E-bound) 10:58
Watford Queens Avenue (E-bound) 10:59
Watford Harwoods Road (NE-bound) 11:00
Watford Durban Road (E-bound) 11:00
Watford Exchange Road (Stop K) 11:01
Watford King Street (Stop T) 11:04
Watford High Street (Stop E) 11:05

Timetable data from Red Eagle/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 9 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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