S1 - Cowgill - Mint Bridge

A bus service operated by Western Dales Community Bus


Mint Bridge - Cowgill

Mint Bridge, o/s Morrisons 09:2312:2314:0316:08
Mintsfeet, at Crescent Green 09:2412:2414:0416:09
Mintsfeet, nr Lakeland Laundry 09:2512:2514:0516:10
Kendal, o/s Victoria Apartments 09:2612:2614:0616:11
Kendal Blackhall Road (Stand G) 09:2812:2814:0816:13
Kendal, at Weavers Court 09:3112:3114:1116:16
Kendal, opp K Village 09:3312:3314:1316:18
Kendal, nr Lound Road Garage 09:3312:3314:1316:18
Kendal, nr The Lound 09:3312:3314:1316:18
Kendal, opp Helme Chase 09:3412:3414:1416:19
Kendal, by Kirkstone Close 09:3512:3514:1516:20
Oxenholme, at Station 09:3812:3814:1816:23
Oxenholme, opp Helmside Road 09:3912:3914:1916:24
Oxenholme, nr Station approach 09:3912:3914:1916:24
New Hutton, opp Woodside 09:4412:4414:2416:29
Killington, at motorway bridge 09:4812:4814:2816:33
Firbank, o/s Bridge End 09:5312:5314:3316:38
Sedbergh, o/s Health Centre 09:5612:5614:3616:41
Sedbergh, o/s The Dalesman 08:0009:5812:5814:3816:43
Sedbergh, o/s Settlebeck School 10:0013:0014:4016:45
Millthrop Bridge (nr) 08:0310:0314:4316:48
Millthrop, at Catholes Road end 08:0510:0514:4516:50
Millthrop, at Rash House 08:0710:0714:4716:52
Gawthrop, nr road end 08:0910:0914:4916:54
Dent, nr Gibbs Hall 10:2017:05
Dent, nr Spice Gill road end 10:2317:08
Cowgill, at School House road end 10:2617:11
Dent Village, at Memorial Hall 08:1514:55
Cowgill, at Dent Station 10:3017:15

Cowgill - Mint Bridge

Cowgill, at Dent Station 10:5317:37
Cowgill, nr School House Road end 10:5517:39
Dent, at Spice Gill road end 10:5817:42
Dent, at Gibbs Hall 11:0317:47
Dent Village, nr Memorial Hall 08:2011:0815:0517:52
Gawthrop, at Road end 08:2311:1115:0817:55
Millthrop, opp Rash House 08:2511:1315:1017:57
Millthrop, nr Catholes Road end 08:2711:1515:1217:59
Millthrop Bridge (at) 08:2911:1715:1418:01
Sedbergh School (nr) 08:3311:2115:1818:05
Sedbergh, nr Settlebeck School 08:3511:2313:1515:2018:07
Sedbergh, o/s Library 08:3711:2513:1715:2218:09
Sedbergh, o/s Morphets Garage 08:3911:2713:1915:24
Firbank, opp Bridge End 08:4411:3213:2415:29
Killington, nr motorway bridge 08:4711:3513:2715:32
New Hutton, nr Woodside 08:5211:4013:3215:37
Mill Holme, nr High Park 08:5511:4313:3515:40
Kendal, at Helme Chase 08:5713:3715:42
Kendal, opp Kirkstone Close 08:5711:4513:3715:42
Oxenholme, opp Station 08:5711:4513:3715:42
Oxenholme, opp station approach 08:5711:4513:3715:42
Kendal, at Helme Chase 11:45
Kendal, opp Burton Road roundabout 08:5811:4613:3815:43
Kendal, nr K Village 09:0211:5013:4215:47
Kendal, o/s Kirkland 09:0311:5113:4315:48
Kendal, at Highgate 09:0411:5213:4415:49
Kendal, o/s The Shakespeare Inn 09:0511:5313:4515:50
Kendal Bus Station (Ken) (Stand 0) 09:0811:5613:4815:53
Mint Bridge, o/s Morrisons 09:1312:0113:5315:58

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Western Dales Community Bus