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SH1 - Burntisland - St Andrews High School

A bus service operated by Bay Travel


Burntisland - St Andrews High School

Burntisland, adj Stenhouse Drive 08:02
Burntisland, adj Silverbarton Terrace 08:02
Burntisland, opp Meadowfield 08:04
Burntisland, adj Fleming Way 08:05
Burntisland, opp St Joseph's Church 08:05
Burntisland, opp Broomhill Avenue 08:06
Burntisland Porte (W-bound) 08:06
Burntisland, adj Library 08:07
Burntisland, adj Harbour Place Turning Circle 08:08
Burntisland, adj Allan Court 08:08
Burntisland Porte (E-bound) 08:09
Burntisland The Links (Adj 34) 08:09
Burntisland, adj Erskine Church 08:09
Burntisland, adj Bowling Green 08:10
Burntisland Kinghorn Road (Adj 19) 08:10
Burntisland, adj Cemetery 08:11
Burntisland, adj Kingswood Hotel 08:13
Pettycur Bay Caravan Park (adj) 08:14
Kinghorn, opp Sandhills Caravan Park 08:14
Kinghorn, opp Macduff Crescent 08:16
Kinghorn, opp Memorial 08:17
Kinghorn, adj North Overgate 08:17
Kinghorn, adj Croft-an-Righ 08:18
Kinghorn, opp Linton Court 08:19
Kirkcaldy, adj Inch View 08:22
Invertiel, adj Peebles Street 08:24
Invertiel, opp Seafield Road 08:25
Linktown, adj Pratt Street 08:26
Linktown, adj St Mark's Orthodox Church 08:27
Linktown Buchanan Court (Adj 133) 08:27
Linktown, opp Gas Wynd 08:28
Linktown, adj Halleys Court 08:28
Linktown, adj Ava Street 08:29
Kirkcaldy, opp Cloanden Place 08:29
Raith Gates (adj) 08:30
Kirkcaldy, opp East Fergus Place 08:31
Kirkcaldy Railway Station Stance C (Stance C) 08:32
Kirkcaldy, adj Bennochy Road 08:32
Kirkcaldy, adj Rosebery Terrace 08:33
Kirkcaldy, opp Glebe Park 08:33
Kirkcaldy, opp St Marie's Church 08:34
Kirkcaldy, opp Priory Lodge 08:34
Kirkcaldy, opp Mitchell Place 08:35
Pathhead, opp Birrell Street Wynd 08:35
Kirkcaldy, opp Anderson Street 08:36
Sinclairtown, adj Rejects Store 08:37
Sinclairtown, opp East March Street 08:38
Overton Mains, opp Tay Place 08:39
Overton Mains, adj St Andrews High School 08:39
Overton Mains, adj St Andrews High School 08:40

St Andrews High School - Burntisland

Overton Mains, adj St Andrews High School 15:35
Overton Mains, adj Tay Place 15:35
Kirkcaldy, opp Overton Road 15:37
Pathhead, adj Birrell Street Wynd 15:37
Kirkcaldy, adj Mitchell Place 15:38
Kirkcaldy, adj Priory Lodge 15:38
Kirkcaldy, adj Glebe Park 15:39
Kirkcaldy, adj Alexandra Street 15:39
Kirkcaldy, adj St Andrews Church 15:40
Kirkcaldy Railway Station Stance D (Stance D) 15:41
Kirkcaldy, adj Adam Smith Theatre 15:41
Kirkcaldy, adj East Fergus Place 15:41
Raith Gates (opp) 15:42
Kirkcaldy, adj Cloanden Place 15:43
Linktown, opp Ava Street 15:43
Linktown, opp Halleys Court 15:43
Linktown, adj Gas Wynd 15:44
Linktown Buchanan Court (Adj 12) 15:45
Linktown, adj Heggies Wynd 15:46
Linktown, adj Bridge Street 15:46
Invertiel, adj Seafield Road 15:47
Invertiel, opp Peebles Street 15:48
Kirkcaldy Kinghorn Road (S-bound) 15:50
Kinghorn, adj Linton Court 15:52
Kinghorn, opp Croft-an-Righ 15:53
Kinghorn, opp North Overgate 15:54
Kinghorn, adj Memorial 15:55
Kinghorn, adj Macduff Crescent 15:55
Kinghorn, adj Sandhills Caravan Park 15:56
Pettycur Bay Caravan Park (opp) 15:57
Burntisland, opp Kingswood Hotel 15:58
Burntisland, opp Linwell Court 15:59
Burntisland, opp Cemetery 15:59
Burntisland Kinghorn Road (Adj 152) 16:00
Burntisland, opp Bowling Green 16:00
Burntisland, opp Erskine Church 16:01
Burntisland The Links (Opp 53) 16:01
Burntisland Porte (W-bound) 16:02
Burntisland, adj Library 16:02
Burntisland, adj Harbour Place Turning Circle 16:03
Burntisland, adj Allan Court 16:03
Burntisland, adj Grayforth House 16:04
Burntisland, adj Broomhill Avenue 16:05
Burntisland, opp St Joseph's Church 16:06
Burntisland, opp Fleming Way 16:06
Burntisland, adj Meadowfield 16:07
Burntisland, opp Dunearn Bank 16:09

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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