ST4 - Gowkhall - St Margaret's Primary School

Operated by Stagecoach East Scotland


Monday to Friday, school Only days

Gowkhall - St Margaret's Primary School

Gowkhall, adj Dean Ridge 08:00
Milesmark, adj Craigluscar Road 08:02
Milesmark, adj The Castings 08:04
Milesmark Primary School (adj) 08:05
East Baldridge, opp William Street 08:05
East Baldridge, opp Pollock Walk 08:05
East Baldridge, adj Aytoun Grove 08:06
East Baldridge, adj Bus Turning Circle 08:07
East Baldridge, opp Lady Nairne Road 08:07
East Baldridge Burns Street (adj 13) 08:08
Dunfermline, opp Ross Lane 08:10
Dunfermline, opp Grieve Street 08:10
Dunfermline, opp Dewar Street 08:11
Dunfermline, adj Old Fire Station 08:13
East Baldridge, opp Broomhead Flats 08:18
Headwell, adj Queen Anne High School 08:19
Wellwood Community Centre (adj) 08:20
Wellwood Springbank Terrace (Opp 12) 08:20
Wellwood Community Centre (opp) 08:21
Headwell, opp Queen Anne High School 08:22
Headwell Broomhead Drive (o/s 110) 08:24
Headwell Road (adj) 08:25
Headwell, opp Edward Street 08:25
Headwell Arthur Street (adj 110) 08:25
Headwell, adj Methven Drive 08:26
Dunfermline, adj Bellyeoman Road 08:26
Dunfermline, opp Park Place 08:27
Dunfermline, opp Transy Grove 08:27
Dunfermline, adj Athol Place 08:27
Dunfermline, adj East End Football Park 08:28
Dunfermline Cemetery (adj) 08:28
Dunfermline, opp Scobie Place 08:28
Dunfermline, opp Cherry Bank 08:29
Dunfermline, opp Dalcross Way 08:29
Dunfermline Halbeath Road (o/s 116) 08:30
Touch, adj Earn Grove 08:32
Touch, opp Old Linburn Road 08:34
Abbeyview, opp St Columba's High School 08:37
Abbeyview, adj Woodmill High School 08:39
Abbeyview, adj Bonnyton Place 08:40
Abbeyview Woodmill Road (Adj 97) 08:42
Brucefield, adj Blacklaw Road 08:43
Brucefield, opp St Margaret's Primary School 08:45

St Margaret's Primary School - Gowkhall

Brucefield, adj St Margaret's Primary School 15:05
Brucefield, opp Blacklaw Road 15:25
Abbeyview Woodmill Road (opp 97) 15:27
Abbeyview, opp Bonnyton Place 15:28
Abbeyview, opp Woodmill High School 15:30
Abbeyview, adj St Columba's High School 15:33
Touch, adj Old Linburn Road 15:36
Touch, adj Linburn Grove 15:38
Dunfermline, adj Linburn Road 15:40
Dunfermline, adj Dalcross Way 15:40
Dunfermline, adj Scobie Place 15:41
Dunfermline Cemetery (opp) 15:41
Dunfermline, opp East End Football Park 15:41
Dunfermline, adj Transy Grove 15:42
Dunfermline, opp Bellyeoman Road 15:43
Headwell, opp Methven Drive 15:43
Headwell, adj Edward Street 15:44
Headwell, opp Tuke Street 15:44
Headwell, adj Bannerman Street 15:45
Headwell, adj Queen Anne High School 15:46
Wellwood Community Centre (adj) 15:48
Wellwood Springbank Terrace (Opp 12) 15:48
Wellwood Community Centre (opp) 15:49
Headwell, opp Queen Anne High School 15:50
Headwell Broomhead Drive (o/s 110) 15:51
East Baldridge, adj Broomhead Flats 15:52
Dunfermline, adj Dewar Street 15:58
Dunfermline, adj Grieve Street 15:58
Dunfermline, adj Ross Lane 16:00
East Baldridge Scott Street (adj 27) 16:01
East Baldridge Burns Street (adj 4) 16:01
East Baldridge, adj Aytoun Grove 16:02
East Baldridge, adj Bus Turning Circle 16:03
East Baldridge, opp Lady Nairne Road 16:03
East Baldridge, opp Douglas Drive 16:04
East Baldridge, adj William Street 16:05
Milesmark Primary School (opp) 16:06
Milesmark Court (opp) 16:06
Milesmark, opp Craigluscar Road 16:07
Gowkhall, opp Dean Ridge 16:10

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 5 October 2022

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