TG001 - Exeter - Torquay Grammar School

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🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Monday to Friday, Torbay School days

Toquay Grammar School - Exeter

Shiphay, o/s Torquay Grammar Schools 16:00
Shiphay, opp ASDA 16:00
Shiphay, opp Lowes Bridge 16:01
The Willows, opp Browns Bridge 16:02
Olchard Ideford Dip (NE-bound) 16:18
Shillingford St George Peamore Lodge (NE-bound) 16:32
Countess Wear Bridge Road (SW-bound) 16:36
Countess Wear InFocus (NW-bound) 16:37
Countess Wear Southbrook Road (NW-bound) 16:37
Wonford Crematorium (NW-bound) 16:38
Wonford Isca College (NW-bound) 16:39
St Leonard’s Buckerell Lodge Hotel (NW-bound) 16:40
St Leonard’s Rivermead Road (NW-bound) 16:41
St Leonard’s County Hall (NW-bound) 16:42
St Leonard’s Matford Lane for County Hall (NW-bound) 16:43
St Leonard’s Wonford Road (NW-bound) 16:43
St Leonard’s Mount Radford (NE-bound) 16:44
St Leonard’s College Road (NE-bound) 16:45
Exeter The Pyramids (NW-bound) 16:46
Exeter Paris Street (Stop 17) 16:47
Exeter Sidwell Street (Stop 38) 16:48
Exeter Odeon Cinema (Stop 29) 16:48
Exeter St James Road (NE-bound) 16:48
St James Iddesleigh Road (NE-bound) 16:50
St James The Lilacs (NE-bound) 16:50
St James Sylvan Road (W-bound) 16:51
St James Culverland Road (W-bound) 16:51
St James Devonshire Place (W-bound) 16:52
Pennsylvania Poole Gate (SW-bound) 16:53
Pennsylvania Perry Road (SW-bound) 16:54
Pennsylvania Prince of Wales Road (W-bound) 16:54
Pennsylvania Streatham Rise (SW-bound) 16:54
St Davids The Imperial (S-bound) 16:55
Exeter College (SE-bound) 16:55
St Davids Hele Road (W-bound) 16:56
St Davids Jolly Porter (NW-bound) 16:57
St Davids, o/s Premier Inn 16:58
Mount Dinham Rockside (S-bound) 16:59
Mount Dinham Tudor Street (E-bound) 17:01

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