V1 - Padiham - Rosegrove - Summit - Burnley - Widow Hill

A service operated by Rosso


Padiham - Widow Hill

Padiham, by Princess Street 16:59
Padiham, opp Cemetery 16:59
Padiham, opp Memorial Park 17:00
Padiham, by North Street 17:01
Padiham, by Post Office 17:02
Padiham, opp Bridge Inn 17:03
Padiham, opp Victoria Road 17:03
Padiham, opp Milton Street 17:04
Whitegate (by) 17:05
Whitegate, opp Byron Street 17:06
Rose Grove, opp Health Centre 17:08
Rose Grove, by Lane Ends Hotel 17:09
Rose Grove, opp St Augustines Church 17:09
Rose Grove, by Sunderland Street 17:10
Rose Grove, opp Leaver Street 17:11
Rose Grove, by Rail Station 17:12
Accrington Road, opp Inglehurst Road 17:12
Accrington Road, by Barclay Hills 17:13
Accrington Road, opp Florence Street 17:13
Accrington Road, opp Cog Lane 17:13
Stoops Estate, by Cog Lane Stores 17:16
Stoops Estate, opp Hameldon Community College 17:17
Bleakhouse, by Ayr Grove 17:18
Bleakhouse, by Cog Lane 17:18
Summitt, opp Calcott Street 17:19
Summitt, by The Summit 17:20
Rosehill, opp Gainsborough Avenue 17:20
Rosehill, opp Rose and Crown 17:21
Rosehill, opp Rose Hill Avenue 17:22
Rosehill, opp Rose Hill Road 17:23
Burnham Gate, by St Matthews Street 17:23
Burnham Gate, by Carlton Road 17:24
Burnham Gate, by Railway Station 17:24
Burnley, by Mechanics Institute 17:27
Burnley, adj Red Lion Street School Stop 17:29
Burnley, by St Peters Centre 17:30
Burnley, opp Ormerod Road 17:31
Burnley, by Prestige Park 17:32
Burnley, by Hebrew Road 17:33
Burnley, opp Hallwell Street 17:34
Duke Bar, by Duke of York 17:35
Duke Bar, opp Swinless Street 17:35
Browhead, opp Haydock Street 17:36
Browhead, by Burnley General Hospital 17:36
Lane Head, by Boohoo 17:40

Widow Hill - Padiham

Lane Head, by Boohoo 18:20
Lane Head, opp Widow Hill Road 18:21
Lane Head, opp Casterton Avenue 18:22
Browhead, opp Burnley General Hospital 18:22
Browhead, by Haydock Street 18:22
Duke Bar, by Swinless Street 18:23
Duke Bar, opp Duke of York 18:24
Burnley, by Hallwell Street 18:24
Burnley, opp Hebrew Road 18:25
Burnley, opp Prestige Park 18:26
Burnley, o/s Ormerod Road 18:27
Burnley, opp St Peters Centre 18:28
Burnley, by Croft Street Schools 18:30
Burnley, opp Mechanics Institute 18:31
Burnham Gate, by Railway Stn 18:33
Burnham Gate, opp Carlton Road 18:33
Rosehill, by Rose Hill Road 18:34
Rosehill, by Rose Hill Avenue 18:35
Rosehill, by Rose and Crown 18:35
Rosehill, by Gainsborough Avenue 18:36
Summitt, by The Summit 18:37
Summitt, by Calcott Street 18:37
Bleakhouse, opp Cog Lane 18:38
Bleakhouse, opp Ayr Grove 18:38
Stoops Estate, by Hameldon Community College 18:39
Stoops Estate, by Hameldon Community College Sch 18:40
Accrington Road, by Cog Lane 18:42
Accrington Road, by Florence Street 18:42
Accrington Road, opp Barclay Hills 18:43
Accrington Road, by Inglehurst Road 18:43
Rose Grove, opp Rail Station 18:44
Rose Grove, by Leaver Street 18:44
Rose Grove, by Dorset Street 18:45
Rose Grove, by St Augustines Church 18:46
Rose Grove, opp Lane Ends Hotel 18:47
Rose Grove, by Health Centre 18:47
Whitegate, by Byron Street 18:48
Whitegate, by Cowley Crescent 18:49
Padiham, by Milton Street 18:50
Padiham, by Victoria Road 18:50
Padiham, by Bridge Inn 18:51
Padiham, by Town Hall 18:51
Padiham, opp North Street 18:52
Padiham, by Memorial Park 18:52
Padiham, by Cemetery 18:52
Padiham, opp Princess Street 18:53

Timetable data from Transdev Blazefield, 24 September 2021

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