W8 - Meppershall - Shefford - Clifton - Southill- Broom - Langford - Henlow - St Albans

A bus service operated by Wanderbus


Polehanger Farm - St Peter's Street

Meppershall, adj Polehanger Farm 08:45
Shefford, opp Queen Elizabeth Close 08:47
Shefford, adj Fire Station 08:48
Shefford, adj Purcell Way 08:49
Shefford, opp The Steamer 08:50
Shefford, opp Samuel Whitbread School 08:50
Clifton, opp Knolls Way 08:51
Clifton, opp The Post Office 08:53
Clifton Park (adj) 08:55
Clifton, o/s All Saints' Church 08:57
Stanford, opp The Green Man 09:03
Southill, adj Memorial 09:04
Broom, adj Bancroft Avenue 09:07
Broom, opp The Woodlands 09:07
Broom, adj Kings Road 09:08
Holme Mills, opp Broom Turn 09:11
Holme Mills, opp Greenacres 09:11
Holme Mills, opp Langford Road Farm 09:11
Langford Ivel Cottages (S-bound) 09:12
Langford, adj East Road 09:13
Langford, adj Lower School 09:13
Langford, opp Pound Close 09:14
Langford, adj Prospect Road 09:15
Langford, adj Windsor Way 09:15
Langford, adj Jubilee Lane 09:15
Langford, opp Bentley Close 09:15
Langford, opp Flexmore Way 09:15
Langford, adj Southland Rise 09:16
Langford, opp Riverside Gardens 09:16
Clifton, o/s Langford Road 09:17
Henlow Newtown (S-bound) 09:19
Henlow, opp The Five Bells 09:20
Henlow, opp War Memorial 09:21
Henlow, adj Park Lane 09:21
Henlow, o/s The Crown - North 09:21
Stotfold, opp Pix Road 09:27
Stotfold, opp Recreation Ground 09:28
Stotfold, opp Hallworth Drive 09:28
Stotfold, opp Upperstone Close 09:28
Stotfold, adj The Avenue 09:28
Stotfold, opp The Post Office 09:28
Stotfold, opp Elizabeth House 09:28
Stotfold, adj Groveland Way 09:29
St Albans St Peter's Street (Stop 2) 10:25

St Peter's Street - Polehanger Farm

St Albans St Peter's Street (Stop 13) 14:00
Stotfold, opp Groveland Way 14:56s
Stotfold Baldock Road (W-bound) 14:56s
Stotfold, o/s Elizabeth House 14:56s
Stotfold Co Operative (NW-bound) 14:56s
Stotfold, opp The Avenue 14:57s
Stotfold, adj Upperstone Close 14:57s
Stotfold, adj Hallworth Drive 14:57s
Stotfold, adj Recreation Ground 14:58s
Stotfold, adj Pix Road 14:58s
Henlow, opp The Crown - North 15:05s
Henlow, opp Park Lane 15:05s
Henlow, o/s War Memorial 15:05s
Henlow, o/s The Five Bells 15:06s
Henlow Newtown (N-bound) 15:06s
Clifton, o/s Langford Road 15:07s
Langford, o/s Riverside Gardens 15:09s
Langford, opp Southland Rise 15:09s
Langford, adj Flexmore Way 15:10s
Langford, adj Bentley Close 15:10s
Langford, opp Jubilee Lane 15:10s
Langford, opp Windsor Way 15:10s
Langford, opp Prospect Road 15:11s
Langford, adj Pound Close 15:11s
Langford, opp Lower School 15:11s
Langford, opp East Road 15:12s
Holme Mills, o/s Langford Road Farm 15:13s
Holme Mills, adj Greenacres 15:13s
Broom, opp Kings Road 15:16s
Broom, adj The Woodlands 15:16s
Broom, opp Bancroft Avenue 15:16s
Southill, opp Memorial 15:19s
Stanford, adj The Green Man 15:20s
Clifton, opp All Saints' Church 15:23s
Clifton Park (adj) 15:25s
Clifton, o/s The Post Office 15:26s
Clifton, adj Knolls Way 15:26s
Shefford, o/s Samuel Whitbread School 15:27s
Shefford, o/s The Steamer 15:27s
Shefford, opp Purcell Way 15:28s
Shefford, opp Fire Station 15:28s
Shefford, adj Queen Elizabeth Close 15:29s
Meppershall, opp Polehanger Farm 15:30

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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