X25A - Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow - Oak Road, Abronhill, Cumbernauld

Operated by Stagecoach West Scotland


Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow - Oak Road, Abronhill, Cumbernauld

Carbrain, before Millcroft Road 04:3405:03then every 30 minutes until
Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 2) 07:3008:3018:3018:45
Glasgow, opp Thomas Graham Building 07:3208:3218:3218:47
Glasgow, after St James Road 07:3508:3518:3518:50
Greenfaulds High School (Opp) 07:4908:4918:4919:04
Greenfaulds, opp Ivanhoe Road 07:5008:5018:5019:05
Greenfaulds, opp Beechwood Road 07:5008:5018:5019:05
Carbrain, at Cumbernauld College 07:5108:5118:5119:06
Carbrain, after Bron Way 07:5108:5118:5119:06
Carbrain, opp Glenhove Road 07:5208:5218:5219:07
Kildrum, opp Tarbolton Road 07:5308:5318:5319:08
Kildrum, at Braehead Road Underpass 07:5408:5418:5419:09
Kildrum, after Meadow View 07:5508:5518:5519:10
Kildrum, opp Glencairn Road 07:5608:5618:5619:11
Kildrum, opp Kenmore Road 07:5808:5818:5819:13
Carbrain, opp Millcroft Road 08:0109:0119:0119:16
Carbrain, at Cumbernauld Station 08:0109:0119:0119:16
Abronhill, before Alder Road 04:3705:0608:0509:0519:0519:20
Abronhill, before Cedar Road 04:3805:0708:0609:0619:0619:21
Abronhill, before Hazel Road 04:3805:0708:0609:0619:0619:21
Abronhill, before Oak Road 04:4105:1008:0809:0819:0819:23

Oak Road, Abronhill, Cumbernauld - Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow

Abronhill, before Oak Road 04:4105:4607:0208:0808:53then every 30 minutes until17:5318:3819:42
Abronhill, opp Hawthorn Road 04:4105:4607:0208:0808:5317:5318:3819:42
Abronhill, before Almond Road 04:4205:4707:0308:0908:5417:5418:3919:43
Abronhill, before Blackthorn Road 04:4205:4707:0308:0908:5417:5418:3919:43
Abronhill, opp Chestnut Avenue 04:4305:4807:0408:1008:5517:5518:4019:44
Abronhill, after Pine Place 04:4405:4907:0508:1108:5617:5618:4119:45
Abronhill, opp Rowan Road 04:4605:5107:0708:1308:5817:5818:4319:47
Abronhill, opp Cedar Road 04:4705:5307:0808:1408:5917:5918:4419:48
Abronhill, opp Medlar Road 04:4705:5307:0808:1408:5917:5918:4419:48
Abronhill, opp Laburnum Road 04:4805:5407:0908:1509:0018:0018:4519:49
Carbrain, at Cumbernauld Station 04:5207:1308:1909:0418:0418:4919:53
Carbrain, before Millcroft Road 04:5305:5807:1408:2009:0518:0518:5019:54
Kildrum, after Kenmore Road 04:5505:5907:1608:2209:0718:0718:5219:56
Kildrum, before MacLehose Road 04:5706:0207:1808:2409:0918:0918:5419:58
Kildrum, opp Meadow View 04:5906:0407:2008:2609:1118:1118:5620:00
Kildrum, opp Braehead Road 05:0006:0507:2108:2709:1218:1218:5720:01
Kildrum, after Tarbolton Road 05:0206:0707:2308:2909:1418:1418:5920:03
Carbrain, after Glenhove Road 05:0306:0807:2408:3009:1518:1519:0020:04
Carbrain, opp Bron Way 05:0406:0907:2508:3109:1618:1619:0120:05
Carbrain, opp Cumbernauld College 05:0506:1007:2608:3209:1718:1719:0220:06
Greenfaulds, opp Hillcrest Avenue 05:0606:1107:2708:3309:1818:1819:0320:07
Greenfaulds, after Ivanhoe Road 05:0806:1307:2908:3509:2018:2019:0520:09
Greenfaulds High School (At) 05:1106:1607:3208:3809:2318:2319:0820:12
Condorrat, before Avonhead Road 06:18
Condorrat, opp Archray Road 06:19
Condorrat, opp Etive Drive 06:21
Condorrat, by Myvot Road 06:21
Condorrat, at Kirkview 06:21
Condorrat, opp Kirk Place 06:22
Condorrat, opp Craigelvan Avenue 06:22
Condorrat, after Gainburn Crescent 06:22
Condorrat, after Craigend Road 06:23
Mollinsburn, at Badenheath Park 06:23
Mollinsburn, after Airdrie Road 06:23
Mollinsburn Cumbernauld Road (Opp 11) 06:24
Glasgow, before St James Road 05:2506:3807:4608:5209:3718:3719:2220:26
City of Glasgow College (opposite) 05:2606:3907:4708:5309:3818:3819:2320:27
Glasgow, before North Frederick Street 05:2706:4007:4808:5409:3918:3919:2420:28
Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 2) 05:3006:4307:5108:5709:4218:4219:2720:31

Timetable data from Stagecoach West Scotland, 17 March 2023

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