X47 - Frome - Dilton Marsh - Westbury

A bus service operated by FromeBus


Monday to Friday

Frome - Dilton Marsh - Westbury

Frome Market Place (NE-bound) 07:20
Frome North Hill House (NE-bound) 07:20
Frome Northstead (NE-bound) 07:20
Frome Spring Road (NE-bound) 07:21
Berkley Down Beechwood Avenue (S-bound) 07:22
Frome Beechwood Avenue (SE-bound) 07:22
Frome Rodden Road Shops (N-bound) 07:23
Frome Styles Close (E-bound) 07:26
Chapmanslade, opp Three Horseshoes 07:31
Chapmanslade The Green (E-bound) 07:31
Chapmanslade Dead Maids Crossroads (NE-bound) 07:31
Dilton Marsh Baptist Chapel (E-bound) 07:39
Dilton Marsh Prince of Wales (E-bound) 07:40
Dilton Marsh, opp Holy Trinity Church 07:41
Dilton Marsh Memorial Hall (E-bound) 07:41
Dilton Marsh Railway Bridge (E-bound) 07:43
Westbury, nr White Horse Health Centre 07:44s
Westbury Leigh Black Horse Lane (E-bound) 07:45
Westbury Leigh, o/s Church and Community Hall 07:46
Westbury The Garage (N-bound) 07:51
Westbury Haynes Road (NW-bound) 07:52
Westbury Rosefield Way (NW-bound) 07:53
Westbury Railway Inn (NW-bound) 07:55
Westbury Slag Lane (NE-bound) 07:55s
Westbury The Ham Post Office (SW-bound) 07:57s
Westbury Club Ice (SE-bound) 08:00s
W Wilts Trading Estate Commercial Close (E-bound) 08:00s
Hawkeridge Hawke Ridge Business Park (N-bound) 08:01
Hawkeridge, o/s Court Farm 08:02
Hawkeridge Heywood Turn (N-bound) 08:03
N Bradley Manor Farm (W-bound) 08:06
N Bradley Rising Sun (NW-bound) 08:07
Trowbridge Spitfire Retail Park (N-bound) 08:09
Trowbridge, opp B and Q 08:09
Trowbridge Newland Place (N-bound) 08:10
Trowbridge Silver Street Lane (N-bound) 08:11
Trowbridge College Road (N-bound) 08:12
Trowbridge Grove Court (W-bound) 08:12
Trowbridge, opp Wiltshire College 08:15
Studley Green Manor Close (W-bound) 08:16
Trowbridge Hungerford Avenue (E-bound) 08:18
Trowbridge Nightingale Road (E-bound) 08:19
Trowbridge St Augustines School (E-bound) 08:20
Trowbridge Trinity Church (NE-bound) 08:22
Trowbridge County Hall (SE-bound) 08:25
Trowbridge Town Hall (Stop C) 08:46

Westbury - Dilton Marsh - Frome

Trowbridge Town Hall (Stop C) 16:35
Trowbridge Cradle Bridge (S-bound) 16:36
Trowbridge Clarendon Academy (W-bound) 16:41
Trowbridge, o/s Wiltshire College 16:45
Trowbridge Manor Road (S-bound) 16:45
Trowbridge Beech Grove (E-bound) 16:46
Trowbridge Grove Court (E-bound) 16:47
Trowbridge, o/s Newland Place 16:48
Trowbridge, o/s B and Q 16:48
Trowbridge Spitfire Retail Park (S-bound) 16:48
N Bradley, o/s Mash Tun 16:49
N Bradley Rising Sun (SE-bound) 16:50
Hawkeridge Heywood Turn (S-bound) 16:53
Hawkeridge, opp Court Farm 16:55
Hawkeridge Hawke Ridge Business Park (W-bound) 17:01
Westbury Club Ice (NE-bound) 17:05
Westbury The Ham (NE-bound) 17:07
Westbury Slag Lane (SW-bound) 17:09
Westbury Railway Inn (SE-bound) 17:10
Westbury Rosefield Way (SE-bound) 17:11
Westbury, opp Police Station 17:12
Westbury Barclays Bank (NE-bound) 17:13
Westbury Edward Street (S-bound) 17:14
Westbury The Garage (S-bound) 17:15
Westbury Chalford House Hotel (S-bound) 17:16
Westbury Leigh Leighton Park North (W-bound) 17:18
Westbury Leigh, opp Church and Community Hall 17:20
Westbury Leigh Black Horse Lane (W-bound) 17:20
Westbury Police Station (NW-bound) 17:21
Westbury, nr White Horse Health Centre 17:25
Dilton Marsh Railway Bridge (W-bound) 17:28
Dilton Marsh Memorial Hall (W-bound) 17:28
Dilton Marsh, o/s Holy Trinity Church 17:28
Dilton Marsh Baptist Chapel (W-bound) 17:30
Chapmanslade Dead Maids Crossroads (W-bound) 17:38s
Chapmanslade The Green (W-bound) 17:39s
Chapmanslade, o/s Three Horseshoes 17:40s
Frome Styles Close (W-bound) 17:45s
Frome Rodden Road Shops (N-bound) 17:48
Frome Rodden Road (SW-bound) 17:54
Frome North Hill House (SW-bound) 17:57
Frome Market Place (SW-bound) 18:00

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Frome Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 10 June 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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