X6 - Swansea Bus Station (Bay P) - Alltwen (Lon Tan-yr-Allt) via Morriston, Clydach & Trebanos

A bus service operated by First Cymru

Swansea Bus Station (Bay P) - Alltwen (Lon Tan-yr-Allt)

Swansea Bus Station Stand P (at) 09:4012:1014:1016:40
Swansea, opp The Kingsway 09:4312:1314:1316:43
Swansea Orchard Street (o/s Oldway Centre) 09:4512:1514:1516:45
Swansea, after High Street Station 09:4612:1614:1616:46
Hafod, at Dyfatty 09:4712:1714:1716:47
Hafod Gallivan`s (o/s former) 09:4812:1814:1816:48
Hafod Inn (before) 09:4912:1914:1916:49
Hafod (at) 09:5112:2114:2116:51
Hafod, nr The New Mex 09:5212:2214:2216:52
Landore (at) 09:5312:2314:2316:53
Landore, opp Liberty Stadium 09:5412:2414:2416:54
Landore, after Cwm Level 09:5612:2614:2616:56
Plasmarl Fish Bar (after) 09:5712:2714:2716:57
Plasmarl (at) 09:5812:2814:2816:58
Plasmarl, nr Trewyddfa Gardens 09:5912:2914:2916:59
Plasmarl, after Parc Terrace 10:0012:3014:3017:00
Graig-Trewyddfa, after Dukes Arms 10:0212:3214:3217:02
Morriston Martin Street (o/s 56) 10:0212:3214:3217:02
Morriston, opp Church in the Middle of the Road 10:0312:3314:3317:03
Morriston Woodfield Street (o/s Wilko) 10:0412:3414:3417:04
Morriston Post Office (opp) 10:0512:3514:3517:05
Morriston Police Station Stand 1 (at) 10:0512:3514:3517:05
Morriston Sway Road (o/s Pharmacy) 10:0612:3614:3617:06
Morriston Clydach Road (o/s 251) 10:0812:3814:3817:08
Ynysforgan, nr Cae-Nan 10:0912:3914:3917:09
Ynysforgan Roundabout (after) 10:1012:4014:4017:10
Ynystawe (at) 10:1212:4214:4217:12
Ynystawe Primary School (after) 10:1212:4214:4217:12
Ynystawe Hill (on) 10:1312:4314:4317:13
Clydach Market (nr) 10:1512:4514:4517:15
Clydach, after Waverley Street 10:1512:4514:4517:15
Clydach, o/s Three Compasses 10:1612:4614:4617:16
Clydach Carpenters Arms (o/s former) 10:1712:4714:4717:17
Clydach Mond (at) 10:1812:4814:4817:18
Kingrosia Park Pontardawe Road (o/s 89) 10:2012:5014:5017:20
Kingrosia Park, before Coedgwilym Cemetery 10:2112:5114:5117:21
Trebanos, after Heol-y-Ffin 10:2212:5214:5217:22
Trebanos, after New Road 10:2412:5414:5417:24
Trebanos, after Colliers 10:2512:5514:5517:25
Trebanos Primary School (nr) 10:2612:5614:5617:26
Trebanos, nr Craig Road 10:2712:5714:5717:27
Pontardawe, before Western Road 10:2812:5814:5817:28
Pontardawe, on Jubilee By-Pass 10:3013:0015:0017:30

Ystradgynlais Bus Station - Swansea Bus Station (Bay P)

Pontardawe, on Jubilee By-Pass 08:4010:4013:1015:10
Pontardawe, after Western Road 08:4310:4313:1315:13
Pontardawe Derw Road (opp junct) 08:4410:4413:1415:14
Pontardawe, nr Trebanos Primary School 08:4510:4513:1515:15
Trebanos, after Colliers 08:4710:4713:1715:17
Trebanos, after New Road 08:4810:4813:1815:18
Trebanos Swansea Road (o/s 220) 08:4810:4813:1815:18
Kingrosia Park, o/s Coedgwilym Cemetery 08:5010:5013:2015:20
Kingrosia Park Park View (o/s school) 08:5210:5213:2215:22
Kingrosia Park, nr East End Garage 08:5210:5213:2215:22
Clydach Mond (at) 08:5410:5413:2415:24
Clydach Carpenters Arms (after former) 08:5510:5513:2515:25
Clydach Three Compasses (after former) 08:5610:5613:2615:26
Clydach, before Waverley Street 08:5710:5713:2715:27
Clydach Market (nr) 08:5810:5813:2815:28
Ynystawe Hill (on) 08:5910:5913:2915:29
Ynystawe Primary School (before) 08:5910:5913:2915:29
Ynystawe, before Park Road 09:0011:0013:3015:30
Ynystawe, before Christopher Road 09:0111:0113:3115:31
Ynysforgan Roundabout (before) 09:0211:0213:3215:32
Cwmrhydyceirw, nr Cae-Nan 09:0311:0313:3315:33
Morriston Clydach Road (opp 207) 09:0511:0513:3515:35
Pentrepoeth, o/s Grove Place Church 09:0511:0513:3515:35
Morriston Sway Road (o/s Lidl) 09:0611:0613:3615:36
Morriston Post Office (after) 09:0711:0713:3715:37
Morriston Woodfield Street (o/s Church) 09:0811:0813:3815:38
Morriston Martin Street (nr 66) 09:0811:0813:3815:38
Graig-Trewyddfa, opp Dukes Arms 09:0911:0913:3915:39
Plasmarl, before Parc Terrace 09:1011:1013:4015:40
Plasmarl, nr Trewyddfa Gardens 09:1011:1013:4015:40
Plasmarl (at) 09:1111:1113:4115:41
Plasmarl Fish Bar (after) 09:1311:1313:4315:43
Landore, before Cwm Level 09:1411:1413:4415:44
Landore, opp Swansea.com Stadium 09:1611:1613:4615:46
Landore (at) 09:1711:1713:4715:47
Landore, nr The New Mex 09:1811:1813:4815:48
Hafod (at) 09:2011:2013:5015:50
Hafod Inn (after) 09:2111:2113:5115:51
Hafod, o/s Mamma's Pizza 09:2211:2213:5215:52
Hafod, at Dyfatty 09:2311:2313:5315:53
Swansea, o/s High Street Station 09:2411:2413:5415:54
Swansea, nr Orchard Street 09:2511:2513:5515:55
Swansea, opp The Kingsway 09:2711:2713:5715:57
Swansea Bus Station Stand P (at) 09:3011:3014:0016:00

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