X76 - Marlborough - Calne - Melksham - Bath

A bus service operated by Swindon's Bus Company

Road Closure: Bradford Road

road closure in that length of A363 Bradford Road, Bathford, Bath from its junction with the A4 Box Road / A36 Batheaston Bypass junctions extending south to its junction with Bathford Hill. 17/06/2024. & 18 /06/2024 for 2 nights. 20:00 – 05:00

Marlborough - Calne - Melksham - Bath

Marlborough Ladbrokes (SW-bound) 09:10
Marlborough Irving Way (N-bound) 09:11
Marlborough Edwards Meadow (W-bound) 09:11
Marlborough Falkner Close (W-bound) 09:12
Marlborough Hawkins Meadow (W-bound) 09:12
Marlborough Aubrey Close (SW-bound) 09:13
Marlborough Beech Cottage (SE-bound) 09:13
Fyfield, o/s The Stables 09:17
West Kennett, opp Telephone Box 09:20
Beckhampton Waggon and Horses (W-bound) 09:24
Beckhampton, o/s Riding Stables 09:24
Cherhill Poachers Croft (W-bound) 09:27
Cherhill Park Lane (W-bound) 09:27
Cherhill, opp Black Horse 09:28
Cherhill Turn (W-bound) 09:28
Compton Bassett Compton Turn (W-bound) 09:29
Quemerford Common Farm (W-bound) 09:30
Quemerford Post Office (W-bound) 09:31
Quemerford, opp Holy Trinity Church 09:32
Quemerford Bentley Lane (N-bound) 09:33
Calne Shelburne Road (NW-bound) 09:33
Calne, o/s Town Hall 09:35
Calne Coopers Cars (NW-bound) 09:35
Calne, o/s Springfield Academy 09:35
Calne Bremhill Turn (W-bound) 09:36
Studley Gurkha Baynjan (W-bound) 09:38
Studley Crossroads (S-bound) 09:39
Derry Hill, opp C of E School 09:40
Derry Hill, nr Lansdowne Arms 09:40
Chittoe Turn (S-bound) 09:43
Bromham The Crescent (SW-bound) 09:43
Bromham, nr The Greyhound 09:45
Bromham Hunts Mead (W-bound) 09:45
Sandridge Common Bromham Turn (W-bound) 09:46
Melksham, o/s Sandridge Garage 09:47
Melksham Forest Co-op (W-bound) 09:48
Melksham Forest St Margaret's Gardens (W-bound) 09:48
Melksham King George Park (S-bound) 09:50
Melksham, opp Buds Bar 09:51
Melksham, nr The Bear 09:52
Melksham Avonside Enterprise Park (W-bound) 09:52
Melksham Roundponds (W-bound) 09:55
Melksham George Ward Gardens (N-bound) 09:57
Shaw Church Farm (NW-bound) 09:59
Shaw Lodge (SW-bound) 10:00
Whitley, opp Belthane Place 10:01
Atworth, o/s Lowden Garden Centre 10:03
Atworth, nr Shell Court 10:04
Atworth Court (W-bound) 10:05
Atworth Post Office Lane (W-bound) 10:06
Atworth Clock Tower (W-bound) 10:07
Atworth Bear Garage (NW-bound) 10:07
Atworth Neston Park Lodge (NW-bound) 10:08
Box Wormwood Farm (W-bound) 10:09
Chapel Plaister Five Ways (W-bound) 10:10
Chapel Plaister Longsplatt (W-bound) 10:11
Kingsdown, opp Swan 10:14
Bathford Stone Wharf (W-bound) 10:16
Bathford British Legion (W-bound) 10:17
Bathford The Crown (W-bound) 10:18
Bathford Bridge (NW-bound) 10:18
Lambridge (SW-bound) 10:25s
Grosvenor Balustrade (SW-bound) 10:26s
Walcot Morrisons (SW-bound) 10:27s
Walcot Snow Hill (SW-bound) 10:27s
Walcot Gate (S-bound) 10:28s
Bath Hilton Hotel (Se) 10:29s
Bath Abbey (Cf) 10:31s
Combe Park Royal United Hospital (W-bound) 10:46

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Bath - Melksham - Calne - Marlborough

Combe Park Royal United Hospital (W-bound) 13:05
Bath Abbey (Cf) 13:25p
Bath Broad Street (Sd) 13:25p
Bath Hilton Hotel (Sf) 13:25p
Walcot Gate (N-bound) 13:26p
Walcot Snow Hill (NE-bound) 13:27p
Walcot Morrisons (NE-bound) 13:27p
Grosvenor Balustrade (NE-bound) 13:28p
Lambridge (NE-bound) 13:29p
Bathford The Crown (E-bound) 13:35
Bathford British Legion (E-bound) 13:35
Bathford Stone Wharf (E-bound) 13:36
Kingsdown, o/s Swan 13:38
Chapel Plaister Longsplatt (E-bound) 13:40
Chapel Plaister Five Ways (E-bound) 13:42
Box Wormwood Farm (E-bound) 13:42
Atworth Neston Park Lodge (SE-bound) 13:44
Atworth Bear Garage (SE-bound) 13:44
Atworth Clock Tower (E-bound) 13:45
Atworth Post Office Lane (E-bound) 13:45
Atworth Court (E-bound) 13:46
Atworth, opp Shell Court 13:46
Atworth Lowden Garden Centre (E-bound) 13:48
Whitley Belthane Place (SE-bound) 13:49
Shaw Lodge (NE-bound) 13:50
Shaw Church Farm For Church (SE-bound) 13:51
Melksham George Ward Gardens (S-bound) 13:52
Melksham Roundponds (E-bound) 13:54
Melksham, opp Baptist Church 13:56
Melksham, opp The Bear 13:57
Melksham, nr Bud's Bar 13:57
Melksham King George Park (N-bound) 13:58
Melksham Forest St Margaret's Gardens (E-bound) 14:00
Melksham Foresters Arms (E-bound) 14:02
Melksham Sandridge Garage (E-bound) 14:02
Sandridge Common Bromham Turn (E-bound) 14:04
Bromham Hunts Mead (E-bound) 14:06
Bromham, opp The Greyhound 14:07
Bromham The Crescent (NE-bound) 14:07
Chittoe Turn (N-bound) 14:08
Derry Hill Lansdowne Arms (NE-bound) 14:11
Derry Hill, o/s C of E School 14:12
Studley Crossroads (N-bound) 14:13
Studley Gurkha Baynjan (E-bound) 14:14
Calne Bremhill Turn (E-bound) 14:17
Calne, opp Springfield Academy 14:18
Calne St Marys School (SE-bound) 14:19
Calne, o/s Bank House 14:20
Calne Shelburne Road (SE-bound) 14:21
Quemerford Bentley Lane (S-bound) 14:21
Quemerford, o/s Holy Trinity Church 14:21
Quemerford Post Office (E-bound) 14:23
Quemerford Common Farm (E-bound) 14:23
Compton Bassett Compton Turn (E-bound) 14:25
Cherhill Turn (E-bound) 14:25
Cherhill, o/s Black Horse 14:26
Cherhill Park Lane (E-bound) 14:26
Cherhill Poachers Croft (E-bound) 14:26
Beckhampton, opp Riding Stables 14:28
Beckhampton, nr Waggon and Horses 14:29
West Kennett, o/s Telephone Box 14:34
Fyfield, o/s The Stables 14:37
Marlborough Beech Cottage (NW-bound) 14:41s
Marlborough Aubrey Close (N-bound) 14:42s
Marlborough Hawkins Meadow (E-bound) 14:42s
Marlborough Falkner Close (E-bound) 14:43s
Marlborough Edwards Meadow (E-bound) 14:43s
Marlborough Irving Way (SE-bound) 14:44s
Marlborough Lloyds Bank (NE-bound) 14:47

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the bus will only stop to pick up passengers

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 15 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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