X79 - Hullavington - Malmesbury - Sherston - Yatton Keynell - Marshfield - Bath

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Hullavington - Malmesbury - Sherston - Yatton Keynell - Marshfield - Bath

Hullavington Watts Lane (NE-bound) 09:15
Hullavington Mere Avenue (NE-bound) 09:15
Hullavington, opp Telephone Exchange 09:15
Corston South End (NE-bound) 09:21
Corston Radnor Arms (NW-bound) 09:22
Corston Foxley Turn (NE-bound) 09:22
Malmesbury, o/s Home Farm 09:26
Malmesbury, opp Police Station 09:27
Malmesbury Burton Hill (N-bound) 09:28
Malmesbury High Street (N-bound) 09:29
Malmesbury Cross Hayes (S-bound) 09:30
Malmesbury The Triangle (NE-bound) 09:31
Malmesbury, opp Co-Op Supermarket 09:33
Malmesbury West Street (W-bound) 09:33
Malmesbury Dark Lane (W-bound) 09:34
Malmesbury Sherston Road (NW-bound) 09:34
Malmesbury Parklands (NW-bound) 09:35
Malmesbury Twatley Cottages (W-bound) 09:35
Malmesbury, opp Red Bull 09:36
Easton Grey, opp Bus Shelter 09:40
Pinkney Partridge House (W-bound) 09:42
Sherston Tetbury Road (SW-bound) 09:44
Sherston Easton Square (SW-bound) 09:44
Sherston Post Office (S-bound) 09:45
Sherston Angel House (S-bound) 09:45
Sherston Tubbs (SW-bound) 09:45
Sherston Shallowbrooks Lane (SW-bound) 09:47
Luckington Primary School (SW-bound) 09:50
Luckington Village Hall (S-bound) 09:50
Acton Turville Limes Farm (W-bound) 09:54
Acton Turville The Street (S-bound) 09:55
Acton Turville Fox & Hounds (S-bound) 09:55
Burton The Green (E-bound) 09:58
The Gibb Salutation Inn (E-bound) 10:00
Castle Combe Whitegates (S-bound) 10:02
Castle Combe The Lodge (E-bound) 10:02
Yatton Keynell, o/s Bell Inn 10:05
Biddestone, o/s Baptist Chapel 10:09
Biddestone Pond (SE-bound) 10:10
Ford Park Lane (W-bound) 10:15
Ford, opp St John's Church 10:15
North Wraxall Turn (W-bound) 10:18
The Shoe Shoe Inn (W-bound) 10:20
Upper Wraxall The Turn (W-bound) 10:21
Marshfield Withymead Road (W-bound) 10:24
Marshfield Community Centre (W-bound) 10:25
Cold Ashton The White Hart (SW-bound) 10:31
Cold Ashton Roundabout (S-bound) 10:32
Nimlet (S-bound) 10:34
Nimlet Crossroads (S-bound) 10:35
Charmy Down (SE-bound) 10:38
Lambridge (SW-bound) 10:45s
Grosvenor Balustrade (SW-bound) 10:45s
Walcot Morrisons (SW-bound) 10:46s
Walcot Snow Hill (SW-bound) 10:46s
Walcot Gate (S-bound) 10:47s
Bath Hilton Hotel (Se) 10:48s
Bath Guildhall (Cg) 10:50

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Bath - Marshfield - Yatton Keynell - Sherston - Malmesbury - Hullavington

Bath Guildhall (Cg) 13:15
Bath Hilton Hotel (Sf) 13:16p
Walcot Gate (N-bound) 13:17p
Walcot Snow Hill (NE-bound) 13:18p
Walcot Morrisons (NE-bound) 13:19p
Grosvenor Balustrade (NE-bound) 13:20p
Lambridge (NE-bound) 13:22p
Charmy Down (N-bound) 13:27s
Nimlet Crossroads (N-bound) 13:30s
Nimlet (N-bound) 13:30s
Cold Ashton Roundabout (N-bound) 13:32s
Cold Ashton The White Hart (NE-bound) 13:33s
Marshfield Community Centre (E-bound) 13:39s
Marshfield Withymead Road (E-bound) 13:39s
Upper Wraxall The Turn (E-bound) 13:42s
The Shoe Shoe Inn (E-bound) 13:43s
North Wraxall Turn (E-bound) 13:45s
Ford Park Lane (E-bound) 13:48s
Biddestone, o/s Baptist Chapel 13:54s
Biddestone Pond (SE-bound) 13:54s
Yatton Keynell, opp Post Office 13:59s
Yatton Keynell The Bell (N-bound) 13:59s
Castle Combe The Lodge (W-bound) 14:02s
Castle Combe Whitegates (N-bound) 14:03s
The Gibb Salutation Inn (NW-bound) 14:05s
Burton The Green (W-bound) 14:09s
Acton Turville Fox & Hounds (N-bound) 14:11s
Acton Turville The Street (N-bound) 14:11s
Acton Turville Limes Farm (E-bound) 14:12s
Luckington Village Hall (N-bound) 14:17s
Luckington Primary School (NE-bound) 14:18s
Sherston Shallowbrooks Lane (NE-bound) 14:20s
Sherston Tubbs (NE-bound) 14:22s
Sherston Angel House (N-bound) 14:22s
Sherston Post Office (N-bound) 14:22s
Sherston Easton Square (NE-bound) 14:23s
Sherston Tetbury Road (NE-bound) 14:23s
Pinkney Cottage (E-bound) 14:24s
Easton Grey Bus Shelter (E-bound) 14:27s
Malmesbury, o/s Red Bull 14:32s
Malmesbury Twatley Cottages (E-bound) 14:32s
Malmesbury Parklands (SE-bound) 14:33s
Malmesbury Sherston Road (SE-bound) 14:34s
Malmesbury Dark Lane (E-bound) 14:34s
Malmesbury West Street (E-bound) 14:35s
Malmesbury, o/s Co-Op Supermarket 14:36s
Malmesbury The Triangle (SW-bound) 14:36s
Malmesbury Cross Hayes (S-bound) 14:37s
Malmesbury Burton Hill (SW-bound) 14:38s
Malmesbury, o/s Police Station 14:38s
Malmesbury, opp Home Farm 14:40s
Corston Foxley Turn (SW-bound) 14:42s
Corston Radnor Arms (SE-bound) 14:43s
Corston South End (SW-bound) 14:43s
Hullavington, o/s Telephone Exchange 14:49s
Hullavington Mere Avenue (SW-bound) 14:49s
Hullavington Watts Lane (SW-bound) 14:50

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the bus will only stop to pick up passengers

Timetable data from Coachstyle/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 30 April 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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