X84 - Semington - Staverton - Bradford-on-Avon - Winsley - Bath

A bus service operated by Faresaver


Semington - Staverton - Bradford-on-Avon - Winsley - Bath

Semington, opp Somerset Arms 09:30
Semington St George's Road (S-bound) 09:30
Semington Turnpike (W-bound) 09:31
Semington, o/s The Conifers 09:32
Paxcroft Mead Paxcroft Farm (SW-bound) 09:34
Paxcroft Mead Helps Well Road (SW-bound) 09:35
Paxcroft Mead Newhurst Park (W-bound) 09:36
Paxcroft Mead Hackett Place (S-bound) 09:36
Paxcroft Mead Parsonage Road (S-bound) 09:37
Paxcroft Mead Mascroft Road (S-bound) 09:38
Paxcroft Mead Soprano Way (N-bound) 09:38
Paxcroft Mead Hackett Place (N-bound) 09:40
Hilperton The Lion & Fiddle (NE-bound) 09:42
Hilperton Church Street (N-bound) 09:42
Hilperton Dymott Square (N-bound) 09:43
Hilperton Greenhill Gardens (NW-bound) 09:43
Hilperton Newleaze (NW-bound) 09:44
Hilperton Marsh Marsh Road (SW-bound) 09:45
Hilperton Marsh St Marys Gardens (SW-bound) 09:45
Hilperton Tin Church (W-bound) 09:47
Hilperton, opp Canal Bridge 09:49
Hilperton Thestfield Drive (N-bound) 09:50
Staverton Marina Drive (NE-bound) 09:51
Staverton Cottles Barton (NE-bound) 09:52
Staverton, o/s Old Bear Inn 09:55
Bradford-on-Avon, o/s Cemetery 10:00
Bradford-on-Avon Springfield Road (W-bound) 10:01
Bradford-on-Avon, o/s The Hall 10:02
Bradford-on-Avon Ropewalk (SW-bound) 10:04
Turleigh The Lyns (W-bound) 10:10
Winsley Turleigh Turn (W-bound) 10:12
Winsley Dane Rise (W-bound) 10:14
Winsley Conkwell Turn (W-bound) 10:15
Winsley Murhill Turn (SW-bound) 10:16
Limpley Stoke Crockford Farm (N-bound) 10:17
Limpley Stoke River Bridge (NW-bound) 10:18
Limpley Stoke Viaduct Hotel (NE-bound) 10:20
Monkton Combe Aqueduct (N-bound) 10:20
Claverton Village (N-bound) 10:25
Bathampton Hantone Hill (W-bound) 10:31
Bathampton, o/s Down Lane 10:32s
Bathampton Devonshire Road (W-bound) 10:32s
Bathampton St George's Hill (SW-bound) 10:34s
Bathampton Trossachs Drive (W-bound) 10:34s
Bathwick Minster Way (SW-bound) 10:35s
Bathwick Darlington Road (W-bound) 10:36s
Bathwick Forester Road (SW-bound) 10:37s
Bathwick Holburne Museum (W-bound) 10:38s
Bathwick Laura Place (SW-bound) 10:38s
Bath Abbey (Cf) 10:40s
Combe Park Royal United Hospital (W-bound) 10:55

Bath - Winsley - Bradford-on-Avon - Staverton - Semington

Combe Park Royal United Hospital (W-bound) 12:55
Bath Abbey (Cf) 13:10
Bathwick Laura Place (NE-bound) 13:11
Bathwick Holburne Museum (E-bound) 13:11
Bathwick Forester Road (NE-bound) 13:12
Bathwick Darlington Road (NE-bound) 13:13
Bathwick Minster Way (NE-bound) 13:14
Bathampton Trossachs Drive (E-bound) 13:15
Bathampton St George's Hill (E-bound) 13:16
Bathampton, opp Down Lane 13:17
Bathampton Hantone Hill (E-bound) 13:18s
Claverton Village (S-bound) 13:24s
Monkton Combe Aqueduct (S-bound) 13:29s
Limpley Stoke Viaduct Hotel (SW-bound) 13:30s
Limpley Stoke River Bridge (E-bound) 13:33s
Limpley Stoke Crockford Farm (S-bound) 13:34s
Winsley Murhill Turn (NE-bound) 13:35s
Winsley Conkwell Turn (SE-bound) 13:36s
Winsley Dane Rise (E-bound) 13:39s
Turleigh The Lyns (E-bound) 13:41s
Bradford-on-Avon Ropewalk (NE-bound) 13:47s
Bradford-on-Avon, o/s Community Centre 13:48s
Bradford-on-Avon Saxon Garage (SE-bound) 13:49s
Bradford-on-Avon The Green (S-bound) 13:50s
Bradford-on-Avon Springfield Road (E-bound) 13:50s
Bradford-on-Avon, opp Cemetery 13:52s
Staverton, opp Old Bear Inn 13:58s
Staverton Social Club (SE-bound) 13:59s
Staverton Cottles Barton (SW-bound) 13:59s
Staverton Marina Drive (NE-bound) 14:00s
Hilperton Thestfield Drive (S-bound) 14:01s
Hilperton, o/s Marina Roundabout 14:02s
Hilperton Tin Church (E-bound) 14:03s
Hilperton Marsh St Marys Gardens (NE-bound) 14:04s
Hilperton Marsh Marsh Road (NE-bound) 14:04s
Hilperton Newleaze (SE-bound) 14:05s
Hilperton Greenhill Gardens (SE-bound) 14:06s
Hilperton Dymott Square (S-bound) 14:07s
Hilperton Church Street (S-bound) 14:08s
Hilperton The Lion & Fiddle (SW-bound) 14:08s
Paxcroft Mead Newhurst Park (E-bound) 14:10s
Paxcroft Mead Helps Well Road (NE-bound) 14:12s
Paxcroft Mead Paxcroft Farm (NE-bound) 14:14s
Semington, opp The Conifers 14:16s
Semington Turnpike (E-bound) 14:18s
Semington St George's Road (N-bound) 14:19s
Semington, o/s Somerset Arms 14:20

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Faresaver Buses/Bus Open Data Service, 11 August 2022. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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