Stubshaw Cross, adjacent to Bolton Road

On GOLBORNE Road, near Church

Buses point south-east ↘︎


Emergency roadworks - Golborne road

26–30 October 2020

Due to emergency roadworks the 10/10A services will be diverted in Ashton.

Due to United Utilities sewer repair works, Golborne Road will be closed for up to 4 days. The 10/10A services will be diverted via Gerrard Street, Warrington Road, East Lanc's Road and Bridge Street.

This diversion is in place both directions.

Next departures

10A Leigh 21:00⚡
10 Leigh 21:27⚡
10A Leigh 21:54
10 Leigh 22:24
10A Leigh 22:50
10 Leigh 23:20


34 Piccadilly Gardens 04:37
10 Leigh 05:19
34 Piccadilly Gardens 05:32
10 Leigh 05:49

⚡ denotes ‘live’ times guessed (sometimes badly) from buses’ actual locations