Tinsley Park, at Europa View/Europa Court

On Europa View, near Europa Court, near Outside Sig

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Temporary change to service X74

From 2 October 2022

From Monday 3 October, the 07:10 departure from Sheffield on service X74 will be unable to run until further notice.

The 07:10 departure from Sheffield will be unable to operate.

Please use the 06:40 departure from Sheffield on service X74.
Alternatively, please use the 07:40 departure on service X54 (TM Travel) for journeys towards Catcliffe and Waverley.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

X74 Rotherham Town Centre 05:43
A1 Meadowhall 06:05
A1 Meadowhall 06:45
A1 Meadowhall 07:25
A1 Meadowhall 08:05
A1 Meadowhall 16:05
A1 Meadowhall 16:45
A1 Meadowhall 17:25
A1 Meadowhall 18:05
A1 Meadowhall 18:45

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