Great Houghton, adjacent to High Street/Pear Tree Close

On High Street, near Pear Tree Close, near O/S Sub Station

Buses point north-west ↖︎


UPDATE: Rotherham Rd, Middlecliffe & High St, Billingley (Barnsley)

Due to bad weather causing the road resurfacing programme to be delayed, these roads will now be closed for resurfacing for five nights, between 20:00 and 06:00 each night, from 1 February.

Due to resurfacing works, buses will be unable to use these streets at this time.
Instead they will divert via Park Spring Road/Engine Lane/Collier Road/Cudworth Parkway/Pontefract Road/Grange Lane/Doncaster Road/Saltersbrook Road/Doncaster Road.


Next departures

219 Doncaster Town Centre 17:03⚡
219 Barnsley Town Centre 17:53⚡
219a Doncaster Town Centre 18:12⚡
219 Barnsley Town Centre 18:59⚡
219 Doncaster Town Centre 19:19
219 Barnsley Town Centre 20:00
219 Doncaster Town Centre 20:17
219 Barnsley Town Centre 21:00
219 Doncaster Town Centre 21:23
219 Barnsley Town Centre 21:58

⚡ denotes ‘live’ times guessed (sometimes badly) from buses’ actual locations