111C - Preston - Leyland

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire

Monday to Friday, Uni or Coll Open days (not bank holidays)

Wrightington Bar, opp Corner House 07:05
Heskin, opp Rivington View 07:05
Heskin, opp Village Hall 07:07
Heskin, o/s Post Office 07:07
Heskin, opp Farmers Arms 07:08
Eccleston Green, by The Warings 07:08
Eccleston Green, opp Whalley Road 07:09
Eccleston Green, by Old Mill 07:10
Eccleston Green, by Enfield Close 07:10
Eccleston Green, opp Institute 07:11
Eccleston, by Doctors Lane 07:12
Eccleston, by Towngate 07:12
Eccleston, adj Tincklers Lane 07:13
Eccleston, opp St Marys Church 07:13
Eccleston, by Lydiate Farm 07:15
Ulnes Walton, opp Lydiate Lane End 07:15
Ulnes Walton, by Boyes Farm 07:16
Runshaw Moor, opp Blue Slates Farm 07:17
Runshaw Moor, by Hollins Lane 07:18
Wade Hall, opp Altcar Lane 07:19
Wade Hall, by Little Firs Fold 07:19
Wade Hall, by Victoria Park Avenue 07:20
Seven Stars (opp) 07:21
Seven Stars, o/s St Annes School 07:21
Seven Stars, opp Downham Road 07:22
Moss Side, by Newton Close 07:23
Moss Side, opp Robin Hey 07:25
Moss Side, opp Old Orchard Place 07:26
Moss Side, opp St James Gardens 07:27
Moss Side, opp St James Church 07:28
Moss Side, opp Manor House Close 07:29
Moss Side, opp Southlands Drive 07:29
Seven Stars, opp Merlin Close 07:31
Seven Stars (by) 07:33
Seven Stars, opp Queensway 07:36
Leyland Cross, by Forestway 07:38
Leyland Cross, opp Sports & Social Club 07:39
Leyland Cross Tesco (Stand G) 07:40
Towngate Tesco (Stand F) 07:42
Towngate, by Westgate 07:43
Leyland, opp Gables Hotel 07:45
Leyland, by Ruskin Avenue 07:46
Leyland, o/s Churchill Way 07:47
Golden Hill, opp Queens Hotel 07:49
Turpin Green, o/s The Railway 07:50
Farington, by Mill Street 07:51
Farington, by Lodge Gates 07:52
Farington, by Centurion Way 07:53
Farington, by Fowler Lane 07:55
Farington, by Woodcock Estate 07:56
Farington, by Woodcock Farm 07:57
Lostock Hall, o/s Methodist Church 07:59
Lostock Hall, by Victoria Inn 08:00
Lostock Hall, by Pleasant Retreat 08:01
Lostock Hall, by Fir Trees Road 08:03
Lostock Hall, by Flag Lane 08:04
Penwortham Lane, by Bee Lane 08:05
Penwortham Lane, opp Sumpter Horse 08:05
Penwortham Lane, by New Lane 08:07
Middleforth Green, opp Factory Lane 08:09
Middleforth Green, by Middleforth Garage 08:10
Middleforth Green, by Stricklands Lane 08:11
Lower Penwortham, o/s Bridge Inn 08:12
Lower Penwortham, by Valley Road 08:13
Broadgate, opp Fishergate Hill Surgery 08:17
Broadgate, adj Hartington Road 08:17
Preston, opp Railway Station 08:19
Preston Ring Way (R1) 08:22
Preston Bus Station (Stand 24) 08:25
Preston Gardner Street (Stop Q) 08:28
Preston, opp Gt George Street 08:29
Preston, opp Frank Street 08:30
Fulwood, by Aqueduct Street 08:32
Fulwood, by Ripon Street 08:33
Fulwood, adj Symonds Road 08:35
Fulwood, opp Watling Street Road 08:36
Fulwood, opp St Pius X Prep School 08:38
Fulwood, by Corpus Christi RCHS 08:41
Fulwood, by Preston College Grounds 08:45

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 18 April 2024

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