118S - Wakefield - Leeds

A service operated by Arriva Yorkshire


Monday to Friday, School Days days

Leeds - Wakefield

Leeds Bus Stn stand 12 07:20
Leeds Victoria Q 07:22
Leeds Trinity N 07:23
Leeds Station F 07:25
Leeds Southbank E 07:26
Holbeck Sweet Street (S-bound) 07:27
Holbeck Parkfield Street 07:29
Beeston Hill Hunslet Hall Road 07:31
Beeston Hill Burton Road 07:32
Beeston, at Oakley Terrace 07:34
Beeston Hunslet Fire Stn 07:35
Beeston, opp Cross Flatts Park 07:35
Beeston, after Cross Flatts Grove 07:36
Beeston, opp Barkly Road 07:37
Beeston Tommy Wass Junction (S-bound) 07:38
Middleton Bodmin Road 07:41
Middleton Water Twr 07:42
Middleton Park Road 07:42
Middleton Pk Circus 07:44
Middleton Pk Grove 07:44
Middleton Throstle Lane 07:45
Middleton Thorpe Lane (S-bound) 07:46
Middleton Thorpe Lane 07:47
Middleton Lane Towcester Ave (adj) 07:48
Middleton Lane Winthorpe Ave 07:49
Middleton Ln Thorpe Lower Lane (stop) 07:50
Lofthouse, before Rodillian School 07:57
Longthorpe Lane Lingwell Gate Ln 08:04
Thorpe, opp Gascoigne Rd Station Lane 08:07
Thorpe Stanhope Road (S-bound) 08:07
E Ardsley Fall Ln Mary Street 08:08
E Ardsley, adj Fall Lane Queen St 08:09
E Ardsley, adj Fall Lane Cave Ln 08:09
E Ardsley Main Street (S-bound) 08:10
E Ardsley Main St Thorpe Road 08:11
E Ardsley, after Bay Horse Royston Hill 08:12
E Ardsley, opp Royston Hill Stoney Lane 08:13
Bradford Road Carr Gate Farm 08:14
Carr Gate Bradford Road Providence Mount 08:15
Carr Gate Bradford Road Brandy Carr Rd (S-bound) 08:16
Carr Gate, adj Appleshawn Crescent 08:16
Wrenthorpe, adj Bradford Rd Appleshawn Crescent 08:17
Wrenthorpe Rd Melbourne Avenue 08:18
Wrenthorpe Rd Dean Close (adj) 08:18
Wrenthorpe Rd Rishworth Close 08:19
Wrenthorpe Pot Oil Inn 08:20
Wrenthorpe Rd Valley Drive (adj) 08:21
Wrenthorpe Rd Coronation Street (adj) 08:22
Newton Bar, opp Bradford Rd Whitegates Close 08:23
Newton Bar, opp Bradford Road Fox Ln 08:24
Newton Bar, after Bradford Rd Whitehall Crescent 08:25
Newton Bar, before Bradford Road Link Rd 08:26
St John’s Leeds Rd Belgravia Road 08:28
St John’s Northgate Albion Street 08:29
Wakefield Bus Station stand 23 08:33

Wakefield - Leeds

Wakefield Bus Station stand 23 14:15
Leeds Road St Johns North 14:16
St John’s Leeds Rd Kensington Road 14:17
Newton Bar Link Road Cyprus Mount 14:18
Newton Bar Bradford Rd Whitehall Crescent 14:18
Newton Bar, adj Bradford Road Fox Ln 14:19
Newton Bar, after Bradford Rd Whitegates Close 14:19
Wrenthorpe Rd Coronation Street 14:20
Wrenthorpe Rd Valley Drive 14:21
Wrenthorpe, adj Pot Oil Inn 14:22
Wrenthorpe Rd Rishworth Close (adj) 14:22
Wrenthorpe Rd Dean Close 14:22
Wrenthorpe Rd Melbourne Avenue (adj) 14:23
Wrenthorpe Bradford Rd Potovens Lane (NW-bound) 14:23
Carr Gate, opp Appleshawn Crescent 14:24
Carr Gate Bradford Road Brandy Carr Rd 14:25
Bradford Road Carr Gate Farm (opp) 14:26
E Ardsley, at Royston Hill Stoney Lane 14:27
E Ardsley, opp Bay Horse Royston Hill 14:28
E Ardsley Chapel Street Bradford Rd 14:29
E Ardsley Main Street 14:30
E Ardsley Fall Lane Cave Ln 14:30
E Ardsley Fall Lane Queen St 14:31
E Ardsley, opp Fall Ln Mary Street 14:32
Thorpe, at Stanhope Road 14:33
Thorpe Gascoigne Rd Station Lane 14:34
Lofthouse, adj Long Thorpe Lane Ramsgate 14:40
Thorpe, opp Lingwell Gate Lane Dolphin Ln 14:46
Middleton Ln Thorpe Lower Lane 14:46
Middleton Lane Winthorpe Ave (adj) 14:49
Middleton Lane Towcester Ave 14:50
Middleton Thorpe Lane 14:51
Middleton Thorpe Lane 14:52
Middleton Throstle Lane 14:53
Middleton Pk Grove 14:55
Middleton Pk Circus 14:56
Middleton Park Road 14:56
Middleton Water Twr 14:57
Middleton Bodmin Road 14:58
Beeston Parkwood Road 15:01
Beeston Tommy Wass Junction (NE-bound) 15:02
Beeston Barkly Road 15:04
Beeston, opp Cross Flatts Grove 15:04
Beeston Cross Flatts Park 15:05
Beeston, at Hunslet Fire Stn 15:06
Beeston Oakley Terrace 15:07
Beeston Hill Dewsbury Road Hub 15:08
Beeston Hill Hunslet Hall Road (N-bound) 15:10
Holbeck Parkfield Street (N-bound) 15:11
Holbeck Sweet Street (N-bound) 15:14
Leeds Southbank D 15:15
Leeds Quebec Street (stop Q1) 15:18
Leeds City Square L 15:20
Leeds Trinity R 15:21
Leeds Bus Stn stand 12 15:25

Timetable data from Arriva UK Bus/Bus Open Data Service, 23 June 2021. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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