125C - Preston - Bolton

Operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire

Monday to Friday, Uni or Coll Open days (not bank holidays)

Charnock Richard, by Leeson Avenue 07:12
Charnock Richard, adj Church Lane 07:13
Birkacre, opp Plymouth Cottages 07:14
Lower Burgh Way (by) 07:18
Birkacre, by Liptrott Road 07:21
Collingwood Road, opp All Saints CEPS 07:21
Collingwood Road, opp Weldbank Lane 07:22
Collingwood Road, by Coventry Street 07:23
Collingwood Road, by Lupton Street 07:23
Chorley, by Hamilton Road 07:23
Chorley, by George Street 07:24
Chorley, opp Railway Station 07:24
Chorley Bus Station (Stand E) 07:25
Chorley, by Booths 07:31
Chorley, by Park Gates 07:32
Crosse Street, by Millfield Road 07:33
Chorley, opp All Seasons Leisure Centre 07:34
Harpers Lane, by Preston Street North 07:34
The Crescent (opp) 07:35
Chorley Hospital Hospital Stop 1 07:35
Hartwood Hotel (o/s) 07:36
Hartwood Green (by) 07:37
Whittle-le-Woods, opp Sea View 07:38
Whittle-le-Woods, by Foxglove Drive 07:38
Whittle-le-Woods, by Hardacre Lane 07:39
Whittle-le-Woods, o/s Shaw Hill Golf Club 07:40
Whittle-le-Woods, by St Johns Church 07:41
Whittle-le-Woods, by Whittle Surgery 07:43
Whittle-le-Woods, opp Mill Lane 07:43
Whittle-le-Woods, opp Swansey Garage 07:44
Clayton Green, by Fiddlers Lane 07:44
Clayton Green, opp Halfway House 07:45
Clayton Green, opp Pines Hotel 07:46
Clayton Green, by St Bedes RCPS 07:47
Clayton Brook, by Pines Close 07:47
Clayton Brook, opp Seven Acres 07:48
Clayton Brook, adj Village Centre 07:49
Clayton Brook, opp Masonfield 07:50
Clayton Brook, by Mallards Walk 07:51
Walton Summit, by Abattoir 07:52
Bamber Bridge, opp Hob Inn 07:55
Bamber Bridge, by Smithy Street 07:56
Bamber Bridge, o/s Railway Station 07:56
Bamber Bridge, by Trades Hall 07:57
Bamber Bridge, opp Brownedge St Marys 07:58
Bamber Bridge, opp St Aidens Church 07:58
Bamber Bridge, by Renshaw Drive 07:59
Bamber Bridge, by Duddle Lane 08:01
Walton-le-Dale, by Cinnamon Hill Drive 08:03
Walton-le-Dale, opp Holland House Road 08:04
Walton-le-Dale, by Walton Green 08:07
Walton-le-Dale, by Sir Robert Peel 08:09
Walton-le-Dale, by Edward Street 08:13
Frenchwood Avenue (by) 08:17
Frenchwood, adj Queen Street 08:19
Preston, by Percy Street 08:23
Preston Bus Station (Stand 3) 08:25
Preston Gardner Street (Stop Q) 08:27
Preston, opp Gt George Street 08:28
Preston, opp Frank Street 08:29
Fulwood, by Aqueduct Street 08:30
Fulwood, by Ripon Street 08:31
Fulwood, adj Symonds Road 08:32
Fulwood, opp Watling Street Road 08:33
Fulwood, opp St Pius X Prep School 08:35
Fulwood, by Preston College Grounds 08:40
Sharoe Green, opp St Clare's Church 08:42
Sharoe Green, opp Booths 08:44
Fulwood, o/s Black Bull Garstang Rd 08:45
Fulwood, by Brookside Road 08:46
Fulwood, opp Lightfoot Lane 08:47
Broughton, opp St John the Baptist Church 08:49
Broughton, opp Marriott Hotel 08:50
Broughton, adj Village Centre 08:51
Broughton, by Kingsway Court 08:52
Barton, opp Animal Centre 08:54
Barton, by Station Lane 08:55
Barton, by Fairlie Drive 08:56
Barton Grange Hotel (opp) 08:57
Barton, opp Jepps Lane 08:58
Barton, o/s White Horse 09:00
North Planks, opp Planks Cottages 09:01
North Planks, by Primrose Cottage 09:01
Myerscough, by College 09:06

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 18 April 2024

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