16 - Livingston - Edinburgh Western General Hospital

A bus service operated by SD Travel

Monday to Sunday

Livingston - Edinburgh Western General Hospital

Livingston Bus Terminal (Stance C) 13:0017:30
Livingston, at Lime Kiln 13:0017:30
Livingston, opp Travelodge 13:0117:31
Livingston, after Campus Roundabout 13:0217:32
Livingston, at Almondvale Stadium 13:0317:33
Livingston, at Quarrywood Court 13:0417:34
Howden, after Braehead Junction 13:0417:34
Howden, before St Johns Hospital 13:0617:36
Howden, at St Johns Hospital 13:0817:38
Ladywell, at Fastlink 13:1017:40
Knightsridge, at Fastlink 13:1217:42
Dechmont Roundabout (after) 13:1617:46
Uphall, at Riding School 13:1617:46
Uphall, at Golf Club 13:1817:48
Uphall, before St Andrews Drive 13:1917:49
Uphall, opp Oatridge Hotel 13:2017:50
Uphall, outside Scotmid 13:2017:50
Uphall, at Cemetery 13:2117:51
Broxburn, after Freeland Avenue 13:2217:52
Broxburn, after Cardross Road 13:2317:53
Broxburn, before Kirkhill Road 13:2417:54
Broxburn, opp New Holygate 13:2517:55
Broxburn, at Post Office 13:2617:56
Broxburn, before Bridge Place 13:2617:56
Broxburn, opp Albyn Place 13:2617:56
Broxburn, at Greendykes Cottages 13:2717:57
Broxburn, outside Greendykes Steadings 13:2917:59
Winchburgh, after Glass Road 13:3118:01
Winchburgh, opp Craigton Place 13:3118:01
Winchburgh, at Health Centre 13:3118:01
Winchburgh, at Station Road 13:3218:02
Kirkliston Kirklands Park Street (NE-bound) 13:3418:04
Kirkliston, opp Eilston Loan 13:3418:04
Kirkliston, after Eilston Road 13:3518:05
Kirkliston, opp Manse Road 13:3918:09
Kirkliston, before Station Road 13:3918:09
Queensferry Dundas Castle (near) 13:4118:11
Dalmeny, at Primary School 13:4218:12
Cramond Bridge Cramond Brig (SE-bound) 13:4518:15
Cramond Bridge, after Braehead Avenue 13:4718:17
Cramond Bridge, opp Cammo Crescent 13:4818:18
Barnton Junction (E-bound) 13:5018:20
Barnton, opp Drum Brae North 13:5018:20
Barnton, before Parkgrove Road 13:5118:21
Barnton, opp Parkgrove Street 13:5218:22
Barnton, opp Clermiston Drive 13:5318:23
Blackhall, opp Hillpark Steps 13:5518:25
Blackhall, after Marchfield Park Lane 13:5518:25
Blackhall, after Marchfield Park 13:5518:25
Blackhall Library (near) 13:5518:25
Blackhall, opp Whitehall Court 13:5618:26
Blackhall, opp Drylaw Avenue 13:5618:26
Craigleith, opp Groathill Road South 13:5618:26
Craigleith, after Telford Drive 13:5718:27
Craigleith, at Telford Gardens 13:5818:28
Craigleith, after Telford Place 13:5818:28
Crewe Toll Roundabout Crewe Toll (SE-bound) 13:5918:29
Craigleith, before North Werber Park 13:5918:29
Craigleith, before West Woods 13:5918:29
Craigleith Western General Hospital (N-bound) 14:0018:30

Edinburgh Western General Hospital - Livingston

Craigleith Western General Hospital (N-bound) 16:0020:15
Craigleith, opp North Werber Park 16:0020:15
Craigleith Crewe Toll (NW-bound) 16:0020:15
Craigleith, opp Telford Grove 16:0020:15
Craigleith, opp Telford Place 16:0120:16
Craigleith, opp Telford Gardens 16:0120:16
Craigleith, opp Telford Drive 16:0120:16
Craigleith, before Groathill Road South 16:0220:17
Blackhall, before Drylaw Avenue 16:0220:17
Blackhall, after Forthview Terrace 16:0220:17
Blackhall, at Whitehall Court 16:0320:18
Blackhall Library (opp) 16:0320:18
Blackhall, before Marchfield Terrace 16:0420:19
Blackhall, opp Marchfield Park 16:0420:19
Blackhall, opp Marchfield Park Lane 16:0420:19
Blackhall, adj Hillpark Steps 16:0520:20
Barnton, at Clermiston Drive 16:0520:20
Barnton, after Parkgrove Street 16:0720:22
Barnton, after Parkgrove Road 16:0720:22
Barnton, before Drum Brae North 16:0920:24
Barnton Junction (W-bound) 16:1020:25
Cramond Bridge, at Cammo Crescent 16:1120:26
Cramond Bridge, opp Braehead Avenue 16:1320:28
Cramond Bridge Cramond Brig (NW-bound) 16:1520:30
Dalmeny Burnshot Flyover (NW-bound) 16:1520:30
Dalmeny, at Craigiehall 16:1720:32
Dalmeny, opp Primary School 16:1920:34
Queensferry, opp Dundas Castle 16:2020:35
Kirkliston, before Station Road 16:2120:36
Kirkliston Eilston Loan (near) 16:2220:37
Kirkliston Kirklands Park Street (SW-bound) 16:2220:37
Winchburgh, at School 16:2420:39
Winchburgh Station Road (opp and after) 16:2420:39
Winchburgh, opp Health Centre 16:2420:39
Winchburgh, before Craigton Place 16:2520:40
Winchburgh, opp Glass Road 16:2620:41
Broxburn, before Greendykes Steadings 16:2820:43
Broxburn, opp Greendykes Cottages 16:2820:43
Broxburn, before Albyn Place 16:2820:43
Broxburn, outside Bridge Place 16:2820:43
Broxburn, opp Post Office 16:3020:45
Broxburn, at New Holygate 16:3020:45
Broxburn, opp Kirkhill Road 16:3120:46
Broxburn, opp Cardross Road 16:3220:47
Broxburn, adj Cardross Road 16:3320:48
Broxburn, opp Freeland Avenue 16:3420:49
Uphall, opp Cemetery 16:3420:49
Uphall, before Alexander Street 16:3520:50
Uphall, before Oatridge Hotel 16:3720:52
Uphall, opp St Andrews Drive 16:3820:53
Uphall, before Houstoun House Hotel 16:3820:53
Uphall, opp Golf Club 16:3820:53
Uphall, opp Riding School 16:3920:54
Dechmont Roundabout (before) 16:4020:55
Knightsridge, opp Fastlink 16:4420:59
Ladywell, opp Fastlink 16:4621:01
Howden, before St Johns Hospital 16:4721:02
Howden, at St Johns Hospital 16:4821:03
Howden, before Braehead Junction 16:4921:04
Livingston, opp Quarrywood Court 16:5021:05
Livingston, opp Almondvale Stadium 16:5121:06
Livingston, before Campus Roundabout 16:5221:07
Livingston, opp Lime Kiln 16:5421:09
Livingston Bus Terminal (Stance E) 16:5621:11

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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