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16A - Newmarket - Mildenhall - Bury St Edmunds

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex


Newmarket - Mildenhall - Bury St Edmunds

Newmarket The Guineas Bus Station (Bay 1) 07:00
Moulton, opp Lark Hill 07:07
Moulton Crossroads (E-bound) 07:08
Kentford, opp Post Office 07:11
Kennett, nr Railway Station 07:13
Kennett, nr The Close 07:14
Red Lodge Public House (adj) 07:18
Red Lodge, adj Spearmint Way 07:19
Red Lodge, adj Horseshoe Drive 07:21
Red Lodge, opp Heathersett Way 07:22
Red Lodge, adj Blackberry Way 07:22
Red Lodge, adj Laurel Close 07:24
Red Lodge, opp Foxglove Close 07:25
Red Lodge, opp Larch Way 07:26
Red Lodge, opp Ash Court 07:28
Red Lodge, opp Sorrell Court 07:29
Red Lodge, opp Thistle Way 07:31
Worlington Walnut Tree (N-bound) 07:37
Worlington Walnut Tree (E-bound) 07:37
Mildenhall, opp Bridge Farm Close 07:39
Mildenhall, adj St Marys Church 07:39
Mildenhall Bus Station (Stand A) 07:40
Mildenhall Bus Station (Stand A) 07:42
Mildenhall, adj Folly Road 07:43
Mildenhall, adj Junction Road 07:43
Mildenhall, opp Girton Close 07:45
Mildenhall, opp Clare Close 07:47
Mildenhall, opp Downing Close 07:47
Mildenhall, adj Health Centre 07:47
Mildenhall, adj Police Station 07:48
Mildenhall, opp Lark Road 07:48
Barton Mills, opp Silver Lodge 07:49
Icklingham, opp Camp Close 07:56
Icklingham, opp Red Lion 07:57
Icklingham, adj The Farthings 07:57
Icklingham, adj West Stow Turning 07:59
W Stow, opp Country Park 08:01
W Stow, opp Telephone Box 08:03
Brockley Corner, adj Culford House 08:06
Culford, opp School 08:08
Fornham St Genevieve, opp Oak Close 08:17
Fornham St Martin, adj Village Sign 08:18
Fornham St Martin, opp The Woolpack 08:19
Fornham St Martin, adj Barton Hill 08:22
Bury St Edmunds, opp Philip Road 08:24
Bury St Edmunds, o/s St Benedicts Catholic School 08:26
Bury St Edmunds, adj West Suffolk House 08:29
Bury St Edmunds, opp Asda 08:30
Bury St Edmunds, opp Cavendish Road 08:31
Westley Estate, adj Willcox Avenue 08:32
Westley Estate, opp Westley School 08:35
Westley Estate, opp Flemyng Road 08:35
Westley Estate, opp Gainsborough Road north end 08:36
Westley Estate, adj Hepworth Avenue 08:36
Bury St Edmunds, opp Westley Road 08:37
Bury St Edmunds, adj West Suffolk College 08:38
Bury St Edmunds, adj Springfield Road 08:39
Bury St Edmunds, in Parkway Bus Layby 08:42
Bury St Edmunds, o/s Old Convent Orchard 08:42
Bury St Edmunds, o/s Arc Shopping Centre 08:44
Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 3) 08:45
Schooldays only

Bury St Edmunds - Mildenhall - Newmarket

Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 3) 15:40
Bury St Edmunds, opp Arc Shopping Centre 15:41
Bury St Edmunds, opp Old Convent Orchard 15:43
Bury St Edmunds, opp Springfield Road 15:47
Bury St Edmunds, opp West Suffolk College 15:50
Bury St Edmunds, opp Westley Road 15:50
Westley Estate, opp Hepworth Avenue 15:50
Westley Estate, adj Gainsborough Road north end 15:51
Westley Estate, adj Flemyng Road 15:51
Westley Estate, o/s Westley School 15:52
Westley Estate, opp Willcox Avenue 15:52
Bury St Edmunds, adj Cavendish Road 15:53
Bury St Edmunds, adj Asda 15:53
Bury St Edmunds, opp West Suffolk House 15:53
Bury St Edmunds, o/s St Benedicts Catholic School 15:55
Bury St Edmunds, adj Philip Road 15:56
Fornham St Martin, opp Barton Hill 15:57
Fornham St Martin, o/s The Woolpack 15:59
Fornham St Martin, opp Village Sign 16:00
Fornham St Genevieve, adj Oak Close 16:01
Culford, o/s School 16:04
Brockley Corner, opp Culford House 16:04
W Stow, o/s Telephone Box 16:06
W Stow, adj Country Park 16:07
Icklingham, opp West Stow Turning 16:09
Icklingham, opp The Farthings 16:10
Icklingham, adj Red Lion 16:11
Icklingham, adj Camp Close 16:11
Barton Mills, adj Silver Lodge 16:15
Mildenhall, adj Lark Road 16:16
Mildenhall, opp Police Station 16:17
Mildenhall, opp Health Centre 16:17
Mildenhall, adj Downing Close 16:17
Mildenhall, adj Clare Close 16:17
Mildenhall, adj Girton Close 16:18
Mildenhall, opp Junction Road 16:19
Mildenhall, opp Folly Road 16:19
Mildenhall Bus Station (Stand C) 16:20
Mildenhall Bus Station (Stand C) 16:22
Mildenhall, opp St Marys Church 16:22
Mildenhall, adj Bridge Farm Close 16:23
Worlington Walnut Tree (S-bound) 16:26
Worlington Walnut Tree (E-bound) 16:26
Red Lodge, adj Thistle Way 16:32
Red Lodge, adj Sorrell Court 16:32
Red Lodge, adj Ash Court 16:34
Red Lodge, adj Larch Way 16:34
Red Lodge, adj Foxglove Close 16:35
Red Lodge, opp Laurel Close 16:36
Red Lodge, opp Blackberry Way 16:36
Red Lodge, adj Heathersett Way 16:37
Red Lodge, opp Horseshoe Drive 16:38
Red Lodge, opp Spearmint Way 16:38
Red Lodge Public House (opp) 16:39
Kennett, opp The Close 16:42
Kennett, opp Railway Station 16:44
Kentford, adj Post Office 16:45
Moulton Crossroads (W-bound) 16:47
Moulton, adj Lark Hill 16:47
Newmarket The Guineas Bus Station (Bay 1) 16:55
Newmarket, opp New Astley Club 16:55
Newmarket, opp Bus Shelter 16:57
Newmarket, opp Railway Station 17:00
Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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