181 - Sheffield - Dore

A bus service operated by South Pennine Community Transport and TM Travel


Sheffield - Dore

Operator TM Travel
Sheffield Centre High Street/HS2 (HS2) 12:4517:05
Sheffield Centre West Street/Carver Street (CH3) 12:4717:07
Sheffield Centre, adj West Street/Fitzwilliam Street 12:4917:09
Sheffield Centre, adj Glossop Road/Gell Street 12:5017:10
Western Bank, opp Glossop Road/Clarkson Street 12:5217:12
Broomhill, opp Glossop Road/Clarkehouse Road 12:5317:13
Broomhill, opp Glossop Road/Newbould Lane 12:5417:14
Broomhill, at Newbould Lane/Clarkehouse Road 12:5417:14
Broomhill, o/s Clarkehouse Road/Rutland Park 12:5617:16
Hunters Bar, opp Brocco Bank/Endcliffe Terrace Road 12:5617:16
Hunters Bar, at Brocco Bank/Ecclesall Road 12:5817:18
Hunters Bar, adj Ecclesall Road/Junction Road 12:5817:18
Hunters Bar, opp Ecclesall Road/Rustlings Road 12:5917:19
Hunters Bar, opp Ecclesall Road/Carrington Road 13:0017:20
Banner Cross, nr Ecclesall Road/Greystones Road 13:0017:20
Banner Cross, opp Ecclesall Road/Huntingtower Road 13:0117:21
Banner Cross, adj Ecclesall Road South/Brincliffe Edge Road 13:0217:22
Ecclesall Road South/Ringinglow Road (nr) 13:0317:23
Ecclesall Road South/Dunkeld Road (adj) 13:0317:23
Knowle Lane/Ecclesall Road South (o/s) 13:0517:25
Ecclesall, before Knowle Lane/Hoober Avenue 13:0517:25
Ecclesall, nr Knowle Lane/Haugh Lane 13:0617:26
Bents Green, adj Knowle Lane/Harley Road 13:0617:26
Bents Green, adj Ringinglow Road/Bents Drive 13:0717:27
Bents Green, opp Ringinglow Road/Common Lane 13:0917:29
Ringinglow Road/Hangram Lane (opp) 13:1217:32
Ringinglow Road/Sheephill Road (Opp) 13:1417:34
Ringinglow, adj Sheephill Road/Long Line 13:1517:35
Dore Moor, at Long Line/Barberfields Farm 13:1717:37
Dore Moor, opp Long Line/None 13:1717:37
Dore Moor Long Line/None 13:1817:38
Dore Moor, adj Long Line/Hathersage Road 13:1817:38
Dore, adj Causeway Head Road/Cross Lane 13:2017:40
Dore, opp Causeway Head Road/Kerwin Road 13:2017:40
Dore, opp Causeway Head Road/Heather Lea Avenue 13:2117:41
Dore, opp Causeway Head Road/The Causeway 13:2117:41
Dore, adj Devonshire Terrace Road/Leyfield Road 13:2217:42

Dore - Sheffield

Operator TM Travel
Dore, adj Devonshire Terrace Road/Leyfield Road 07:1509:3013:30
Dore, nr Causeway Head Road/Heather Lea Avenue 07:1509:3013:30
Dore, adj Causeway Head Road/Causeway Gardens 07:1609:3113:31
Dore, adj Causeway Head Road/Parkers Lane 07:1609:3113:31
Dore, adj Cross Lane/Brickhouse Lane 07:1709:3213:32
Ringinglow Road/Sheephill Road (O/S) 07:2309:3813:38
Ecclesall, adj Knowle Lane/Knowle Croft 07:2909:4413:44
Knowle Lane/Ecclesall Road South (by) 07:3009:4513:45
Ecclesall Road South/Weetwood Drive (adj) 07:3009:4513:45
Banner Cross, adj Ecclesall Road South/Ringinglow Road 07:3109:4613:46
Banner Cross, nr Ecclesall Road/Glenalmond Road 07:3209:4713:47
Banner Cross, adj Ecclesall Road/Huntingtower Road 07:3309:4813:48
Hunters Bar, adj Ecclesall Road/Greystones Road 07:3409:4913:49
Hunters Bar, adj Ecclesall Road/Carrington Road 07:3409:4913:49
Hunters Bar, adj Ecclesall Road/Rustlings Road 07:3509:5013:50
Hunters Bar, adj Brocco Bank/Newington Road 07:3609:5113:51
Endcliffe, adj Brocco Bank/Westbourne Road 07:3709:5213:52
Broomhill, adj Clarkehouse Road/Ash Grove 07:3909:5413:54
Broomhill, nr Newbould Lane/Glossop Road 07:3909:5413:54
Broomhill, adj Glossop Road/Beech Hill Road 07:4009:5513:55
Western Bank/Brook Hill (at) 07:4309:5813:58
Sheffield Centre, adj Broad Lane/Beet Street 07:4409:5913:59
Sheffield Centre, adj Mappin Street/Portobello Lane 07:4510:0014:00
Sheffield Centre, adj West Street/Rockingham Street 07:4610:0114:01
Sheffield Centre Carver Street/Ca1 (27617) 07:4610:0114:01
Sheffield Centre Division Street/Rockingham Street (27618) 07:4610:0114:01
Sheffield Centre Rockingham Street/RS3 (27616) 07:4710:0214:02
Sheffield Centre, adj Furnival Street/Arundel Lane 07:4910:0414:04
Sheffield Centre Paternoster Row/SS2 (SS2) 07:4910:0414:04
Sheffield Centre, at Sheffield Interchange 07:5110:0614:06

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

South Pennine Community Transport


TM Travel


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