Sheffield Centre West Street/Carver Street (CH3)

On West Street, near Carver Street, near City Hall CH3

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Special event

Sheffield Half Marathon - Disruption A - Sheffield Connect Service

26 March 2023

Due to the effect of the Sheffield Half Marathon on the route and times of the Sheffield Connect (SC) service, it will not operate on Sunday 26th March.

Make alternative arrangements

Special event

Sheffield Half Marathon - Disruption C - City Centre (Sheffield)

26 March 2023

Various roads in and around Sheffield will be closed for the Sheffield Half Marathon on Sunday 26 March from start of bus service until 16:00. This includes main bus routes - Arundel Gate, Furnival Square, Furnival Street, Charter Row, Moore Street and Ecclesall Road. Services 81 & 82 between City and Dore/Millhouses, service 83 between City and Lodge Moor and service 88 between City and Bents Green will be suspended until 1400, and many other services will be diverted in the City Centre until 1600.

Make alternative arrangements, or use stops in the Interchange /Flat Street (30a towards the Hallamshire will use stop CG2 on Commercial Street. 52 & 52a will use stops on Waingate. 81 & 82 between city and Stannington will stop on Angel Street. 95 and 95a to Meadowhall will use Waingate stop CG11).

120 Broomhill 05:26
52a Hillsborough 05:27
52 Hillsborough 05:57
95 Walkley 06:10
120 Ranmoor 06:13
52a Hillsborough 06:27
120 Fulwood 06:43
52 Hillsborough 06:57
95 Walkley 07:10
120 Fulwood 07:13
52a Hillsborough 07:27
51 Lodge Moor 07:42

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