7a - Holbrook Rother Valley Way/New Street - Broomhill Glossop Road/Clarkehouse Road

Operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire

Holbrook, nr Rother Valley Way/New Street 05:38
Sothall, opp Rother Valley Way/Meadow Gate Avenue 05:39
Sothall, adj Owlthorpe Greenway/Longacre Way 05:40
Sothall, adj Owlthorpe Greenway/Holbrook Avenue 05:40
Sothall, opp Eckington Road/Abbots Meadow 05:41
Sothall, opp Eckington Road/Hartland Avenue 05:41
Sothall, nr Eckington Road/Armstead Road 05:42
Beighton, adj High Street/Church Lane 05:43
Beighton, opp High Street/School Road 05:43
Beighton, nr High Street/Ivy Lane 05:44
Beighton, adj Queens Road/High Street 05:44
Beighton, adj Queens Road/Oak Road 05:45
Beighton, adj Robin Lane/Woodhouse Crescent 05:45
Beighton, nr Robin Lane/Woodhouse Lane 05:45
Beighton Road/Mosborough Parkway (adj) 05:46
Woodhouse, adj Beighton Road/Massey Road 05:47
Woodhouse, opp Beighton Road/John Clavert Road 05:48
Woodhouse, adj Station Road/Market Street 05:49
Woodhouse, adj Station Road/Tilford Road 05:49
Woodhouse, adj Station Road/Greenwood Lane 05:49
Woodhouse, opp Badger Road/Goathland Drive 05:50
Woodhouse, adj Badger Road/Badger Rise 05:51
Woodhouse, adj Badger Road/Badger Close 05:51
Woodhouse, nr Beaver Hill Road/Badger Rise 05:52
Woodhouse, nr Beaver Hill Road/Tilford Road 05:52
Woodhouse, adj Tannery Street/Tannery Close 05:53
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Stradbroke Road 05:54
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Twitchill Drive 05:54
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Bishop Hill 05:55
Woodhouse, adj Sheffield Road/Ashpool Close 05:55
Normanton Spring Road/Normanton Grove (opp) 05:57
Normanton Spring Road/Linley Lane (adj) 05:57
Normanton Hill/Richmond Gate (opp) 05:59
Richmond, adj Normanton Hill/Hollybank Road 06:00
Woodthorpe, adj Woodhouse Road/Normanton Hill 06:01
Woodthorpe, opp Woodhouse Road/Kilvington Road 06:02
Manor Top, adj Mansfield Road/Newlands Drive 06:03
Manor Top, adj City Road/Eastern Avenue 06:05
Manor, opp City Road/Wulfric Road 06:06
Manor, adj City Road/Park Grange Road 06:07
Manor, opp City Road/Spring Lane 06:08
Skye Edge, opp City Road/St Aidans Road 06:08
Manor, adj City Road/St Aidans Road 06:09
Skye Edge, adj City Road/Granville Road 06:09
Skye Edge, opp City Road/Manor Laithe Road 06:10
Skye Edge, adj City Road/Fitzwalter Road 06:11
Skye Edge, adj City Road/Stafford Road 06:11
Park Hill, adj Duke Street/Talbot Place 06:12
Park Hill, opp Duke Street/Weigh Lane 06:12
Park Hill, opp Duke Street/Crown Place 06:13
Sheffield Centre Commercial Street/CG2 (CG2) 06:14
Sheffield Centre Church Street/High Street HS4 (HS4) 06:16
Sheffield Centre West Street/Carver Street (CH3) 06:17
Sheffield Centre, adj West Street/Fitzwilliam Street 06:19
Sheffield Centre, adj Glossop Road/Gell Street 06:19
Western Bank/Brook Hill (adj) 06:21
Broomhill, opp Glossop Road/Clarkehouse Road 06:24

Timetable data from Stagecoach Yorkshire, 13 April 2024

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