779 - Wincobank - Notre Dame School via Firth Park, City Centre

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire


Wincobank, Newman Rd/Robin Hood Rd - Notre Dame Sch

Wincobank, nr Newman Road/Barkby Road 07:25
Wincobank, opp Newman Road/Newman Drive 07:25
Newman Road/Wincobank Avenue (nr) 07:26
Wincobank Avenue/Hyacinth Road (nr) 07:26
Wincobank, opp Shiregreen Lane/Monckton Road 07:26
Shiregreen Lane/Jacobs Drive (opp) 07:26
Shiregreen Lane/Bellhouse Road (opp) 07:27
Shiregreen Lane/Bellhouse Road (before) 07:27
Shiregreen, adj Bellhouse Road/Gregg House Road 07:28
Shiregreen, adj Bellhouse Road/Gregg House Crescent 07:28
Shiregreen, opp Bellhouse Road/Oaks Fold 07:28
Shiregreen, adj Bellhouse Road/Nether Shire Lane 07:28
Shiregreen, adj Bellhouse Road/Lowhouse Road 07:29
Shiregreen, at Beck Road/Sicey Avenue 07:29
Shiregreen, opp Sicey Avenue/Shirehall Road 07:29
Shiregreen, adj Sicey Avenue/Ivy Hall Road 07:30
Shiregreen, nr Sicey Avenue/Nether Shire Lane 07:30
Shiregreen, adj Sicey Avenue/Fircroft Avenue 07:30
Shiregreen, o/s Sicey Avenue/Shirehall Road 07:30
Shiregreen, o/s Sicey Avenue/Gregg House Road 07:31
Shiregreen, at Sicey Avenue/Hatfield House Lane 07:31
Shiregreen, by Hatfield House Lane/Sicey Avenue 07:32
Sheffield Lane Top, adj Hatfield House Lane/Etwall Way 07:35
Sheffield Lane Top, opp Barnsley Road/Hereward Road 07:37
Firth Park, adj Stubbin Lane/Tideswell Road 07:40
Firth Park Road/Sicey Avenue (FP3) 07:42
Firth Park, opp Hucklow Road/Eyncourt Road 07:43
Firth Park, adj Hucklow Road/Wheldrake Road 07:44
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Mortlake Road 07:45
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Idsworth Road 07:45
Fir Vale, o/s Barnsley Road/Horndean Road 07:46
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Osgathorpe Road 07:49
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Devon Road 07:50
Barnsley Road/Firshill Close (adj) 07:51
Pitsmoor, adj Burngreave Road/Toll Bar 07:52
Burngreave Road/Melrose Road (adj) 07:53
Burngreave Road/Burngreave Street (adj) 07:54
Burngreave Road/Gower Street (nr) 07:56
Burngreave, opp Spital Hill/Spital Street 07:57
Sheffield Centre Wicker/Blonk Street (WK2) 07:59
Sheffield Centre Waingate/CG19 (CG19) 08:00
Sheffield Centre Haymarket/CG21 (CG21) 08:01
Sheffield Centre High Street/HS2 (HS2) 08:02
Sheffield Centre West Street/Carver Street (CH3) 08:05
Sheffield Centre, adj West Street/Fitzwilliam Street 08:07
Sheffield Centre, adj Glossop Road/Gell Street 08:08
Western Bank, opp Glossop Road/Clarkson Street 08:10
Broomhill, opp Glossop Road/Clarkehouse Road 08:12
Broomhill, opp Glossop Road/Newbould Lane 08:13
Broomhill, adj Glossop Road/Ashgate Road 08:16
Broomhill, nr Fulwood Road/Manchester Road 08:18
Tapton Hill, adj Fulwood Road/Endcliffe Crescent 08:19
Tapton Hill, opp Fulwood Road/Shore Lane 08:20
Ranmoor, adj Fulwood Road/Endcliffe Vale Road 08:23
Ranmoor, opp Fulwood Road/Tapton Park Road 08:23
Ranmoor, adj Fulwood Road/Riverdale Road 08:25

Notre Dame Sch - Wincobank, Newman Rd/Robin Hood Rd

Fulwood Road/Ranmoor Park Road (adj) 15:50
Burngreave, adj Spital Hill/Hallcar Street 16:15
Burngreave Road/Brunswick Road (nr) 16:16
Burngreave Road/Cranworth Road (adj) 16:17
Pitsmoor, adj Burngreave Road/Minna Road 16:19
Burngreave Road/Pitsmoor Road (nr) 16:20
Firshill, adj Barnsley Road/Orphanage Road 16:21
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Norwood Road 16:23
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Crabtree Close 16:24
Fir Vale, nr Barnsley Road/Coningsby Road 16:26
Fir Vale, o/s Barnsley Road/Horndean Road 16:27
Fir Vale, opp Barnsley Road/Idsworth Road 16:28
Firth Park, opp Hucklow Road/Wheldrake Road 16:30
Firth Park, adj Hucklow Road/Eyncourt Road 16:32
Firth Park, adj Hucklow Road/Stubbin Lane 16:33
Firth Park, opp Stubbin Lane/Tideswell Road 16:34
Firth Park, adj Stubbin Lane/Barnsley Road 16:35
Sheffield Lane Top, adj Barnsley Road/Hereward Road 16:36
Sheffield Lane Top, opp Hatfield House Lane/Etwell Way 16:37
Shiregreen, adj Hatfield House Lane/Molineaux Road 16:39
Shiregreen, nr Sicey Avenue/Hatfield House Lane 16:40
Shiregreen, at Sicey Avenue/Gregg House Road 16:41
Shiregreen, adj Sicey Avenue/Sicey Lane 16:42
Shiregreen, adj Sicey Avenue/Shirehall Crescent 16:44
Shiregreen, adj Sicey Avenue/Hesley Terrace 16:44
Shiregreen, adj Sicey Avenue/Shirehall Road 16:45
Shiregreen, adj Beck Road/Sicey Avenue 16:46
Shiregreen, at Beck Road/Bellhouse Road 16:46
Shiregreen, opp Bellhouse Road/Lowhouse Road 16:47
Shiregreen, adj Bellhouse Road/Concord Road 16:47
Shiregreen, adj Bellhouse Road/Oaks Fold 16:48
Shiregreen, opp Bellhouse Road/Gregg House Crescent 16:48
Shiregreen, adj Bellhouse Road/Oaks Fold Avenue 16:49
Shiregreen Lane/Jacobs Drive (at) 16:50
Shiregreen Lane/Leedham Road (adj) 16:51
Wincobank, adj Shiregreen Lane/Monckton Road 16:52
Wincobank Avenue/Newman Road (nr) 16:53
Wincobank, adj Newman Road/Maple Croft Road 16:53
Wincobank, adj Newman Road/Newman Drive 16:54
Wincobank, opp Newman Road/Robin Hood Road 16:55

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