X30 - Harthill - Royal Hallamshire Hospital

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Harthill - Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Harthill, adj Firvale/Winney Hill 07:00
Harthill, adj Winney Hill/Firvale 07:00
Harthill, adj Winney Hill/Crescent 07:00
Harthill, adj Union Street/Woodall Lane 07:01
Harthill, adj Woodall Lane/Pryor Mede 07:01
Harthill, adj Woodall Lane/Darley Close 07:02
Woodall Lane/Dowcarr Lane (adj) 07:03
High Moor, opp Woodall Road 07:06
High Moor, opp Hilaire 07:07
Norwood, after Rotherham Road Roundabout 07:08
Killamarsh, adj Infants School 07:08
Killamarsh, adj Leisure Centre 07:09
Killamarsh, adj Bridge Street 07:10
Killamarsh, adj Walford Road 07:10
Killamarsh, adj Station Road 07:11
Holbrook, nr Rother Valley Way/Station Road 07:12
Holbrook, nr Rother Valley Way/New Street 07:14
Sothall, adj Hartland Avenue/Inglewood Avenue 07:15
Sothall, opp Hartland Avenue/Benmoor Drive 07:15
Sothall, opp Hartland Avenue/Ringwood Drive 07:15
Sothall, adj Hartland Avenue/Delamere Close 07:15
Sothall, nr Eckington Road/Armstead Road 07:16
Beighton, adj High Street/Church Lane 07:16
Beighton, opp High Street/School Road 07:16
Beighton, nr High Street/Ivy Lane 07:17
Beighton, adj Queens Road/High Street 07:17
Beighton, adj Queens Road/Oak Road 07:17
Beighton, adj Robin Lane/Woodhouse Crescent 07:18
Beighton, nr Robin Lane/Woodhouse Lane 07:18
Beighton Road/Mosborough Parkway (adj) 07:19
Woodhouse, adj Beighton Road/Massey Road 07:20
Woodhouse, opp Beighton Road/John Clavert Road 07:21
Woodhouse, opp Beighton Road/Station Road 07:21
Woodhouse, adj Tannery Street/Tannery Close 07:22
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Stradbroke Road 07:23
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Twitchill Drive 07:23
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Bishop Hill 07:23
Woodhouse, adj Sheffield Road/Ashpool Close 07:24
Sheffield Centre Commercial Street/CG2 (CG2) 07:37
Sheffield Centre Church Street/High Street HS4 (HS4) 07:40
Sheffield Centre West Street/Carver Street (CH3) 07:41
Sheffield Centre, adj West Street/Fitzwilliam Street 07:43
Sheffield Centre, adj Glossop Road/Gell Street 07:43
Western Bank, opp Glossop Road/Clarkson Street 07:45
Broomhill, opp Glossop Road/Clarkehouse Road 07:46
Broomhill, at Beech Hill Road/Glossop Road 07:47

Royal Hallamshire Hospital - Harthill

Broomhill, at Beech Hill Road/Glossop Road 16:15
Broomhill, adj Glossop Road/Beech Hill Road 16:15
Western Bank, adj Glossop Road/Clarkson Street 16:16
Sheffield Centre, adj Glossop Road/Regent Terrace 16:18
Sheffield Centre, adj West Street/Mappin Street 16:18
Sheffield Centre, adj West Street/Rockingham Street 16:19
Sheffield Centre Carver Street/Ca1 (27617) 16:20
Sheffield Centre Rockingham Street/RS1 (27614) 16:20
Sheffield Centre Arundel Gate/Charles Street (CS2) 16:23
Sheffield Centre Arundel Gate/AG2 (AG2) 16:25
Woodhouse, adj Sheffield Road/Wolverley Road 16:43
Woodhouse, opp Sheffield Road/Swallow Wood Court 16:44
Woodhouse, adj Sheffield Road/Twitchill Drive 16:45
Woodhouse, adj Sheffield Road/Stradbroke Road 16:46
Woodhouse, adj Market Street/Beaver Hill Road 16:47
Woodhouse, adj Beighton Road/Station Road 16:48
Woodhouse, adj Beighton Road/John Calvert Road 16:49
Woodhouse, opp Beighton Road/Massey Road 16:50
Beighton Road/Woodhouse Lane (adj) 16:52
Beighton, opp Robin Lane/Woodhouse Lane 16:54
Beighton, adj Queens Road/Robin Lane 16:55
Beighton, opp Queens Road/Lime Street 16:56
Beighton, at Queens Road/High Street 16:58
Beighton, opp High Street/Queens Road 16:58
Beighton, nr High Street/Beeches Grove 16:59
Beighton, adj High Street/Beeches Grove 17:00
Sothall, opp Eckington Road/Copper Beech Close 17:02
Sothall, opp Eckington Road/Armstead Road 17:03
Sothall, opp Hartland Avenue/Delamere Close 17:05
Sothall, adj Hartland Avenue/Ringwood Drive 17:06
Sothall, opp Hartland Avenue/Dalby Grove 17:07
Sothall, nr Hartland Avenue/Bedgebury Close 17:09
Holbrook, adj Rother Valley Way/Owlthorpe Greenway 17:10
Holbrook, at Rother Valley Way/Station Road 17:11
Killamarsh, opp Station Road 17:12
Killamarsh, opp Walford Road 17:13
Killamarsh, opp Bridge Street 17:13
Killamarsh, opp Leisure Centre 17:14
Killamarsh, opp Infants School 17:15
Norwood, before Rotherham Road Roundabout 17:15
High Moor, adj Hilaire 17:17
High Moor, adj Woodall Road 17:17
Woodall Lane/Dowcarr Lane (opp) 17:20
Harthill, opp Woodall Lane/Darley Close 17:21
Harthill, opp Woodall Lane/Pryor Mede 17:22
Harthill, opp Union Street/Woodall Lane 17:22
Harthill, opp Winney Hill/Crescent 17:23
Harthill, adj Firvale/Winney Hill 17:24

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