20 - Stirling - Auchterarder

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Stirling - Auchterarder

Stirling Bus Station (Stance 3) 10:1012:0714:4017:05
Stirling, at Stance A 10:1012:0714:4017:05
Stirling, at The Cowane Centre 10:1212:0914:4217:07
Stirling, at Orchard House Hospital 10:1212:0914:4217:07
Stirling, before Cornton Road 10:1312:1014:4317:08
Causewayhead, before Buchanan Drive 10:1512:1214:4517:10
Causewayhead, after Dumyat Road 10:1512:1214:4517:10
Causewayhead, before Cleuch Road 10:1612:1314:4617:11
Causewayhead, before Easter Cornton Road 10:1612:1314:4617:11
Bridge of Allan, after University Entrance 10:2012:1714:5017:15
Bridge of Allan Coneyhill Road (opp and after) 10:2012:1714:5017:15
Bridge of Allan, before Graham Street 10:2112:1814:5117:16
Bridge of Allan, at Police Station 10:2112:1814:5117:16
Bridge of Allan, opp Royal Hotel 10:2212:1914:5217:17
Bridge of Allan, at Westerton Arms 10:2212:1914:5217:17
Bridge of Allan, at Inverallan Road 10:2212:1914:5217:17
Bridge of Allan, at Railway Station 10:2212:1914:5317:17
Bridge of Allan, at Lecropt Kirk 10:2312:2014:5417:18
Dunblane, after Keir Roundabout 10:2512:2214:5717:20
Dunblane, opp Bowling Green 10:2712:2415:0017:22
Dunblane, at Police Station 10:2812:2515:0117:23
Dunblane, opp Newton Loan 10:2812:2515:0117:23
Dunblane, after Bogside 10:2912:2615:0217:24
Dunblane, after Ramoyle 10:2912:2615:0217:24
Dunblane Kippendavie Road (opp and before) 10:3012:2715:0317:25
Glassingall Gateside (at) 10:3212:2915:0517:27
Mains of Balhaldie, opp Balhaldie Filling Station 10:3412:3115:0717:29
Mains of Balhaldie, at Woodside Cottage 10:3512:3215:0817:30
Greenloaning, at Sherrifmuir Close 10:3612:3315:0917:31
Greenloaning, at Millhill Drive 10:3712:3415:1017:32
Blackford, at Longfauld 10:4112:3815:1417:37
Blackford, opp Drumcairn Road End 10:4212:3915:1517:37
Blackford, at Moray Institute 10:4312:4015:1617:39
Blackford, at Coaching Inn 10:4312:4015:1617:39
Blackford, at Turning Circle 10:4412:4115:1717:40
Blackford, opp Church 10:4612:4315:1817:42
Blackford, opp Coaching Inn 10:4612:4315:1817:42
Blackford, opp Moray Institute 10:4612:4315:1817:42
Auchterarder Loaninghead Flyover (Southbound) 12:4717:46
Auchterarder, at Gleneagles Station 12:4817:47
Auchterarder Loaninghead Flyover (Northbound) 10:5012:4915:2217:48
Auchterarder, at Gleneagles Hotel 10:5112:5215:2317:51
Auchterarder, at Gleneagles Trades Entrance 10:5212:5315:2417:52
Auchterarder, opp Gleneagles Trades Entrance 10:5312:5415:2517:53
Auchterarder, opp Muirton 10:5312:5415:2517:53
Auchterarder, at Clydesdale Court 10:5512:5615:2717:55
Auchterarder, at The Paddock 10:5512:5615:2717:55
Auchterarder, at Drummond Avenue 10:5512:5615:2717:55
Auchterarder, opp Orchil Crescent 10:5612:5715:2817:56
Auchterarder, at St Margarets Crescent 10:5612:5715:2817:56
Auchterarder, at St Margaret's Hospital 10:5712:5815:2917:57
Auchterarder, opp Sydney Crescent 10:5712:5815:2917:57
Auchterarder, at St Kessogs Place 10:5812:5915:3017:58
Auchterarder, at Aytoun Hall 10:5913:0015:3117:59

Auchterarder - Stirling

Auchterarder, at Community School Bus Park 08:4115:40
Auchterarder, at Co-op 08:4511:1013:4015:4215:42
Auchterarder, at Spar 08:4511:1013:4015:4215:42
Auchterarder, opp St Margaret's Hospital 08:4611:1113:4115:4315:43
Auchterarder, opp St Margarets Crescent 08:4611:1113:4115:4315:43
Auchterarder, at Orchil Crescent 08:4711:1213:4215:4415:44
Auchterarder, opp Drummond Avenue 08:4811:1313:4315:4515:45
Auchterarder, opp The Paddock 08:4811:1313:4315:4515:45
Auchterarder, at Gleneagles Trades Entrance 08:5011:1513:4515:4715:47
Auchterarder, opp Gleneagles Trades Entrance 08:5111:1613:4615:4815:48
Auchterarder, opp Gleneagles Hotel 08:5211:1713:4715:4915:49
Auchterarder Loaninghead Flyover (Southbound) 08:5311:1813:4815:5015:50
Blackford, at Moray Institute 08:5911:2413:5415:5615:56
Blackford, at Coaching Inn 08:5911:2413:5415:5615:56
Blackford, at Turning Circle 09:0011:2513:5515:5715:57
Blackford, opp Church 09:0211:2713:5715:5915:59
Blackford, opp Coaching Inn 09:0211:2713:5715:5915:59
Blackford, opp Moray Institute 09:0211:2713:5715:5915:59
Blackford, opp Longfauld 09:0411:2913:5916:0116:01
Greenloaning, opp Millhill Drive 09:1011:3514:0516:0716:07
Greenloaning, opp Sherrifmuir Close 09:1011:3514:0516:0716:07
Greenloaning, opp Millhill View 16:0716:07
Greenloaning, at Allanbank Inn 16:0816:08
Braco, at Greenhaugh Way 16:1016:10
Braco, at Smiddy Brae 16:1016:10
Braco, opp Smiddy Brae 16:1116:11
Braco, opp Greenhaugh Way 16:1116:11
Greenloaning, at Millhill View 16:1516:15
Greenloaning Farm (at) 16:1516:15
Mains of Balhaldie, opp Woodside Cottage 09:1211:3714:0716:1716:17
Mains of Balhaldie, at Balhaldie Filling Station 09:1311:3814:0816:1816:18
Glassingall Gateside (opp) 09:1511:4014:1016:2016:20
Dunblane, opp Duthieston House 09:1711:4214:1216:2216:22
Dunblane, at Queen Victoria School 09:1711:4214:1216:2216:22
Dunblane, at Kippendavie Road 09:1811:4314:1316:2316:23
Dunblane Ramoyle (opp and before) 09:1811:4314:1316:2316:23
Dunblane, opp Bogside 09:1811:4314:1316:2316:23
Dunblane, after Newton Loan 09:1911:4414:1416:2416:24
Dunblane, opp Police Station 09:2011:4514:1516:2516:25
Dunblane, at Bowling Green 09:2011:4514:1516:2516:25
Dunblane, before Keir Roundabout 09:2111:4614:1616:2616:26
Bridge of Allan, opp Lecropt Kirk 09:2311:4814:1816:2816:28
Bridge of Allan, opp Railway Station 09:2411:4914:1916:2916:29
Bridge of Allan, opp Inverallan Road 09:2411:4914:1916:2916:29
Bridge of Allan, opp Fountain Road 09:2511:5014:2016:3016:30
Bridge of Allan Police Station (opp and after) 09:2511:5014:2016:3016:30
Bridge of Allan Graham Street (opp and after) 09:2511:5014:2016:3016:30
Bridge of Allan, at Coneyhill Road 09:2611:5114:2116:3116:31
Bridge of Allan, opp Grahams Dairy 09:2611:5114:2116:3116:31
Bridge of Allan, before University Entrance 09:2711:5214:2216:3216:32
Causewayhead Easter Cornton Road (opp and before) 09:2911:5414:2416:3416:34
Causewayhead, opp Cleuch Road 09:3011:5514:2516:3516:35
Causewayhead Dumyat Road (opp and before) 09:3011:5514:2516:3616:36
Causewayhead Buchanan Drive (opp and after) 09:3111:5614:2616:3616:36
Stirling Cornton Road (opp and after) 09:3211:5714:2716:3716:37
Stirling, opp Orchard House Hospital 09:3311:5814:2816:3816:38
Stirling, opp The Cowane Centre 09:3311:5814:2816:3916:39
Stirling, before Wallace Street 09:3311:5814:2816:3916:39
Stirling Bus Station (Stance 3) 09:3712:0214:3216:4316:43

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 May 2024

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