213 - Thornhill - Dumfries

A bus service operated by DGC Buses


Monday to Friday

Thornhill - Dumfries

Thornhill Cross (opp Bank) 09:0010:0012:3013:3014:5015:2015:55
Thornhill East Morton Street (at no 16) 09:0010:0012:3013:3014:5015:2015:55
Thornhill Rail Station (opp Station) 09:0210:0212:3213:3214:5215:2215:57
Greenhead Village (at Manse Brae) 09:0310:0312:3313:3314:5315:2315:58
Gatelawbridge Village (Crossroads) 09:0710:0712:3713:3714:5715:2716:02
Gatelawbridge Townfoot Farm (Road End) 15:29
Closeburnmill Village (centre) 09:1010:1012:4013:4015:0016:11
Cample Village (opp post box) 09:1110:1112:4113:4115:0116:14
Closeburn Primary (at School) 09:1510:1512:4513:4515:0516:17
Closeburn Village (South) 09:1810:1812:4813:4815:0816:20
Park Village (opp phone box) 09:2010:2012:5013:5015:1016:22
Kirkpatrick Village (at Park View) 09:2010:2012:5013:50
Auldgirth, opp Stepends Rd End 09:2310:2312:5313:53
Auldgirth, at Ballochan Road 09:2510:2512:5513:55
Auldgirth, at Inn 09:2610:2612:5613:56
Burnhead, at Friars Carse Rd End 09:2810:2812:5813:58
Burnhead, opp Courthill Caravan Park 09:2910:2812:5813:58
Holywood Portrack (Road End) 09:3010:2912:5913:59
Old Holywood (opp Glenisla) 09:3310:3213:0214:02
Holywood Village (A76) 09:3510:3413:0414:04
Holywood Dalawoodie (A76) 09:3510:3413:0414:04
Newbridge Farm (opp Newton Rd) 09:3610:3613:0614:06
Lochside Jocks Loaning (at Jocks Loaning) 09:3710:3613:0614:06
Lochside Rhino (opp McDonalds) 09:3810:3713:0714:07
Dumfries Goldie Park (at Park) 09:3810:3813:0814:08
Dumfries Glasgow Street (St Teresas) 09:3910:3913:0914:09
Dumfries Glasgow Street (Farmfoods) 09:3910:3913:0914:09
Dumfries Buccleuch Street (opp Court) 09:4010:4013:1014:10
Dumfries Loreburn Street (opp Car Park) 09:4310:4313:1314:13
Dumfries Great King St (Old PO) 09:4510:4513:1514:15

Dumfries - Thornhill

Dumfries Great King St (Old PO) 10:4012:1013:3014:20
Gatelawbridge Townfoot Farm (Road End) 15:29
Dumfries Loreburne Centre (Stance 1) 10:4312:1313:3314:23
Dumfries Whitesands (Stance 3) 10:5012:2013:4014:30
Dumfries Glasgow Street (Bridge Vet Centre) 10:5012:2013:4014:30
Dumfries Glasgow Street (opp St Teresas Church) 10:5012:2013:4014:30
Dumfries Glasgow Street (Tesco) 10:5112:2113:4114:31
Lochside Glasgow Road (McDonalds) 10:5212:2213:4214:32
Lochside, opp Jocks Loaning 10:5212:2213:4214:32
Newbridge Farm (at Newton Rd) 10:5312:2313:4314:33
Holywood Dalawoodie (A76) 10:5512:2513:4514:35
Holywood Village (A76) 10:5612:2613:4614:36
Old Holywood (o/s Glenisla) 10:5712:2713:4714:37
Holywood Portrack (opp Road End) 11:0012:3013:5014:40
Burnhead, at Courthill Caravan Park 11:0112:3113:5114:41
Burnhead, opp Friars Carse Rd End 11:0112:3113:5114:41
Auldgirth, opp Inn 11:0412:3413:5414:44
Auldgirth, opp Ballochan Road 11:0412:3413:5414:44
Auldgirth, at Stepends Rd End 11:0612:3613:5614:46
Kirkpatrick Village (opp park View) 11:0912:3913:5914:49
Park Village (at phone box) 08:3011:1012:4014:0014:50
Closeburn Village (South) 08:3111:1112:4114:0114:51
Closeburn Primary (opp School) 08:3411:1412:4414:0414:54
Cample Village (at post box) 08:3811:1812:4814:0814:58
Closeburnmill Village (centre) 08:3811:1812:4814:0814:58
Gatelawbridge Village (Crossroads) 08:4211:2212:5214:1215:02
Greenhead Village (opp Manse Brae) 08:4611:2612:5614:1615:06
Thornhill Rail Station (o/s station) 08:4811:2612:5614:1615:0615:32
Thornhill East Morton Street (at no 8) 08:5611:2912:5914:1915:0915:33
Thornhill Cross (o/s Bank) 08:5711:3013:0014:2015:1015:34

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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