219a - Barnsley Town Centre Barnsley Interchange/A20 - Doncaster Town Centre Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A10

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire

Thurnscoe (Barnsley)
From 27 September 2023

Due to anti-social behaviour, Stagecoach services are unable to serve Thurnscoe after 18:00 for an ongoing period

After 18:00, services 219 and 219a will not reach stops from Great Houghton Thurnscoe Lane/Stonebridge Lane to Goldthore Fields End Road/Dunsil Lane in both directions.

Also from 18:00, service 226 will only run between Barnsley and Goldthorpe Barnsley Road/Highgate in both directions.

Barnsley Town Centre Barnsley Interchange/A20 - Doncaster Town Centre Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A10

Barnsley Interchange/A20 (A20) 06:1007:4208:5017:35
Barnsley, adj Sheffield Road/Taylor Row 06:1307:4508:5317:38
Barnsley, adj Doncaster Road/Oakwell Lane 06:1307:4508:5417:38
Barnsley, opp Doncaster Road/Chilton Street 06:1407:4708:5417:39
Kendray, adj Doncaster Road/Portland Street 06:1507:4808:5417:40
Kendray, adj Doncaster Road/Vaal Street 06:1607:4908:5517:41
Doncaster Road/Kendray Hospital (opp) 06:1607:4908:5617:41
Kendray, opp Doncaster Road/Raymond Road 06:1707:5008:5717:42
Stairfoot, adj Doncaster Road/Gordon Street 06:1807:5108:5817:43
Ardsley, adj Doncaster Road/Hill Street 06:2007:5309:0017:45
Ardsley, opp Doncaster Road/St Pauls Parade 06:2007:5309:0017:45
Ardsley, opp Doncaster Road/Christ Church 06:2107:5409:0117:46
Ardsley, adj Doncaster Road/Eskdale Road 06:2107:5509:0217:47
Ardsley, adj Doncaster Road/Wood Laithes Farm 06:2207:5609:0317:48
Darfield, before Doncaster Road/Barnsley Road 06:2407:5809:0517:50
Darfield, adj Barnsley Road/Doncaster Road 06:2507:5809:0517:51
Darfield, opp Upperwood Road/Sorrento Way 06:2507:5809:0517:51
Darfield, adj Upperwood Road/Modena Court 06:2507:5909:0617:52
Darfield, adj Upperwood Road/Siena Close 06:2608:0009:0717:53
Darfield, by Upperwood Road/Roundwood Way 06:2608:0009:0717:53
Darfield, adj Upperwood Road/Verona Rise 06:2708:0109:0817:54
Darfield, adj Snape Hill Road/Havelock Street 06:2708:0109:0817:54
Darfield, adj Snape Hill Road/South View 06:2708:0109:0817:54
Darfield, after Nanny Marr Road/Barnsley Road 06:2808:0209:0917:55
Darfield, adj Nanny Marr Road/Illsley Road 06:2908:0309:1017:56
Darfield, opp Doncaster Road/Cliff Road 06:3008:0509:1217:58
Darfield, adj Doncaster Road/Fitzwilliam Road 06:3108:0609:1217:59
Grimethorpe, opp Park Spring Road/None 06:36
Middlecliffe, adj Rotherham Road/Middlecliff Lane 06:4008:1009:1718:03
Great Houghton, adj Rotherham Road/Turner Street 06:4208:1309:1918:06
Great Houghton, opp High Street/Mount Avenue 06:4308:1409:2018:07
Great Houghton, opp High Street/Pinefield Close 06:4308:1509:2018:08
Great Houghton, adj High Street/Pear Tree Close 06:4308:1609:2118:09
Great Houghton, nr High Street/Crabtree Drive 06:4408:1709:2218:10
Great Houghton, adj High Street/School Street 06:4508:1809:2318:11
Great Houghton, opp Rotherham Road/Oak Haven Avenue 06:4508:1909:2418:12
Great Houghton, adj Thurnscoe Lane/Stonebridge Lane 06:4608:1909:2418:12
Great Houghton, at Thurnscoe Lane/Allotment Gardens 06:4708:2009:2518:13
Great Houghton, opp Thurnscoe Lane/Norfolk Road 06:4708:2009:2518:13
Thurnscoe, nr Houghton Road/Westfield Crescent 06:4808:2209:2618:14
Thurnscoe, adj Houghton Road/Merrill Road 06:49
Thurnscoe, adj Merrill Road/Houghton Road 08:2309:2718:15
Thurnscoe, adj Houghton Road/Thornley Crescent 06:50
Thurnscoe, adj Merrill Road/Westfield Crescent 08:2409:2818:16
Thurnscoe, adj Merrill Road/Burnside 08:2409:2818:16
Thurnscoe, adj Merrill Road/Challenger Crescent 08:2509:2918:17
Thurnscoe, opp Lingamore Leys/Willow Road 08:2609:3018:18
Thurnscoe, adj School Street/Oak Road 08:2609:3018:18
Thurnscoe, adj School Street/Orchard Way 08:2809:3218:20
Thurnscoe, opp Houghton Road/Shepherd Lane 06:5108:2809:3218:20
Thurnscoe, adj Windsor Street/Station Road 06:5208:2909:3318:21
Thurnscoe, adj Windsor Street/Roman Street 06:5308:3109:3518:23
Thurnscoe, adj Hanover Street/Lancaster Street 06:5408:3209:3618:24
Thurnscoe, adj Stuart Street/Norman Street 06:5508:3309:3718:25
Thurnscoe, nr Stuart Street/Clarence Terrace 06:5608:3309:3818:25
Thurnscoe, adj Lidget Lane/Tudor Street 06:5708:3509:3918:27
Thurnscoe, adj Phoenix Lane/Barrowfield Road 06:5808:3609:4018:28
Thurnscoe, nr Barrowfield Road/Phoenix Lane 06:5908:3809:4118:29
Thurnscoe, opp Barrowfield Road/Davey Road 07:0108:3909:4218:30
Goldthorpe, opp Fields End Road/Dunsil Lane 07:0308:4109:4418:32
Goldthorpe, opp High Street/Jackson Street 07:0408:4209:4518:33
Goldthorpe, adj High Street/Barnburgh Lane 07:0408:4209:4518:33
Goldthorpe, adj Barnburgh Lane/Princess Road 07:0508:4309:4618:34
Barnburgh Lane/Green Lane (opp) 07:0708:4509:4818:36
Barnburgh Lane/Church Lane (nr) 07:0908:4709:5018:38
Barnburgh, opp Church Lane/Belvoir Avenue 07:1008:4909:5218:40
Barnburgh, nr Hollowgate/Scott Avenue 07:1008:4909:5218:40
Harlington, opp Doncaster Road/The Avenue 07:1108:5009:5318:41
Harlington, adj Doncaster Road/Church Lane 07:1108:5009:5318:41
Harlington, adj Doncaster Road/Crane Moor Close 07:1208:5009:5418:41
Barnburgh, nr Ludwell Hill/Doncaster Road 07:1308:5009:5518:41
Barnburgh, opp Ludwell Hill/St Helens Spring 07:1308:5009:5618:41
High Melton, opp Doncaster Road/Melton Mill Lane 07:16
High Melton, opp Doncaster Road/Hangman Stone Lane 07:1708:5609:5918:47
High Melton, adj Doncaster Road/Sheep Lane 07:1808:5710:0018:48
Cadeby Lane/Garden Lane (opp) 10:02
Sprotbrough, nr Melton Road/Folder Lane 07:2008:5918:50
Sprotbrough, nr Cadeby Lane/Nursery Lane 10:04
Sprotbrough, adj Melton Road/Castle Grove 07:21
Sprotbrough, adj Main Street/New Lane 10:05
Sprotbrough, adj Melton Road/Spring Lane 07:2109:0018:52
Sprotbrough, adj Main Street/Thorpe Lane 10:06
Sprotbrough, adj Main Street/Boat Lane 07:2209:0118:53
Sprotbrough, opp Main Street/New Lane 07:2309:0218:54
Sprotbrough, at New Lane/Melton Road 07:2309:0218:54
Sprotbrough, at Melton Road/Spring Lane 07:2509:0510:0718:57
Sprotbrough, opp Melton Road/Brompton Road 07:2609:0610:0818:58
Sprotbrough, opp Melton Road/Park Drive 07:2809:0710:0918:59
Sprotbrough, nr Melton Road/Clifton Drive 07:2909:0810:1018:59
Sprotbrough, opp Melton Road/Richmond Hill Road 07:2909:0810:1118:59
Sprotbrough, adj Melton Road/Challenger Drive 07:3009:0910:1219:00
Sprotbrough Road/Allendale Road (adj) 07:3109:1010:1219:01
Sprotbrough Road/Tennyson Avenue (adj) 07:3209:1110:1419:02
Sprotbrough Road/Somersby Avenue (adj) 07:3309:1310:1519:03
Sprotbrough Road/Anchorage Lane (nr) 07:3409:1410:1619:04
Sprotbrough Road/Mayfield Road (adj) 07:3509:1410:1619:04
Doncaster, opp North Bridge Road/Marsh Gate 07:3709:1610:1819:06
Doncaster, adj North Bridge Road/Church Way 07:3809:1810:2019:08
Doncaster, adj Church View/Greyfriars Road 07:3909:1810:2019:08
Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A10 (A10) 07:4009:1910:2119:09

Doncaster Town Centre Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A12 - Barnsley Town Centre Barnsley Interchange/A20

Goldthorpe, adj Barnsley Road/High Street 06:2006:3907:31
Goldthorpe, adj Fields End Road/Dunsil Lane 06:2006:3907:32
Thurnscoe, opp Barrowfield Road/Colliery Lane 06:2206:4107:33
Thurnscoe, adj Barrowfield Road/Phoenix Lane 06:2306:4207:35
Thurnscoe, o/s Phoenix Lane/Barrowfield Road 06:2506:4407:36
Thurnscoe, nr Lidget Lane/Lockwood Lane 06:2506:4407:37
Thurnscoe, adj Windsor Street/Station Road 06:2606:4507:38
Thurnscoe, adj Windsor Street/Roman Street 06:2706:4607:39
Thurnscoe, adj Hanover Street/Lancaster Street 06:2806:4707:40
Thurnscoe, adj Stuart Street/Norman Street 06:2906:4807:41
Thurnscoe, nr Stuart Street/Clarence Terrace 06:3006:4907:42
Thurnscoe, opp Houghton Road/Garden Street 06:3106:5107:43
Thurnscoe, opp Houghton Road/Stoffold Road 06:3206:5207:45
Thurnscoe, nr Houghton Road/Lorne Road 06:3306:5307:46
Thurnscoe, adj Houghton Road/Common Road 06:3406:5407:47
Great Houghton, adj Thurnscoe Lane/Norfolk Road 06:3606:5607:49
Great Houghton, nr Thurnscoe Lane/Ebenezer Street 06:3606:5607:50
Great Houghton, adj Thurnscoe Lane/Byron Street 06:3606:5607:50
Great Houghton, opp High Street/Mount Avenue 06:3706:5707:51
Great Houghton, opp High Street/Pinefield Close 06:3706:5707:51
Great Houghton, adj High Street/Pear Tree Close 06:3806:5807:52
Great Houghton, nr High Street/Crabtree Drive 06:3906:5907:53
Great Houghton, adj High Street/School Street 06:4007:0107:54
Great Houghton, opp Rotherham Road/Oak Haven Avenue 06:4207:0207:56
Great Houghton, adj Rotherham Road/Thurnscoe Lane 06:4207:0207:56
Great Houghton, opp Rotherham Road/Edward Street 06:4207:0207:57
Rotherham Road/Middlecliffe Lane (at) 06:4407:0407:59
Grimethorpe, opp Park Spring Road/None 06:4907:09
Darfield, adj Doncaster Road/Balkley Lane 06:5407:2108:03
Darfield, adj Doncaster Road/Cliff Road 06:5407:2108:04
Darfield, adj Nanny Marr Road/School Street 06:5507:2308:06
Darfield, by Nanny Marr Road/Barnsley Road 06:5607:2508:08
Darfield, adj Snape Hill Road/New Street 06:5607:2508:09
Darfield, opp Snape Hill Road/Havelock Street 06:5707:2608:09
Darfield, opp Upperwood Road/Verona Rise 06:5707:2608:09
Darfield, adj Upperwood Road/Burnham Way 06:5807:2708:11
Darfield, adj Upperwood Road/Marina Rise 06:5807:2708:11
Darfield, opp Upperwood Road/Ferrara Close 06:5907:2908:12
Darfield, adj Upperwood Road/Palermo Fold 06:5907:2908:13
Darfield, at Barnsley Road/Doncaster Road 07:0007:3008:13
Darfield, adj Doncaster Road/Barnsley Road 07:0107:3108:14
Ardsley, opp Doncaster Road/Wood Laithes Farm 07:0307:3408:18
Ardsley, opp Doncaster Road/Cumberland Drive 07:0307:3408:18
Ardsley, opp Doncaster Road/Quaker Lane 07:0407:3508:20
Ardsley, adj Doncaster Road/Christ Church 07:0407:3508:20
Ardsley, adj Doncaster Road/St Pauls Parade 07:0507:3608:21
Ardsley, nr Doncaster Road/Wombwell Lane 07:0607:3808:23
Stairfoot, adj Doncaster Road/Hunningley Close 07:0907:4108:26
Kendray, adj Doncaster Road/Redhill Avenue 07:1007:4208:28
Kendray, nr Doncaster Road/Oaks Lane 07:1107:4408:29
Kendray, opp Doncaster Road/Vaal Street 07:1207:4508:30
Kendray, opp Doncaster Road/Portland Street 07:1207:4508:31
Kendray, adj Doncaster Road/Sunderland Terrace 07:1307:4708:31
Barnsley, adj Doncaster Road/Chilton Street 07:1307:4708:32
Barnsley, at Doncaster Road/Waltham Street 07:1507:4808:32
Barnsley, nr Sheffield Road/West Way 07:1607:5008:33
Barnsley, on Schwabish Gmund Way/Schwabish Gmund Way 07:1707:5108:35
Barnsley Interchange/A20 (A20) 07:1907:5408:38

Timetable data from Stagecoach Yorkshire, 13 April 2024

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