21D - Milehouse - Whitleigh - Ernesettle - St Budeaux

A bus service operated by Plymouth Citybus

Milehouse Outland Road Church (NE-bound) 04:0005:15
Milehouse Segrave Road (NE-bound) 04:0005:15
Peverell DHS Girls (NE-bound) 04:0105:16
Peverell Onslow Road (NE-bound) 04:0105:16
Peverell Outland Road (NE-bound) 04:0205:17
Hartley St Erth Road (NE-bound) 04:0305:18
Manadon St Boniface College (N-bound) 04:0505:20
Crownhill Low Level (N-bound) 04:0605:21
Crownhill Fort (NE-bound) 04:0605:21
Crownhill Tavistock Road (NE-bound) 04:0705:22
Derriford Windsor House (NE-bound) 04:0705:22
Derriford Tavistock Road (NE-bound) 04:0805:23
Derriford Powisland Drive (NE-bound) 04:0805:23
Southway George Junction (NE-bound) 04:0905:24
Southway Roborough Surgery (NW-bound) 04:1005:25
Southway Barndale Crescent (NW-bound) 04:1005:25
Southway Oakwood Primary (NW-bound) 04:1005:25
Southway Shops (W-bound) 04:1105:26
Southway Pendeen Crescent (SW-bound) 04:1105:26
Southway Rockfield Footpath (SW-bound) 04:1205:27
Southway The Falstaff (NE-bound) 04:1405:29
Southway Alger Walk (SW-bound) 04:1405:29
Southway Waring Road (W-bound) 04:1405:29
Southway Medland Crescent (SW-bound) 04:1505:30
Southway Hornbrook Gardens (SE-bound) 04:1505:30
Southway Dunnet Road (SE-bound) 04:1605:31
Southway Drive Green (SE-bound) 04:1605:31
Southway Looseleigh Lane (SE-bound) 04:1605:31
Southway Tamerton Foliot Road Hill (S-bound) 04:1705:32
Whitleigh Lancaster Gardens (NW-bound) 04:1805:33
Whitleigh Bodmin Road East (W-bound) 04:1805:33
Whitleigh Court (W-bound) 04:1905:34
Whitleigh Appleby Walk (NW-bound) 04:1905:34
Whitleigh Bethany Evangelical Church (W-bound) 04:2005:35
Whitleigh Bodmin Road West (W-bound) 04:2005:35
Whitleigh Westbury Close (W-bound) 04:2005:35
Whitleigh Canterbury Drive (SW-bound) 04:2105:36
West Park Budshead Road (SW-bound) 04:2205:37
Ernesettle Budshead Road West (W-bound) 04:2205:37
Ernesettle Millford School (NW-bound) 04:2205:37
Ernesettle Biggin Hill (W-bound) 04:2305:38
Ernesettle Bull and Bush (W-bound) 04:2405:39
Ernesettle Hawkinge Gardens West (NW-bound) 04:2405:39
Ernesettle Northolt Avenue (NW-bound) 04:2505:40
Ernesettle New Chivenor Avenue (W-bound) 04:2505:40
Ernesettle Lane RNAD (SE-bound) 04:2705:42
Ernesettle Lane Top (SE-bound) 04:2705:43
West Park Shops (E-bound) 04:28
West Park Ringmore Way (E-bound) 04:29
Honicknowle Ashburnham Road (S-bound) 04:29
Honicknowle Coombe Park Lane East (W-bound) 04:29
Honicknowle Coombe Park Lane Green (W-bound) 04:30
West Park Kedlestone Avenue (NW-bound) 04:30
West Park Shops (W-bound) 04:31
West Park Crownhill Road Playing Fields (SW-bound) 04:31
St Budeaux Marrett Road (W-bound) 04:32
St Budeaux Roman Way (SW-bound) 04:3305:45
St Budeaux Row Lane (SW-bound) 04:3405:46
St Budeaux Victoria Road Tennis Courts (W-bound) 04:3405:46
St Budeaux Victoria Road Shops (S-bound) 04:3505:47
St Budeaux Victoria Road Library (S-bound) 04:3605:48
St Budeaux Square 3 (SE-bound) 04:3705:49

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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