23 - Horningtoft - North Elmham - Taverham - Norwich

A bus service operated by Sanders Coaches


Horningtoft - North Elmham - Taverham - Norwich

Horningtoft, adj Bus Shelter 09:00
Whissonsett, opp London Street 09:03
Tittleshall, opp Fakenham Road 09:08
Litcham, adj Church Street 09:12
Mileham, opp Litcham Road 09:16
Stanfield, opp Reed Lane 09:19
Brisley, adj Bus Shelter 09:22
E Bilney, adj Village Sign 09:25
Beetley, adj turn 09:31
N Elmham, adj bus shelter 09:37
N Elmham, opp Orchard Close 09:39
N Elmham, adj Old Rail Station 09:39
Billingford, opp Post Office 09:40
Billingford, opp Festival Road 09:41
Sparham, adj Church Lane 09:43
Sparham, opp Lyng Turn 09:43
Lenwade, opp Morse Close 09:45
Lenwade, adj Bus Shelter 09:45
Lenwade, adj Porters Lane 09:46
Weston Longville, adj Norwich Road 09:47
Morton on the Hill Fakenham Road (SE-bound) 09:49
Attlebridge, adj The Street 09:51
Taverham, opp Beech Avenue 09:55
Taverham, opp Sandy Lane 09:56
Taverham, opp Roedich Drive 09:57
Taverham, adj Windsor Chase 09:58
Taverham, adj Seton Road 09:59
Drayton, opp Budgens 10:00
Drayton, adj The Cock 10:01
Drayton, adj Carter Road 10:02
Drayton, adj King Georges Field 10:03
Drayton, adj Hurn Road 10:04
Hellesdon, adj Drayton Wood Road 10:05
Hellesdon, adj Margaret Close 10:05
Hellesdon, adj Hamond Road 10:06
Hellesdon, opp Hospital 10:06
Hellesdon, adj Asda 10:08
Norwich, opp Caley Close 10:09
Norwich, opp Parr Road 10:10
Norwich, opp Wheeler Road 10:11
Norwich, adj Shorncliffe Avenue 10:11
Norwich, opp Havers Road 10:12
Norwich, adj Stone Road 10:12
Norwich, opp Wensum Park 10:13
Norwich, opp Wingfield Road 10:13
Norwich, adj Edward Street 10:15
🚧 Norwich Anglia Square (Stand D) 10:16
🚧 Norwich Tombland (Stop CP) 10:18
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CS) 10:20
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BN) 10:24
Riverside Morrisons (Stop DH) 10:30
Operates on Wednesdays only

Norwich - Taverham - North Elmham - Horningtoft

Riverside Morrisons (Stop DH) 13:40
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BN) 13:45
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CD) 13:50
🚧 Norwich Tombland (Stop CL) 13:52
Norwich Anglia Square (Stand B) 13:54
Norwich, adj Magpie Road 13:55
Norwich, adj Wingfield Road 13:56
Norwich, adj Wensum Park 13:57
Norwich, opp Stone Road 13:57
Norwich, adj Havers Road 13:58
Norwich, opp Shorncliffe Road 13:58
Norwich, adj Parr Road 13:59
Norwich, opp Whiffler Road 14:00
Norwich, adj Caley Close 14:01
Hellesdon, opp Asda 14:02
Hellesdon, adj Hospital 14:03
Hellesdon, opp Hamond Road 14:03
Hellesdon, opp Margaret Close 14:04
Hellesdon, opp Drayton Wood Road 14:04
Drayton, opp Hurn Road 14:05
Drayton, opp King Georges Field 14:06
Drayton, opp Carter Road 14:07
Drayton, opp The Cock 14:08
Drayton, adj Budgens 14:08
Taverham, opp Seton Road 14:09
Taverham, adj Roedich Drive 14:10
Taverham, adj Sandy Lane 14:11
Taverham, adj Lloyd Road 14:12
Taverham, adj Beech Avenue 14:12
Attlebridge, opp The Street 14:15
Morton on the Hill Fakenham Road (NE-bound) 14:16
Weston Longville, opp Norwich Road 14:17
Lenwade, opp Porters Lane 14:18
Lenwade, opp Bus Shelter 14:18
Lenwade, adj Morse Close 14:18
Sparham, adj Lyng Turn 14:20
Sparham, opp Church Lane 14:21
Billingford, adj Festival Road 14:24
Billingford, adj Post Office 14:25
N Elmham, opp Old Rail Station 14:26
N Elmham, adj Orchard Close 14:26
N Elmham, opp bus shelter 14:28
Beetley, opp turn 14:34
E Bilney, opp Village Sign 14:40
Brisley, adj Bus Shelter 14:43
Stanfield, adj Reed Lane 14:46
Mileham, adj Litcham Road 14:49
Litcham, opp Church Street 14:53
Tittleshall, adj Fakenham Road 14:57
Whissonsett, adj London Street 15:02
Horningtoft, opp Bus Shelter 15:05
Operates on Wednesdays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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