235 - Harthill Services - Bellshill

A bus service operated by ARG Travel

Harthill Services - Bellshill

Harthill Services (At) 18:1519:1520:15
Harthill, after Murdostoun Crescent 18:1619:1620:16
Harthill, before Mill Road 18:1619:1620:16
Harthill, at Victoria Street 18:1719:1720:17
Harthill, opp Bank Road 18:1719:1720:17
Harthill, at Old Eastfield Street 18:1819:1820:18
Harthill, after Church Street 18:1919:1920:19
Harthill, opp South Blair 18:2019:2020:20
Kirk Of Shotts, opp House o Muir Road 18:2119:2120:21
Salsburgh, at Manse Road 18:2219:2220:22
Salsburgh, after Hirst Road 18:2319:2320:23
Salsburgh, before Gibson Street 18:2319:2320:23
Salsburgh, before David Street 18:2319:2320:23
Salsburgh, opp Grossart Street 18:2419:2420:24
Salsburgh, before Glasgow and Edinburgh Road 18:2419:2420:24
Newhouse, before Carlisle Road 18:2819:2820:28
Chapelhall, at Smith's Butchers 18:3119:3120:31
Chapelhall, before Honeywell Crescent 18:3119:3120:31
Chapelhall, opp Gibb Street 18:3119:3120:31
Chapelhall, before Woodneuk Street 18:3119:3120:31
Newhouse, after Lancaster Avenue 18:3219:3220:32
Newhouse, before Rowantree Avenue 18:3219:3220:32
Holytown, opp O'Wood Avenue 18:3319:3320:33
Holytown, at Crown Bar 18:3419:3420:34
Holytown, at Senior Citzens Centre 18:3419:3420:34
Holytown Medical Centre (opp) 18:3519:3520:35
Holytown, before Stevenston Street 18:3519:3520:35
Holytown, before Holly Grove 18:3719:3720:37
Holytown Road (opp 31) 18:3819:3820:38
Mossend, at Leander Crescent 18:3819:3820:38
Mossend, after Adamson Street 18:4019:4020:40
Mossend, opp Unthank Road 18:4119:4120:41
Bellshill DSS (Opp) 18:4219:4220:42
Bellshill Academy (opp) 18:4319:4320:43
Bellshill, at Supermarket 18:4419:4420:44

Bellshill - Harthill Services

Bellshill, at Supermarket 06:4518:4519:4520:45
Bellshill, opp John Street 06:4518:4519:4520:45
Bellshill, after Main Street 06:4718:4719:4720:47
Bellshill DSS (At) 06:4818:4819:4820:48
Mossend, at Unthank Road 06:4918:4919:4920:49
Mossend, before Marion Street 06:5018:5019:5020:50
Mossend, opp King George's Field 06:5018:5019:5020:50
Holytown, opp Leander Crescent 06:5118:5119:5120:51
Holytown Road (at 33) 06:5118:5119:5120:51
Holytown, opp Holly Grove 06:5218:5219:5220:52
Holytown, after Thankerton Avenue 06:5218:5219:5220:52
Holytown, opp Stevenston Street 06:5318:5319:5320:53
Holytown Medical Centre (at) 06:5318:5319:5320:53
Holytown, before Plantation Avenue 06:5418:5419:5420:54
Holytown, at War Memorial 06:5518:5519:5520:55
Holytown O'Wood Avenue (past) 06:5518:5519:5520:55
Newhouse, after McNeill Drive 06:5618:5619:5620:56
Newhouse, before Woodhall Mill Road 06:5618:5619:5620:56
Chapelhall, opp Woodneuk Street 06:5718:5719:5720:57
Chapelhall, before Kennelburn Road 06:5718:5719:5720:57
Chapelhall, opp Smith's Butchers 06:5818:5819:5820:58
Chapelhall, before Nisbett Street 06:5818:5819:5820:58
Newhouse, opp Carlisle Road 07:0019:0020:0021:00
Salsburgh, after Craigens Road 07:0419:0420:0421:04
Salsburgh, after Grossart Street 07:0419:0420:0421:04
Salsburgh, opp David Street 07:0519:0520:0521:05
Salsburgh, opp Gibson Street 07:0519:0520:0521:05
Salsburgh, before Hirst Road 07:0619:0620:0621:06
Kirk Of Shotts, at House o Muir Road 07:0719:0720:0721:07
Harthill, opp Church Street 07:1019:1020:1021:10
Harthill Police Station (opp) 07:1019:1020:1021:10
Harthill, opp Senior Citzens Centre 07:1119:1120:1121:11
Harthill, opp Mill Road 07:1219:1220:1221:12
Harthill, after West Main Street 07:1219:1220:1221:12
Harthill Services (At) 07:1419:1420:1421:14

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 July 2024

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