236 - Tanyard Bus Stance, Cumnock - Main Street, Sanquhar - Whitesands, Dumfries

Operated by Stagecoach West Scotland


Tanyard Bus Stance, Cumnock - Main Street, Sanquhar - Whitesands, Dumfries

Cumnock Bus Stance (5) 13:1513:15
Cumnock, opp Hall Terrace 13:1513:15
Cumnock, opp Cairn Road 13:1613:16
Netherthird, after Holmburn Road 13:1713:17
Netherthird, opp John Allan Drive 13:1713:17
Netherthird, after Glaisnock View 13:1713:17
Cumnock, at Borland Bridge 13:1913:19
New Cumnock Golf Club (opp) 13:2413:24
New Cumnock, after Lochview 13:2513:25
New Cumnock, before Polquheys Road 13:2513:25
New Cumnock, opp Loch View 13:2613:26
New Cumnock, opp Castlehill 13:2613:26
New Cumnock, at Castle Primary school 13:2713:27
New Cumnock, after Castlemains Avenue 13:2713:27
New Cumnock, opp Greenhead Road 13:2713:27
New Cumnock Cairnhill Place (opp & before) 13:2713:27
New Cumnock, at March Cottage 13:3313:33
Polmarlach Bridge (Road End) 13:3513:35
Kirkconnel Opencast (opp Road End) 13:3913:39
Kirkconnel Church (at church) 13:4113:41
Kirkconnel Main Street (Toilets) 13:4213:42
Kirkconnel Needle St (Opp Miners) 13:4213:42
Kelloholm Arms (at) 13:4413:44
Kelloholm Libry Street (at no 11) 13:4513:45
Kelloholm Kirkland Drive (at no 16) 13:4613:46
Kelloholm Polmeur Road (at no. 19) 13:4713:47
Kelloholm Greystone Avenue (opp PO) 13:4813:48
Kelloholm Primary School (opp School) 13:4913:49
Kelloholm Hyslop Street (at no.36) 13:4913:49
Kelloholm Anderson Street (o/s no.24) 13:5013:50
Sanquhar Knockenjig (opp Road End) 13:5213:52
Sanquhar Gateside (opp Fireworks Factory) 13:5413:54
Sanquhar Glasgow Rd (Opp Police) 13:5913:59
Sanquhar High Street (opp Tearooms) 14:0014:00
Sanquhar Castle Street (o/s no.7) 14:0214:02
Sanquhar Townfoot (o/s Garage) 14:0214:02
Mennock Eliock Bridge (opp Road End) 14:0414:04
Mennock Village (o/s Braehead) 14:0514:05
Mennock Overtown Farm (Road End) 14:0514:05
Mennock Dalpeddar (Road End) 14:0614:06
Mennock Glenairlie Bridge (opp Picnic Site) 14:0814:08
Durisdeermill Enterkinfoot (Road End) 14:1114:11
Carronbridge, opp Drumlanrig Castle Rd End 14:1514:15
Carronbridge Village (o/s Hall) 14:1714:17
Carronbridge Village (Main Street) 14:1714:17
Carronbridge Carronbank (at no 1) 14:1814:18
Thornhill Drumlanrig St (no 8) 14:2114:21
Thornhill Drumlanrig St (old PO) 14:2114:21
Thornhill Cross (o/s Bank) 14:2214:22
Thornhill Drumlanrig St (no 85) 14:2214:22
Closeburn Trigony House (opp Hotel) 14:2414:24
Closeburn Main Street (opp Steps) 14:2514:25
Closeburn Main Street (opp Post Office) 14:2614:26
Kirkpatrick A76 (Road End) 14:2714:27
Auldgirth, opp Stepends Rd End 14:2914:29
Auldgirth, at Ballochan Road 14:3114:31
Auldgirth, at Inn 14:3214:32
Auldgirth, at Auld Brig View 14:3214:32
Auldgirth, at Boatrig 14:3414:34
Dalswinton Village (opp PO) 14:3614:36
Dalswinton Douganstyle (at Post Box) 14:3714:37
Duncow Quarrelwood (Road End) 14:4014:40
Duncow Primary School (Road End) 14:4114:41
Kirkton Village (Fountain) 14:4514:45
Kirkton Village (opp PO) 14:4514:45
Kirkton Carnsalloch (opp Road End) 14:4614:46
Locharbriggs Kirkton Terrace (A701) 14:4914:49
Heathhall Garden Centre (opp Centre) 14:5014:50
Dumfries Bloomfield (o/s estate) 14:5014:50
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (Marchfields) 14:5114:51
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (opp Golf Club) 14:5214:52
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (Parkfoot) 14:5214:52
Dumfries, at Woodbank 14:5314:53
Dumfries Academy Street (Opp School) 14:5314:53
Dumfries Buccleuch Street (Court) 14:5414:54
Dumfries Whitesands (Stance 3) 14:5514:55

Whitesands, Dumfries - Main Street, Sanquhar - Tanyard Bus Stance, Cumnock

Dumfries Whitesands (Stance 3) 15:2515:2517:2517:25
Dumfries Buccleuch Street (opp Court) 15:2515:2517:2517:25
Dumfries Academy Street (o/s School) 15:2615:2617:2617:26
Dumfries, opp Woodbank 15:2615:2617:2617:26
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (opp Parkfoot) 15:2715:2717:2717:27
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (o/s Golf Club) 15:2815:2817:2817:28
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (opp Marchfields) 15:2915:2917:2917:29
Heathhall Garden Centre (o/s Centre) 15:3015:3017:3017:30
Locharbriggs Edinburgh Rd (opp Heathhall Terr) 15:3115:3117:3117:31
Kirkton Carnsalloch (Road End) 15:3515:3517:3517:35
Kirkton Village (PO) 15:3615:3617:3617:36
Kirkton Village (opp Fountain) 15:3715:3717:3717:37
Duncow Primary School (opp Road End) 15:4015:4017:4017:40
Duncow Quarrelwood (opp Road End) 15:4115:4117:4117:41
Dalswinton Douganstyle (opp Post Box) 15:4315:4317:4317:43
Dalswinton Village (PO) 15:4415:4417:4417:44
Auldgirth, opp Boatrig 15:4615:4617:4617:46
Auldgirth, opp Auld Brig View 15:4815:4817:4817:48
Auldgirth, opp Inn 15:4915:4917:4917:49
Auldgirth, opp Ballochan Road 15:4915:4917:4917:49
Auldgirth, at Stepends Rd End 15:5115:5117:5117:51
Kirkpatrick A76 (Opp Road End) 15:5415:5417:5417:54
Closeburn Main Street (Post Office) 15:5615:5617:5617:56
Closeburn Main Street (Steps) 15:5615:5617:5617:56
Closeburn Trigony House (at Hotel) 15:5715:5717:5717:57
Thornhill Drumlanrig St (no 92) 15:5915:5917:5917:59
Thornhill Cross (opp Bank) 16:0016:0018:0018:00
Thornhill Drumlanrig St (opp old PO) 16:0016:0018:0018:00
Thornhill Drumlanrig St (no 157) 16:0016:0018:0018:00
Carronbridge Carronbank (opp Shelter) 16:0416:0418:0418:04
Carronbridge Village (Main Street) 16:0416:0418:0418:04
Carronbridge Village (opp Hall) 16:0416:0418:0418:04
Carronbridge, at Drumlanrig Castle Rd End 16:0616:0618:0618:06
Durisdeermill Enterkinfoot (opp Road End) 16:1016:1018:1018:10
Mennock Glenairlie Bridge (Picnic Site) 16:1316:1318:1318:13
Mennock Village (opp Braehead) 16:1716:1718:1718:17
Mennock Eliock Bridge (Road End) 16:1716:1718:1718:17
Sanquhar Townfoot (opp Garage) 16:2116:2118:2118:21
Sanquhar Castle Street (opp no.7) 16:2116:2118:2118:21
Sanquhar High Street (Tearooms) 16:2216:2218:2218:22
Sanquhar Glasgow Rd (Police) 16:2416:2418:2418:24
Sanquhar Gateside (o/s Fireworks Factory) 16:2716:2718:2718:27
Sanquhar Knockenjig (Road End) 16:2816:2818:2818:28
Kelloholm Anderson Street (at park) 16:2916:2918:2918:29
Kelloholm Hyslop Street (at no.23) 16:2916:2918:2918:29
Kelloholm Primary School (o/s School) 16:3016:3018:3018:30
Kelloholm Greystone Avenue (o/s PO) 16:3016:3018:3018:30
Kelloholm Polmeur Road (at no.20) 16:3116:3118:3118:31
Kelloholm Kirkland Drive (at no 15) 16:3216:3218:3218:32
Kelloholm Libry Street (at no 12) 16:3216:3218:3218:32
Kelloholm Arms (opp) 16:3316:3318:3318:33
Kirkconnel Main Street (Memorial) 16:3516:3518:3518:35
Kirkconnel Church (opp church) 16:3716:3718:3718:37
Kirkconnel Opencast (Road End) 16:3816:3818:3818:38
Polmarlach Bridge (opp Road End) 16:4316:4318:4318:43
New Cumnock, opp March Cottage 16:4416:4418:4418:44
New Cumnock, after Cairnhill Place 16:5016:5018:5018:50
New Cumnock, after Greenhead Road 16:5116:5118:5118:51
New Cumnock, before Mason Avenue 16:5116:5118:5118:51
New Cumnock, opp Castle Primary school 16:5216:5218:5218:52
New Cumnock, before Castlehill 16:5216:5218:5218:52
New Cumnock, opp Afton Cottage 16:5316:5318:5318:53
New Cumnock, opp Polquheys Road 16:5316:5318:5318:53
New Cumnock, opp Lochview 16:5316:5318:5318:53
New Cumnock Golf Club (at) 16:5516:5518:5518:55
Cumnock, at Borland Bridge 17:0017:0019:0019:00
Netherthird, opp Craigens Road 17:0317:0319:0319:03
Netherthird, before John Allan Drive 17:0317:0319:0319:03
Netherthird, opp Holmburn Road 17:0417:0419:0419:04
Cumnock, before Shankston Crescent 17:0517:0519:0519:05
Cumnock, before Hall Terrace 17:0517:0519:0519:05
Cumnock Bus Stance (5) 17:0717:0719:0719:07

Timetable data from Stagecoach West Scotland, 26 May 2023

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