24 - Dudley - Merry Hill via Blackheath

A bus service operated by National Express West Midlands


Dudley - Merry Hill via Blackheath

Dudley Bus Station (Stand S) 08:3309:30then hourly until16:3017:25
Kates Hill, adj St John's Rd 08:3409:3116:3117:26
Dixons Green, before New Rowley Rd 08:3609:3316:3317:28
Dixons Green, opp Green Rd 08:3609:3416:3417:29
Baptist End, opp The Sledmere 08:3809:3516:3517:30
Springfield, before New Rowley Rd 08:3909:3716:3717:32
Tansley Hill (E-bound) 08:4009:3816:3817:33
The Knowle, opp Warrens Hall Park 08:4309:4116:4117:36
The Knowle, opp Springfield Lane 08:4609:4416:4417:39
The Knowle, after Doulton Rd 08:4609:4416:4417:39
Brickhouse Farm, adj Tippity Green 08:4709:4516:4517:40
Rowley Regis, opp St Lukes Close 08:4709:4616:4617:41
Rowley Regis, adj Church Rd 08:4909:4716:4717:42
Rowley Regis, before Ross Heights 08:4909:4816:4817:43
Blackheath, adj Regis Rd 08:5109:5016:5017:45
Blackheath, nr Darby St 07:5108:5209:5116:5117:46
Blackheath, opp Regis Rd 07:5108:5209:5116:51
Blackheath, adj Holly Rd 07:5208:5309:5216:52
Old Hill, opp Yew Tree Lane 07:5408:5409:5416:54
Brickhouse Farm, opp Rowley Regis Cemetery 07:5608:5609:5616:56
Brickhouse Farm, adj Pennant Rd 07:5808:5809:5816:58
Brickhouse Farm, opp Brooksbank Drive 08:0109:0110:0117:01
Darby End, opp Thistlegreen Rd 08:0209:0210:0217:02
Darby End, adj Worcester Rd 08:0209:0210:0217:02
Darby End, opp Saltwells Rd 08:0309:0310:0317:03
Darby End, opp Molyneux Rd 08:0409:0410:0417:04
Brickhouse Farm, adj Cox's Lane 08:0509:0510:0517:05
Old Hill, opp Highland Road 08:0609:0610:0617:06
Dudley Wood, after The Golden Cross 08:1009:1010:1017:10
Saltwells, opp Lea Bank Road 08:1309:1310:1317:13
Saltwells Middle (NE-bound) 08:1309:1310:1317:13
Saltwells, adj Flats 08:1409:1410:1417:14
Saltwells, before Stoney Lane 08:1509:1510:1517:15
Saltwells, opp Heath Rd 08:1609:1610:1617:16
Dudley Wood, opp Saltwells Rd 08:1609:1610:1617:16
Dudley Wood, opp Lantern Rd 08:1709:1710:1717:17
Dudley Wood, adj The Victoria 08:1809:1810:1817:18
Cradley Heath, before By Pass 08:1909:1910:1917:19
Cradley Heath, opp Tesco 08:2009:2010:2017:20
Cradley Heath, adj Market 08:2109:2110:2117:21
Cradley Heath, after Five Ways 08:2209:2210:2217:22
Cradley Heath Interchange (Stand D) 08:2409:2410:2417:24
Cradley Heath, adj Cradley Forge 08:2509:2510:2517:25
Quarry Bank, opp Woodland Avenue 08:2509:2510:2517:25
Quarry Bank, adj New St 08:2609:2610:2617:26
Quarry Bank, opp Church St 08:2709:2710:2717:27
Quarry Bank, after Sun St 08:2809:2810:2817:28
Merry Hill, adj Two Woods Lane 08:2909:2910:2917:29
Merry Hill Bus Station (Stand E) 08:3109:3110:3117:31

Merry Hill - Dudley via Blackheath

Merry Hill Bus Station (Stand E) 07:53then hourly until16:53
Merry Hill, opp Two Woods Lane 07:5416:54
Quarry Bank, before Sun St 07:5516:55
Quarry Bank, adj Victoria Rd 07:5616:56
Quarry Bank, opp New St 07:5716:57
Quarry Bank, adj Woodland Avenue 07:5816:58
Cradley Heath, opp Cradley Forge 07:5916:59
Cradley Heath Interchange (Stand E) 08:0017:00
Cradley Heath, before Five Ways 08:0117:01
Cradley Heath, opp Market 08:0217:02
Cradley Heath, before Tesco 08:0217:02
Cradley Heath, after By Pass 08:0317:03
Dudley Wood, opp The Victoria 08:0517:05
Dudley Wood, adj Lantern Rd 08:0617:06
Dudley Wood, adj Saltwells Rd 08:0717:07
Saltwells, opp Lea Bank Road 08:0917:09
Saltwells Middle (NE-bound) 08:0917:09
Saltwells, adj Flats 08:1017:10
Saltwells, before Stoney Lane 08:1117:11
Saltwells, opp Heath Rd 08:1217:12
Old Hill, adj Highland Road 08:1617:16
Old Hill, opp Ash Street 08:1717:17
Brickhouse Farm, opp Cox's Lane 08:1717:17
Darby End, adj Molyneux Rd 08:1817:18
Darby End, adj Saltwells Rd 08:1917:19
Darby End, opp Worcester Rd 08:1917:19
Darby End, adj Northfield Rd 08:2017:20
Darby End, after Thistlegreen Rd 08:2017:20
Brickhouse Farm, after Brooksbank Drive 08:2117:21
Brickhouse Farm, adj Pennant Rd 08:2517:25
Brickhouse Farm, adj Rowley Regis Cemetery 08:2617:26
Old Hill, adj Yew Tree Lane 08:2817:28
Blackheath, opp Holly Rd 08:2917:29
Blackheath, adj Regis Rd 08:3117:31
Blackheath, nr Darby St 08:3217:32
Blackheath, opp Regis Rd 08:3217:32
Rowley Regis, after Ross Heights 08:3417:34
Rowley Regis Church (opp) 08:3617:36
Rowley Regis, before St Lukes Close 08:3717:37
Brickhouse Farm, opp Tippity Green 08:3817:38
The Knowle, before Doulton Rd 08:3917:39
The Knowle, adj Warrens Hall Park 08:4217:42
Springfield, before New Rowley Rd 08:4417:44
Tansley Hill (E-bound) 08:4517:45
Baptist End, adj The Sledmere 08:4717:47
Dixons Green, adj Green Rd 08:4817:48
Dixons Green, adj Black Acre Road 08:4917:49
Kates Hill, opp St John's Rd 08:5117:51
Dudley, adj Churchill Centre 08:5217:52
Dudley Bus Station (Stand S) 08:5317:53

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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