263 - Warrington - Callands - Penketh High School

A bus service operated by Warrington's Own Buses

Warrington - Callands - Penketh High School

Warrington Central Station (Stop FB) 07:2007:20
Bewsey, o/s The Hatter 07:2507:25
Bewsey, opp Brooklands 07:2607:26
Bewsey, opp General Hospital 07:2707:27
Bewsey, opp Clapgates 07:2807:28
Bewsey Lodge Primary (o/s) 07:2807:28
Bewsey Penketh Avenue (cnr) 07:3007:30
Bewsey Norreys Avenue (cnr) 07:3107:31
Bewsey Southworth Avenue (cnr) 07:3407:34
Dallam, opp Transport Club 07:3407:34
Dallam Hawley's Lane (N-bound) 07:3607:36
Dallam Harrison Square (N-bound) 07:3807:38
Dallam Harrison Square (S-bound) 07:4007:40
Dallam Hawley's Lane (S-bound) 07:4007:40
Dallam, o/s Transport Club 07:4107:41
Bewsey, o/s Longshaw Belle 07:4207:42
Bewsey Hawthorne Street (cnr) 07:4307:43
Bewsey, o/s McDonalds 07:4507:45
Longford, opp Ireland Street 07:4507:45
Longford, opp Alder Lane 07:4607:46
Longford, opp Winwick Road College 07:4607:46
Longford, o/s Alban Retail Park 07:4707:47
Hulme Sandy Lane West (N-bound) 07:4807:48
Callands St Davids Drive (cnr) 07:5207:52
Callands Barmouth Close (cnr) 07:5307:53
Callands Lydbury Close (cnr) 07:5307:53
Old Hall, o/s Pensarn Gardens 07:5407:54
Old Hall, opp Stanner Close 07:5407:54
Old Hall Cardigan Close (cnr) 07:5507:55
Old Hall, nr Memphis Belle 07:5607:56
Old Hall, opp Kingswood Road 07:5707:57
Old Hall, opp Seven Woods 07:5807:58
Old Hall, o/s UCI Cinema 07:5907:59
Old Hall, o/s Asda 08:0008:00
Old Hall Ladywood (cnr) 08:0008:00
Old Hall Tasman Close (cnr) 08:0208:02
Old Hall Morton Close (S-bound) 08:0208:02
Old Hall, opp Gregory Close 08:0208:02
Old Hall, opp Spar Shop 08:0308:03
Old Hall, o/s Bewsey Farm 08:0408:04
Old Hall, nr Nansen Close 08:0508:05
Sankey Bridges, o/s St Gregorys School 08:0908:09
Great Sankey Footbridge (NW-bound) 08:1308:13
Great Sankey, o/s Sankey School 08:1508:14
Great Sankey Highfield Avenue (cnr) 08:1608:15
Penketh, opp The Dale 08:1708:16
Penketh High School (o/s) 08:2008:19

Penketh High School - Callands - Warrington

Penketh High School (o/s) 15:2415:2416:30
Great Sankey Brookside Avenue (E-bound) 15:2615:2616:32
Sankey Bridges, opp St Gregorys School 15:3115:3116:37
Old Hall, opp Nansen Close 15:3315:3316:39
Old Hall, opp Bewsey Farm 15:3415:3416:40
Old Hall, nr Spar Shop 15:3515:3516:41
Old Hall Gregory Close (cnr) 15:3515:3516:41
Old Hall Morton Close (N-bound) 15:3615:3616:42
Old Hall, opp Tasman Close 15:3715:3716:43
Old Hall, opp Ladywood 15:3815:3816:44
Old Hall, opp Asda 15:3915:3916:45
Old Hall, opp UCI Cinema 15:3915:3916:45
Old Hall, o/s Seven Woods 15:4015:4016:46
Old Hall Kingswood Road (cnr) 15:4015:4016:46
Old Hall, opp Memphis Belle 15:4115:4116:47
Old Hall, opp Cardigan Close 15:4215:4216:48
Old Hall Stanner Close (cnr) 15:4215:4216:48
Old Hall, opp Pensarn Gardens 15:4315:4316:49
Callands, opp Lydbury Close 15:4315:4316:49
Callands, opp Barmouth Close 15:4415:4416:50
Callands, opp St Davids Drive 15:4515:4516:51
Hulme Sandy Lane West (S-bound) 15:4915:4916:55
Longford, o/s Winwick Road College 15:5015:5016:56
Longford Alder Lane (cnr) 15:5115:5116:57
Longford Ireland Street (cnr) 15:5215:5216:58
Bewsey, opp McDonalds 15:5315:5316:59
Bewsey, opp Hawthorne Street 15:5415:5417:00
Bewsey Southworth Avenue (cnr) 15:5615:5617:02
Dallam, opp Transport Club 15:5615:5617:02
Dallam Hawley's Lane (N-bound) 15:5715:5717:03
Dallam Harrison Square (N-bound) 15:5815:5817:04
Dallam Harrison Square (S-bound) 15:5915:5917:05
Dallam Hawley's Lane (S-bound) 15:5915:5917:05
Dallam, o/s Transport Club 16:0016:0017:06
Bewsey, o/s Longshaw Belle 16:0116:0117:07
Bewsey, opp Norreys Avenue 16:0316:0317:09
Bewsey, opp Penketh Avenue 16:0316:0317:09
Bewsey Lodge Primary (opp) 16:0416:0417:10
Bewsey Road (cnr) 16:0616:0617:12
Bewsey, o/s General Hospital 16:0816:0817:14
Bewsey St Barnabas Place (cnr) 16:0916:1117:17
Bewsey, opp The Hatter 16:1116:1417:20
Warrington, o/s Central Station 16:21

Timetable data from Warringtons Own Buses, 20 March 2024

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