26A - Nottingham - Southwell Minster School

A bus service operated by Nottingham City Transport


Monday to Friday

Nottingham - Southwell Minster School

Nottingham King Street (Stop K1) 07:42
Nottingham Victoria Centre (Stop V4) 07:43
Nottingham Boston Street (Stop H6) 07:46
Nottingham Southwell Road (Stop SN61) 07:46
Sneinton Handel Street (Stop SN07) 07:47
Sneinton St Matthias Road (Stop SN08) 07:49
Sneinton Randolph Street (Stop SN09) 07:49
Sneinton Alma Road (Stop SN10) 07:50
Sneinton Marmion Road (Stop SN11) 07:50
Sneinton Porchester Road (Stop CA12) 07:51
Bakersfield Comery Avenue (Stop CA13) 07:51
Carlton, adj Brentcliffe Avenue 07:52
Carlton, adj Standhill Road 07:53
Carlton, adj Second Avenue 07:53
Carlton, adj Hooton Road 07:54
Carlton, opp Buntings Lane 07:54
Carlton, adj Forester Grove 07:55
Carlton, adj Chesterfield Street 07:56
Carlton, adj Tesco 07:57
Carlton Square (NE-bound) 07:58
Carlton, opp Manor Green Walk 07:58
Carlton, opp Manor Crescent 07:59
Carlton, opp Ousebridge Drive 08:00
Carlton, adj Burton Close 08:01
Gedling, opp Florence Road 08:02
Gedling, opp Beaumaris Drive 08:03
Gedling, opp Linden Grove 08:05
Gedling Carlton-le-Willows School (Stop 1) 08:06
Burton Joyce Nottingham Road (NE-bound) 08:07
Burton Joyce, adj Woodside Road 08:08
Burton Joyce, opp St Helens Grove 08:09
Burton Joyce, adj Lambley Lane 08:10
Burton Joyce, adj Wheatsheaf Court 08:13
Burton Joyce, opp Chesterfield Drive 08:13
Burton Joyce, opp Poplars Avenue 08:14
Burton Joyce Old Main Road (NE-bound) 08:14
Bulcote Nottingham Road (NE-bound) 08:14
Bulcote, adj Holy Trinity Church 08:15
Bulcote, opp Tall Trees Nursery 08:15
Lowdham, adj Skithorne Rise 08:16
Lowdham Brakes Farm (NE-bound) 08:17
Lowdham, opp War Memorial 08:20
Gonalston Farm (NE-bound) 08:20
Gonalston Crossroads (NE-bound) 08:21
Thurgarton, opp Station Road 08:22
Thurgarton, opp Corner Croft 08:23
Thurgarton, adj Orchard View 08:23
Halloughton Nottingham Road (N-bound) 08:25
Southwell, in Minster School Bus Park 08:34

Southwell Minster School - Nottingham

Southwell, in Minster School Bus Park 08:3915:10
Gedling Carlton-le-Willows School (Stop 1) 15:10
Southwell, adj Leisure Centre 08:4015:11
Southwell, o/s NTU Brackenhurst Campus 08:4215:13
Halloughton Nottingham Road (S-bound) 08:4315:14
Thurgarton, opp Orchard View 08:4415:15
Thurgarton, adj Corner Croft 08:4515:16
Thurgarton, adj Station Road 08:4615:17
Gonalston Crossroads (SW-bound) 08:4715:18
Gonalston Farm (SW-bound) 08:4815:19
Lowdham, adj War Memorial 06:5708:5015:21
Lowdham Brakes Farm (SW-bound) 06:5808:5115:22
Lowdham, opp Skithorne Rise 06:5808:5115:22
Bulcote, adj Tall Trees Nursery 06:5908:5215:23
Bulcote, opp Holy Trinity Church 06:5908:5315:23
Bulcote Nottingham Road (SW-bound) 07:0008:5415:24
Burton Joyce Old Main Road (SW-bound) 07:0008:5415:24
Burton Joyce, adj Poplars Avenue 07:0108:5515:25
Burton Joyce, adj Chesterfield Drive 07:0208:5615:26
Burton Joyce, opp Wheatsheaf Court 07:0308:5915:27
Burton Joyce, opp Lambley Lane 07:0308:5915:27
Burton Joyce, adj St Helens Grove 07:0409:0015:28
Burton Joyce, opp Woodside Road 07:0509:0115:29
Burton Joyce Nottingham Road (SW-bound) 07:0609:0215:30
Gedling, adj Linden Grove 07:0809:0415:32
Gedling, adj Florence Road 07:0909:0515:1215:32
Carlton, opp Burton Close 07:1009:0615:1415:33
Carlton, adj Ousebridge Drive 07:1009:0615:1515:33
Carlton, adj Manor Crescent 07:1109:0715:1615:34
Carlton, adj Manor Green Walk 07:1309:0915:1815:36
Carlton Square (SW-bound) 07:1609:1215:2315:39
Carlton, opp Tesco 07:1709:1315:2415:40
Carlton, adj Southcliffe Road 07:1709:1315:2415:40
Carlton, opp Chesterfield Street 07:1809:1415:2515:41
Carlton, opp Forester Grove 07:1809:1415:2515:41
Carlton, adj Buntings Lane 07:1909:1515:2615:42
Carlton, opp Hooton Road 07:2009:1615:2715:43
Carlton, opp Second Avenue 07:2109:1715:2815:44
Carlton, opp Standhill Road 07:2209:1815:2915:45
Bakersfield Brentcliffe Avenue (Stop CA10) 07:2209:1815:2915:45
Bakersfield Comery Avenue (Stop CA11) 07:2309:1915:3015:46
Sneinton Porchester Road (Stop SN01) 07:2409:2015:3115:47
Sneinton Alma Road (Stop SN02) 07:2509:2115:3215:48
Sneinton Randolph Street (Stop SN03) 07:2609:2215:3315:49
Sneinton St Matthias Road (Stop SN04) 07:2709:2315:3415:50
Sneinton St Chads Road (Stop SN05) 07:2709:2315:3415:50
Sneinton Handel Street (Stop SN06) 07:2809:2415:3515:51
Sneinton Southwell Road (Stop SN60) 07:2909:2615:3715:53
Nottingham Hockley (Stop H7) 07:3009:2715:3815:54
Nottingham Pryzm (Stop H3) 07:3109:2815:3915:55
Nottingham Victoria Centre (Stop V5) 07:3209:3015:4115:57
Nottingham King Street (Stop K1) 07:3509:3415:4516:01

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