28 - Lostwithiel - Luxulyan - St Blazey - St Austell

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Lostwithiel - Luxulyan - St Blazey - St Austell

Lostwithiel Cott Road (NE-bound) 08:0309:5512:5515:1217:07
Lostwithiel, nr Liddicoat Rd Jctn Cott Rd 08:0309:5512:5515:1217:07
Lostwithiel, opp The Royal Talbot 08:0609:5812:5815:1517:10
Lanlivery Pelyn Cross (SW-bound) 08:0810:0013:0015:1717:12
Lanlivery Fowey Cross (S-bound) 08:0910:0113:0115:1817:13
Penpillick Farm (S-bound) 08:1210:0413:0415:2117:16
Tywardreath Highway, opp Grove Parc 08:1410:0613:0615:2317:18
St Blazey Bridge Street (SW-bound) 08:1510:0713:0715:2417:19
Luxulyan School (NW-bound) 08:24
St Blazey, opp Post Office 10:0813:0815:2517:20
Luxulyan, opp Kings Arms 08:24
St Blazey Polgrean Place (S-bound) 10:0913:0915:2617:21
Rosemelling, opp Postbox 08:25
St Blazey Gate Landreath Steps (SW-bound) 10:0913:0915:2617:21
Rosemelling, opp Croft Farm Caravan Park 08:27
St Blazey Doubletrees School (SW-bound) 10:1013:1015:2717:22
St Blazey Gate Four Lords (W-bound) 10:1113:1115:2817:23
Eden Project Eden Main Bus Stop (W-bound) 10:1613:1615:3317:28
Tregrehan Mills Bodelva Top Turn (SE-bound) 08:3110:1913:1915:3617:31
Tregrehan Mills, opp Bodelva Turn 08:3410:2413:2415:4117:36
Bethel, opp Chapel Field 08:3610:2613:2615:4317:38
Bethel Recreation Ground (W-bound) 08:3610:2613:2615:4317:38
Bethel Road (W-bound) 08:3710:2713:2715:4417:39
Bethel Carlyon Arms (SW-bound) 08:3810:2813:2815:4517:40
Mount Charles, opp Sandy Hill School 08:3910:2913:2915:4617:41
Mount Charles Lytton Place (SE-bound) 08:3910:2913:2915:4617:41
Mount Charles, opp Partco 08:3910:2913:2915:4617:41
Mount Charles Victoria Road (W-bound) 08:4010:3013:3015:4717:42
Mount Charles Eliot Road (SE-bound) 08:4110:3113:3115:4817:43
Mount Charles Ranelagh Road (S-bound) 08:4110:3113:3115:4817:43
Mount Charles Recreation Ground (S-bound) 08:4210:3213:3215:4917:44
St Austell Asda (W-bound) 08:4310:3313:3315:5017:45
Mount Charles, opp Recreation Ground 10:3413:34
Mount Charles Alexandra Rd Jctn Trevithick Rd (W-bound) 10:3513:35
St Austell Alexandra Road (W-bound) 10:3613:36
St Austell Kings Avenue (N-bound) 10:3713:37
St Austell Bus Station (Stand A) 10:3813:38

St Austell - St Blazey - Luxulyan - Lostwithiel

St Austell White River Cinema (SE-bound) 09:0112:0116:0118:01
St Austell South Street (NE-bound) 09:0212:0216:0218:02
St Austell Kings Avenue (N-bound) 09:0712:0716:0718:04
St Austell Bus Station (Stand A) 09:1012:1014:3516:1018:05
St Austell Alexandra Road (E-bound) 09:1112:1114:3616:1118:06
Mount Charles, opp Alexandra Rd jctn Trevithick Rd 09:1212:1214:3716:1218:07
Mount Charles Recreation Ground (S-bound) 09:1312:1314:3816:1318:08
St Austell Asda (W-bound) 09:1512:1514:4016:1518:10
Mount Charles, opp Recreation Ground 09:1512:1514:4016:1518:10
Mount Charles Victoria Road (E-bound) 09:1712:1714:4216:1718:12
Mount Charles Partco (N-bound) 09:1812:1814:4316:1818:13
Mount Charles Sandy Hill School (E-bound) 09:1912:1914:4416:1918:14
Bethel, opp Carlyon Arms 09:1912:1914:4416:1918:14
Bethel Road (E-bound) 09:2012:2014:4516:2018:15
Bethel, opp Recreation Ground 09:2112:2114:4616:2118:16
Bethel Chapel Field (E-bound) 09:2212:2214:4716:2218:17
Tregrehan Mills Dormwood (NE-bound) 09:2412:2414:4918:19
Tregrehan Mills Bodelva Top Turn (NW-bound) 09:2812:2816:28
Holmbush Tregrehan Turn (E-bound) 14:4918:19
Eden Project Eden Main Bus Stop (W-bound) 09:3112:3116:31
St Blazey Gate St Austell Road (NE-bound) 14:5018:20
Rosemelling Croft Farm Caravan Park (NW-bound) 16:39
St Blazey Gate Mid Cornwall Galleries (E-bound) 14:5018:20
Luxulyan School (NW-bound) 16:42
St Blazey Gate, opp Four Lords 14:5118:21
St Blazey, opp Post Office 16:50
St Blazey, opp Doubletrees School 09:3512:3514:5118:21
St Blazey Gate, opp Landreath Steps 09:3512:3514:5218:22
St Blazey, opp Polgrean Place 09:3612:3614:5218:22
St Blazey Post Office (N-bound) 09:3712:3714:5318:23
St Blazey Bridge Street (NE-bound) 09:3712:3714:5316:5018:23
Tywardreath Highway Grove Parc (NE-bound) 09:4012:4014:5616:5218:26
Penpillick Farm (opp) 09:4112:4114:5716:5318:27
Lanlivery Fowey Cross (N-bound) 09:4412:4415:0016:5618:30
Lanlivery Pelyn Cross (NE-bound) 09:4512:4515:0116:5718:31
Lostwithiel The Royal Talbot (NE-bound) 09:4812:4815:0417:0018:34
Lostwithiel, opp Liddicoat Rd Jctn Cott Rd 09:4912:4915:0517:0118:35
Lostwithiel Cott Road (NE-bound) 09:5112:5115:0717:0318:37

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