293 - Lydd - Tenterden Homewood School

Operated by Stagecoach South East


Lydd Police Station - Tenterden Homewood School Grounds

Tenterden Homewood School Grounds - Lydd Police Station

Tenterden, at Homewood School Grounds 15:35
Tenterden, adj The Fat Ox 15:41
Tenterden, opp Homewood School 15:41
Tenterden, opp Turners Avenue 15:42
Tenterden, opp Old Post Office 15:42
Tenterden, opp Town Hall 15:43
Tenterden, opp The Vine 15:43
Tenterden, adj William Caxton 15:44
Tenterden, adj Hopes Grove 15:46
Small Hythe, adj Ashenden Lane 15:47
Small Hythe, adj Church 15:50
Small Hythe, adj Peening Quarter Farm 15:52
Wittersham Peening Quarter (S-bound) 15:53
Wittersham, adj Coombe Lands 15:54
Wittersham, adj Lloyds Green 15:54
Wittersham, adj Forge Meads 15:55
Wittersham, opp War Memorial 15:55
The Stocks, opp Stocks Mill 15:57
The Stocks, opp Stocks Road 15:57
The Stocks, opp Underhill Farm 15:58
Iden, opp Readers Lane 16:01
Iden Wittersham Lane (S-bound) 16:01
Iden, opp Elmsmead 16:02
Iden, adj Playden Lane 16:03
Playden, adj Peace and Plenty 16:06
Playden, opp Rye Hospital 16:07
Playden, opp Rye Cemetery 16:07
Rye Hill (S-bound) 16:08
Rye, adj Military Road 16:09
Rye, adj Bowling Green 16:10
Rye, adj Shipyard Lane 16:11
Rye, opp The Deals 16:12
Rye Railway Station (Stop A) 16:13
Rye, opp The Landgate 16:14
Rye, adj King's Avenue 16:15
East Guldeford, adj Salts Farm 16:17
Camber, opp Golf Club 16:23
Camber, adj Farm Lane 16:26
Camber, adj Scotts Acre 16:27
Camber, adj Pontins 16:28
Camber, opp Johnson's Field 16:28
Camber Sands Holiday Park (adj) 16:29
Jury’s Gap, opp Coastguard Cottages 16:31
Lydd Camp (NE-bound) 16:38
Lydd, adj Post Office 16:38
Lydd, opp Church 16:39
Lydd, adj Poplar Lane 16:40
Lydd, adj Police Station 16:40

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 23 September 2023

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