320 - Hemel Hempstead - Maple Cross

A bus service operated by Arriva Herts and Essex

Monday to Friday, school days

Hemel Hempstead to Maple Cross

Hemel Hempstead Riverside (Stop 26) 06:2013:40
Hemel Hempstead Waterhouse Street (Stop 18) 06:2113:41
Hemel Hempstead Marlowes (Stop E) 06:2313:43
Hemel Hempstead The Forum (Stop F) 06:2413:44
Hemel Hempstead, opp Mayflower Avenue 06:2613:46
Adeyfield, opp Broadfield Road 06:2813:48
Adeyfield, nr Great Road 06:3013:50
Adeyfield High Street Green (E-bound) 06:3113:51
Adeyfield, adj Branksome Close 06:3213:52
Highfield, opp Farmhouse Lane 06:3313:53
Maylands Business Park, o/s Atlas Copco 06:3413:54
Maylands Business Park, opp Mark Road 06:3613:56
Maylands Business Park Wood Lane End South (S-bound) 06:3813:58
Maylands Business Park, opp Gateway Hotel 06:3913:59
Leverstock Green, opp Green Dell Way 06:4114:01
Leverstock Green, nr The Leather Bottle PH 06:4214:02
Leverstock Green, opp Chambersbury Lane 06:4314:03
Pimlico, opp Bunkers Lane 06:4414:04
Pimlico, opp Hyde Terrace 06:4614:06
Bedmond, opp Hyde Lane 06:4714:07
Bedmond Church Hill (S-bound) 06:4814:08
Bedmond High Street (S-bound) 06:4914:09
Bedmond, opp Sheppey's Lane 06:5114:11
Abbots Langley, nr Summerhouse Way 06:5414:14
Abbots Langley, opp The Compasses PH 06:5614:16
Abbots Langley, adj Leavesden Country Park 06:5814:18
Woodside, nr Orchard Avenue 06:5814:18
Woodside, nr Boundary Way 07:0014:20
Woodside, o/s Francis Combe Academy 07:0114:21
Garston Three Horseshoes PH West (SE-bound) 07:0314:22
Garston, nr Bus Garage 07:0514:24
Garston, opp Rochester Drive 07:0714:25
Garston, nr First Avenue 07:0814:26
Garston, nr Cow Lane 07:1114:28
North Watford, nr Library 07:1314:29
North Watford, nr Bushey Mill Lane 07:1514:31
North Watford, nr Buckingham Road 07:1714:32
North Watford, nr Windsor Road 07:1914:34
North Watford, opp Regent Street 07:2114:35
North Watford, nr Brixton Road 07:2214:37
Watford Railway Bridge (S-bound) 07:2414:38
Watford Junction Railway Station (Stop 2) 07:2714:41
Watford Clarendon Road (S-bound) 07:3014:44
Watford Market Street (Stop G) 07:3214:46
Watford, nr Marlborough Road 07:3814:54
Watford, nr The Hornets 07:4114:57
Watford, o/s General Hospital 07:4314:59
Watford, opp Brightwell Road 07:4415:00
Watford Queens Avenue (NW-bound) 07:4415:00
Watford Hagden Lane (W-bound) 07:4515:01
Watford, nr Sydney Road 07:4515:01
Watford, opp Cassiobridge Road 07:4615:02
Croxley Green Two Bridges (Stop C) 07:4715:03
Croxley Green, nr Winton Drive 07:4715:03
Croxley Green, opp Durrants Drive 07:4715:03
Croxley Green, nr Lancing Way 07:4815:04
Croxley Green, opp Owens Way 07:4915:05
Croxley Green, nr Winchester Way 07:5115:06
Croxley Green New Road (S-bound) 07:5315:07
Croxley Green, adj Dickinson Square 07:5415:08
Croxley Green The Green (W-bound) 07:5715:09
Croxley Green, opp The Sportsman PH 07:5915:11
Rickmansworth, opp Scots Bridge 08:0415:13
Rickmansworth, o/s St Joan of Arc School 08:0715:15
Rickmansworth Railway Station (Stop B) 08:1115:17
Moneyhill, adj The Halfway House PH 08:1315:19
Moneyhill, opp Parade 08:1415:20
Moneyhill, opp Church Lane 08:1415:20
Rickmansworth, adj Whip & Collar PH 08:1515:21
Rickmansworth, opp Long Lane 08:1715:23
Maple Cross, nr Hertford Place 08:1815:24
Maple Cross, opp The Cross 08:1915:25
Maple Cross, opp Long Croft Road 08:2015:26
Maple Cross, adj Pinchfield 08:2015:26
Maple Cross Downings Wood Terminus (S-bound) 08:2115:27

Maple Cross to Hemel Hempstead

Maple Cross Downings Wood Terminus (S-bound) 08:3515:35
Maple Cross Hornhill Road (S-bound) 08:3515:35
Maple Cross Denham Way (E-bound) 08:3515:35
Maple Cross, nr Woodland Road 08:3615:36
Maple Cross, nr The Cross 08:3615:36
Maple Cross, opp Hertford Place 08:3615:36
Rickmansworth, nr Long Lane 08:3715:37
Rickmansworth, opp Whip & Collar PH 08:3815:38
Moneyhill, nr Church Lane 08:3815:38
Moneyhill, nr Parade 08:3815:38
Moneyhill, opp The Halfway House PH 08:3915:39
Rickmansworth, o/s St Joan of Arc School 08:4015:40
Rickmansworth Railway Station (Stop C) 08:4515:45
Rickmansworth, nr Roman Catholic Church 08:4715:47
Rickmansworth, adj Scots Bridge 08:4815:48
Croxley Green, adj The Sportsman PH 08:5115:51
Croxley Green The Green (E-bound) 08:5215:52
Croxley Green, opp Dickinson Square 08:5315:53
Croxley Green New Road (N-bound) 08:5415:54
Croxley Green, opp Winchester Way 08:5515:55
Croxley Green, nr Owens Way 08:5615:56
Croxley Green, opp Lancing Way 08:5815:58
Croxley Green, nr Durrants Drive 09:0016:00
Croxley Green, opp Winton Drive 09:0116:01
Croxley Green Two Bridges (Stop A) 09:0216:02
Watford, adj Cassiobridge Road 09:0516:05
Watford Hagden Lane (E-bound) 09:0616:06
Watford Queens Avenue (E-bound) 09:0816:08
Watford, adj Brightwell Road 09:0916:09
Watford, opp General Hospital 09:1116:11
Watford, nr Wiggenhall Road 09:1316:13
Watford Market Street (Stop J) 09:1816:18
Watford Clarendon Road (Stop S) 09:2316:23
Watford St John's Road (N-bound) 09:2316:23
Watford Junction Railway Station (Stop 5) 09:2616:26
Watford Railway Bridge (N-bound) 09:2916:29
North Watford, adj Regent Street 09:3316:33
North Watford, opp Windsor Road 09:3516:35
North Watford, opp Buckingham Road 09:3716:37
North Watford, opp Bushey Mill Lane 09:3916:39
North Watford, opp Library 09:4116:41
Garston, nr Holland Gardens 09:4316:43
Garston, opp First Avenue 09:4316:43
Garston, nr Rochester Drive 09:4416:44
Garston Drive (nr) 09:4516:45
Garston, opp Bus Garage 09:4616:46
Garston Three Horseshoes PH West (NW-bound) 09:4816:48
Woodside, opp Francis Combe Academy 09:5016:50
Woodside, opp Boundary Way 09:5116:51
Woodside, adj Farriers Court 09:5216:52
Woodside, opp Orchard Avenue 09:5216:52
Abbots Langley, opp Leavesden Country Park 09:5316:53
Abbots Langley, adj The Compasses PH 09:5516:55
Abbots Langley, opp Summerhouse Way 09:5716:57
Abbots Langley, opp Love Lane 09:5716:57
Bedmond, adj Sheppey's Lane 10:0017:00
Bedmond, opp Bell Lane 10:0117:01
Bedmond High Street (N-bound) 10:0217:02
Bedmond Church Hill (N-bound) 10:0317:03
Bedmond, nr Hyde Lane 10:0417:04
Pimlico, nr Hyde Terrace 10:0517:05
Pimlico, nr Bunkers Lane 10:0717:07
Leverstock Green, nr Chambersbury Lane 10:0817:08
Leverstock Green, opp The Leather Bottle PH 10:0917:09
Leverstock Green, nr Green Dell Way 10:1117:11
Maylands Business Park, nr Gateway Hotel 10:1317:13
Maylands Business Park Wood Lane End South (N-bound) 10:1417:14
Maylands Business Park, adj Cleveland Road 10:1517:15
Maylands Business Park, nr Mark Road 10:1617:16
Maylands Business Park, opp Atlas Copco 10:1717:17
Highfield, adj Farmhouse Lane 10:1817:18
Adeyfield, opp Branksome Close 10:2017:20
Adeyfield High Street Green (W-bound) 10:2017:20
Adeyfield, opp Great Road 10:2217:22
Adeyfield, nr Broadfield Road 10:2317:23
Hemel Hempstead, adj Mayflower Avenue 10:2517:25
Hemel Hempstead, adj Fernville Lane 10:2617:26
Hemel Hempstead Combe Street (Stop G) 10:2717:27
Hemel Hempstead Marlowes (Stop J) 10:2717:27
Hemel Hempstead Waterhouse Street (Stop 19) 10:2817:28
Hemel Hempstead Riverside (Stop 24) 10:2917:29

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AMTM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 20 February 2024

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