325 - Dunblane - Dollar

A bus service operated by McGill’s Scotland East

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Monday to Friday, QE0 : Cif-325-MBLB-20210819_20240506_195219.cif holidays

Dunblane, at Queen Victoria School 07:40
Dunblane, at Kippendavie Road 07:40
Dunblane Ramoyle (opp and before) 07:41
Dunblane, opp Bogside 07:42
Dunblane, after Newton Loan 07:43
Dunblane, opp Police Station 07:45
Dunblane, at Bowling Green 07:45
Dunblane, before Keir Roundabout 07:46
Bridge of Allan, opp Lecropt Kirk 07:48
Bridge of Allan, opp Railway Station 07:49
Bridge of Allan, opp Inverallan Road 07:49
Bridge of Allan, opp Fountain Road 07:50
Bridge of Allan Police Station (opp and after) 07:55
Bridge of Allan Graham Street (opp and after) 07:56
Bridge of Allan, at Coneyhill Road 07:57
Bridge of Allan, opp Grahams Dairy 07:58
Bridge of Allan, before University Entrance 07:58
Causewayhead, at Institute of Sport 08:00
Causewayhead Wallace High School (opp and after) 08:01
Causewayhead, opp Wallace Gardens 08:02
Causewayhead Recycle a bike (opp and before) 08:02
Causewayhead, at Craigmill 08:03
Manor Powis, opp Manor Cottages 08:05
Blackgrange, opp Gulf Petrol Station 08:07
Tullibody, at Stirling Rd 08:09
Tullibody, after Stirling Rd 08:09
Tullibody, at Stirling Rd 08:10
Tullibody, at Alloa Rd 08:10
Tullibody, at Alloa Rd 08:11
Alloa, before Tullibody Rd 08:13
Alloa, at Tullibody Road 08:13
Alloa, opp Tullibody Road 08:14
Alloa, opp Tullibody Road 08:15
Alloa, opp Tullibody Road at No 66 08:15
Alloa, at Tullibody Road 08:16
Alloa, at Mar Place 08:16
Alloa, at Mar Place 08:17
Alloa Shillinghill (Stance 2) 08:18
Alloa, at Whins Rd 08:18
Alloa, after Whins Rd 08:19
Alloa, after Whins Rd 08:19
Sauchie Keilarsbrae (opp and before) 08:20
Sauchie, opp Main St 08:22
Sauchie, at Main St 08:22
Sauchie, before Main St 08:23
Fishcross, at Primary School 08:24
Devon Village, opp No 7 08:24
Benview Terrace (opp) 08:24
Benview Marchglen Junction (near) 08:25
Devonside, opp The Craigs 08:26
Devonside The Glen (opp and before) 08:27
Tillicoultry, opp Devonvale Hall 08:27
Tillicoultry, at Murray Square 08:28
Tillicoultry, opp Cemetery 08:29
Dollar Dean Place (opp and after) 08:37
Dollar Academy (at) 08:38
Dollar, opp Kings Seat Public House 08:39
Dollar, before Manse Road 08:40
Dollar, at The Ness Turning Circle 08:43

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 May 2024

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