340 - Helensburgh or Vale of Leven Hosp - Paisley RAH

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Helensburgh or Vale of Leven Hosp - Paisley RAH

Helensburgh Railway Station (opp) 07:1021:11
Helensburgh, after Argyle Street West 07:1021:11
Helensburgh, at Stafford Street 07:1021:11
Helensburgh, before West Abercromby Street 07:1121:12
Helensburgh, at Upper Rail Station 07:1121:12
Helensburgh, after West Dhuhill Drive 07:1121:12
Arden Lodge (at) 07:1921:20
Arden Duck Bay (SE-bound) 07:2121:22
Balloch Lower Stoneymollan Road (near) 07:2421:25
Levenvale, at Lomond Drive 07:2721:28
Levenvale, opp Ambulance Station 07:2821:29
Alexandria, at Vale of Leven Hospital 07:3009:2211:1513:5518:1021:31
Alexandria, before King Edward Street 07:3209:2411:1713:5718:1221:32
Alexandria, at Wilson Street 07:3209:2411:1713:5718:1221:33
Alexandria, at Creveul Court 07:3309:2511:1813:5818:1321:34
Alexandria, after Steven Street 07:3409:2611:1913:5918:1421:34
Alexandria, at St Marys School 07:3509:2711:2014:0018:1521:35
Alexandria, opp Queens Drive 07:3509:2711:2014:0018:15
Renton, opp Wylie Avenue 07:3609:2811:2114:0118:16
Renton, opp Allan Crescent 07:3609:2811:2114:0118:16
Renton, at New Cordale Road 07:3709:2911:2214:0218:17
Renton, at Kane Street 07:3709:2911:2214:0218:17
Renton, opp Station Street 07:3809:3011:2314:0318:18
Renton, at John Street 07:3809:3011:2314:0318:18
Renton, at Tontine Park 07:3809:3011:2314:0318:18
Renton, opp North Lodge 07:3909:3111:2414:0418:19
Renton, opp Kipperoch Road 07:4009:3211:2514:0518:20
Dumbarton, before Glasgow Road 07:4109:3311:2614:0618:21
Dumbarton, at Dalreoch Station 07:4209:3411:2714:0718:22
Dumbarton, after Risk Street 07:4409:3611:2914:0918:24
Dumbarton, opp Quay Street 07:4409:3611:2914:0918:24
Dumbarton, before St Mary's Way 07:4609:3811:3114:1118:26
Dumbarton, opp Castle Street 07:4709:3911:3214:1218:27
Dumbarton, opp Leven Street 07:4809:4011:3314:1318:28
Dumbarton, opp Victoria Street 07:4909:4111:3414:1418:29
Dumbarton, opp Buchanan Street 07:5009:4211:3514:1518:30
Dumbuck, opp Castlegreen Street 07:5009:4211:3514:1518:30
Dumbuck, opp Catriona Place 07:5009:4211:3514:1518:30
Dumbuck Crescent (after) 07:5109:4311:3614:1618:31
Dumbuck Warehouses (at) 07:5109:4311:3614:1618:31
Milton, at Cranning Court 07:5309:4511:3814:1818:33
Milton, at Whyte Corner 07:5309:4511:3814:1818:33
Shortroods, after A737 08:1009:5811:5114:3118:46
Shortroods, at Goudie Street 08:1109:5911:5214:3218:47
Shortroods, opp Clark Street 08:1210:0011:5314:3318:48
Shortroods St Mirren Park (near) 08:1310:0011:5314:3318:48
Shortroods, at Fountain Gardens 08:1410:0111:5414:3418:49
Shortroods St James Street (Near) 08:1510:0111:5414:3418:49
Paisley, before King Street 08:1810:0411:5714:3718:52
Paisley, opp Newton Street 08:1910:0511:5814:3818:53
Paisley, after Riccartsbar Avenue 08:2010:0611:5914:3918:54
Paisley, at Royal Alexandra Hospital 08:2210:0712:0014:4018:55

Paisley RAH - Helensburgh or Vale of Leven Hosp

Paisley, at Royal Alexandra Hospital 08:2710:1512:1516:2020:08
Paisley, opp Riccartsbar Avenue 08:2710:1512:1516:2020:08
Paisley, before Maxwellton Road 08:2810:1612:1616:2120:09
Paisley, before Newton Street 08:2910:1612:1616:2220:09
Shortroods, opp Glen Street 08:3410:2012:2016:2720:13
Shortroods, opp Mossvale Lane 08:3510:2112:2116:2820:14
Shortroods, opp Russell St 08:3610:2212:2216:2920:15
Shortroods, before A737 08:3910:2412:2416:3220:17
Old Kilpatrick, at Glenarbuck Lodge 08:5010:3412:3416:4320:27
Milton, opp Colquhoun Road 08:5410:3712:3716:4720:30
Dumbuck Hotel (opp) 08:5510:3812:3816:4820:31
Dumbuck, after Mary Fisher Crescent 08:5610:3912:3916:4920:32
Dumbuck Crescent (at) 08:5610:3912:3916:4920:32
Dumbarton East Railway Station (opp) 08:5710:4012:4016:5020:33
Dumbarton, before Leven Street 08:5810:4112:4116:5120:34
Dumbarton, opp St Mary's Way 09:0110:4412:4416:5420:37
Dumbarton, before Riverside Lane 09:0110:4412:4416:5420:37
Dumbarton, opp Quay Street 09:0210:4512:4516:5520:38
Dumbarton, opp Risk Street 09:0310:4612:4616:5620:39
Dumbarton, opp Dalreoch Station 09:0510:4812:4816:5820:41
Dumbarton, after Glasgow Road 09:0510:4812:4816:5820:41
Renton, at Kipperoch Road 09:0610:4912:4916:5920:42
Renton, at North Lodge 09:0710:5012:5017:0020:43
Renton, opp Tontine Park 09:0810:5112:5117:0120:44
Renton, at Hall Street 09:0810:5112:5117:0120:44
Renton, before Station Street 09:0910:5212:5217:0220:45
Renton, opp Kane Street 09:0910:5212:5217:0220:45
Renton, after Red Row 09:0910:5212:5217:0220:45
Renton, opp New Cordale Road 09:1010:5312:5317:0320:46
Renton, opp Place of Bonhill 09:1010:5312:5317:0320:46
Alexandria, before Queen's Drive 09:1110:5412:5417:0420:47
Alexandria Railway Station (opp) 06:3509:1210:5512:5517:0520:48
Alexandria, before Main Street 06:3509:1210:5512:5517:0520:48
Alexandria, at Hill Street 06:3609:1310:5612:5617:0620:49
Alexandria, opp King Edward Street 06:3709:1410:5712:5717:0720:50
Alexandria Heather Avenue (opp & before) 06:3709:1410:5712:5717:0720:50
Alexandria, at Vale of Leven Hospital 06:4009:1711:0013:0017:1020:53
Levenvale, at Ambulance Station 06:4120:54
Levenvale, opp Lomond Drive 06:4220:55
Balloch, opp Lower Stoneymollan Road 06:4520:57
Arden Duck Bay (NW-bound) 06:4921:01
Arden, opp Cross Keys 06:5321:05
Helensburgh, opp West Dhuhill Drive 06:5821:09
Helensburgh, opp Upper Rail Station 06:5821:09
Helensburgh, after Abercromby Street East 06:5821:10
Helensburgh, opp Stafford Street 06:5921:10
Helensburgh, at Victoria Halls 06:5921:10
Helensburgh Railway Station (at) 07:0021:11

Timetable data from McColls Travel, 31 July 2023

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