351 - Gloucester - Tewkesbury

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West

Gloucester Transport Hub - Tewkesbury Boots

Gloucester Transport Hub (Bay H) 09:0011:1513:3016:2017:50
Kingsholm, opp St Mark's Church 09:0211:1713:3216:2217:52
Kingsholm, by Rugby Ground 09:0311:1813:3316:2317:53
Kingsholm, after Denmark Road 09:0411:1913:3416:2417:54
Gloucester, opp St Oswald's Park 09:0711:2213:3716:2917:57
Gloucester St Oswald's Village (inside) 09:0911:2413:3916:3117:59
Gloucester, nr B & Q 09:1011:2513:4016:3218:00
Gloucester, by St Oswald's Park 09:1011:2513:4016:3218:00
Gloucester, opp West End Parade 09:1211:2713:4216:3418:02
Maisemore, opp The White Hart 09:1711:3213:4716:3918:07
Maisemore Persh Lane (corner of) 09:1811:3313:4816:4018:08
Hartpury College Turn (corner of) 09:2111:3613:5116:4218:11
Hartpury, opp Old School 09:2111:3613:5116:4218:11
Hartpury, by Memorial Hall 09:2211:3713:5216:4318:12
Hartpury Foley Rise (corner of) 09:2311:3813:5316:4418:13
Ashleworth, opp Goss Farm 09:2611:4113:5616:4718:16
Ashleworth, nr Primary School 09:2611:4113:5616:4718:16
Ashleworth, opp Post Office 09:2711:4213:5716:4818:17
Ashleworth, opp Foscombe Lane 09:2711:4213:5716:4818:17
Corse, before Crosshands Garage 09:3011:4514:0016:5118:20
Corse, opp The Old Bakery 09:3111:4614:0116:5218:21
Corse, opp Village Hall 09:3211:4714:0216:5318:22
Corse, opp School Crescent 09:3311:4814:0316:5418:23
Corse, opp Prince of Wales 09:3411:4914:0416:5518:24
Corse Compton Close (corner of) 09:3411:4914:0416:5518:24
Corse, by Prince of Wales 09:3511:5014:0516:5618:25
Staunton, before Swan Inn 09:3611:5114:0616:5718:26
Corse, after Staunton Cross 09:3611:5114:0616:5718:26
Corse Pillows Green Turn (corner of) 09:3711:5214:0716:5818:27
Corse, opp Walker's Farm 09:3811:5314:0816:5918:28
Corse Hill Farm (opp) 09:3911:5414:0917:0018:29
Tirley, after Knowle Turn 09:4111:5614:1117:0218:30
Tirley, after Josend Crescent 09:4211:5714:1217:0318:31
Tirley, after Hasfield Crossroads 09:4311:5814:1317:0418:32
Tirley, opp Haw Bridge Inn 09:4411:5914:1417:0518:33
Lower Apperley, opp Wainlode Lane 09:4612:0114:1617:0618:34
Lower Apperley, after School Road Junction 09:4612:0114:1617:0618:35
Apperley, by Cricket Club 09:4712:0214:1717:0718:35
Apperley, by War Memorial 09:4812:0314:1817:0818:36
Apperley, before Westview 09:4812:0314:1817:0818:36
Apperley Park (before) 09:4912:0414:1917:0918:37
Apperley, after Village Hall 09:4912:0414:1917:0918:37
Deerhurst Walton, by Deerhurst Turn 09:5012:0514:20
Coombe Hill, before Swan Inn 17:1518:43
Deerhurst Walton, opp Turn 09:5112:0614:21
Deerhurst Walton, opp Highfield Trading Estate 09:5212:0714:22
Tredington, opp Odessa Inn 09:5312:0814:23
Tewkesbury, nr Equinox 09:5512:1014:25
Tewkesbury, before Mowbray Avenue 09:5512:1014:25
Tewkesbury, after Gupshill Manor 09:5712:1214:27
Tewkesbury, after Abbot's Road 09:5712:1214:27
Tewkesbury, o/s Council Offices 09:5712:1214:27
Tewkesbury, nr The Crescent 09:5912:1414:29
Tewkesbury, after The Cross 09:5912:1414:29
Tewkesbury, opp Stokes Court 09:5912:1414:29
Tewkesbury, o/s Boots 10:0012:1514:30

Tewkesbury Boots - Gloucester Transport Hub arrival

Tewkesbury, o/s Boots 06:4510:0512:2014:35
Tewkesbury, by The Crescent 06:4610:0612:2114:36
Tewkesbury, opp Council Offices 06:4710:0712:2214:37
Tewkesbury, before Abbot's Road 06:4710:0812:2314:38
Tewkesbury, before Gupshill Manor 06:4810:0812:2314:38
Tewkesbury, after Mowbray Avenue 06:4810:0912:2414:39
Tewkesbury, opp Equinox 06:4910:0912:2414:39
Tredington, after Odessa Inn 06:5010:1112:2614:41
Deerhurst Walton, by Highfield Trading Estate 06:5210:1312:2814:43
Deerhurst Walton Turn (corner of) 06:5210:1312:2814:43
Deerhurst Walton, opp Deerhurst Turn 06:5310:1412:2914:44
Apperley, opp Village Hall 06:5510:1712:3214:47
Apperley Park (after) 06:5610:1812:3314:48
Apperley, opp Westview 06:5610:1812:3314:48
Apperley, nr War Memorial 06:5610:1812:3314:48
Apperley, nr Cricket Club 06:5710:1912:3414:49
Lower Apperley, before School Road Junction 06:5810:1912:3414:49
Lower Apperley, by Wainlode Lane 06:5810:2012:3514:50
Tirley, nr Haw Bridge Inn 07:0010:2112:3614:51
Tirley, before Hasfield Crossroads 07:0110:2212:3714:52
Tirley, before Josend Crescent 07:0210:2312:3814:53
Tirley, opp Knowle Turn 07:0310:2412:3914:54
Corse Hill Farm (by) 07:0510:2512:4014:55
Corse, by Walker's Farm 07:0610:2612:4114:56
Corse, opp Pillows Green Turn 07:0710:2712:4214:57
Corse, before Staunton Cross 07:0810:2812:4314:58
Staunton, opp Swan Inn 07:0810:2812:4314:58
Corse, opp Prince of Wales 07:0910:3012:4515:00
Corse Compton Close (corner of) 07:1010:3212:4715:02
Corse, by Prince of Wales 07:1010:3212:4715:02
Corse, before School Crescent 07:1110:3312:4815:03
Corse, by Village Hall 07:1210:3412:4915:04
Corse, by The Old Bakery 07:1310:3512:5015:05
Corse, after Crosshands Garage 07:1410:3612:5115:06
Ashleworth, after Foscombe Lane 07:1710:3912:5415:09
Ashleworth, opp Memorial Hall 07:1710:3912:5415:09
Ashleworth, by Primary School 07:1810:4012:5515:10
Ashleworth, by Goss Farm 07:1810:4012:5515:10
Hartpury, nr War Memorial 07:2110:4312:5815:13
Hartpury, opp Memorial Hall 07:2210:4412:5915:14
Hartpury, by Old School 07:2310:4513:0015:15
Hartpury College Turn (corner of) 07:2310:4513:0015:15
Hartpury Hiam's Lane (corner of) 07:2410:4613:0115:16
Maisemore, opp Persh Lane 07:2610:4813:0315:18
Maisemore, o/s The White Hart 07:2710:4913:0415:19
Gloucester, by West End Parade 07:3210:5413:0915:24
Gloucester, opp St Oswald's Park 07:3410:5613:1115:26
Gloucester St Oswald's Village (inside) 07:3510:5713:1215:27
Gloucester, nr B & Q 07:3610:5813:1315:28
Gloucester, by St Oswald's Park 07:3610:5813:1315:28
Kingsholm, before Denmark Road 07:3911:0113:1615:31
Kingsholm, opp Rugby Ground 07:3911:0113:1615:31
Kingsholm, nr St Mark's Church 07:4111:0313:1815:33
Gloucester, at Transport Hub arrival 07:4511:0713:2215:37

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 23 April 2024, Stagecoach West, 16 April 2024

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