352 - Ayr, Bus Station - Bellsbank

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West Scotland


Ayr Bus Station (Stance 7) 23:15
Ayr, opp Wellington Square 23:15
Ayr, nr Racecourse Road 23:17
Ayr, nr Smith Street 23:20
Ayr, after Ashgrove Street 23:20
Ayr, opp Inverkar Road 23:21
Ayr, opp Belmont Avenue 23:21
Ayr, opp Castlehill Crescent 23:22
Ayr, nr Ellisland Square 23:22
Ayr, before Belmont Road 23:22
Ayr, before Forest Way 23:23
Ayr, at Peggieshill Road 23:24
Ayr, before Birch Road 23:24
Ayr, at Ailsa Hospital 23:28
Ayr Hospital (at) 23:30
Ayr Hospital Day Centre (nr) 23:30
Ayr, nr Ailsa Hospital East Entrance 23:31
Ayr, opp Carrick Glen Hospital 23:31
Ayr, at Mosshill Ind Estate 23:32
Boghall, after B742 23:33
Dalrymple, before Seath Drive 23:36
Dalrymple, after Burnton Road 23:37
Dalrymple, opp Cedar Terrace 23:37
Dalrymple, before Seath Drive 23:37
Hollybush, after Benston Crescent 23:41
Hollybush, at Holehouse Junction 23:43
Polnessan Ayr Road (opp 18) 23:47
Patna, opp Main Street 23:48
Patna, after Main Street 23:49
Patna, before Daldowie Road 23:49
Patna, opp NO 29 23:49
Patna, after Whitehill Avenue 23:50
Patna, after Plantation Avenue 23:50
Patna, after Dalvennan Avenue 23:51
Patna, opp Lethanhill View 23:51
Patna, after Downieston Place 23:51
Patna Dalharco Avenue (after 38) 23:53
Patna, after Stewart Place 23:54
Patna, after Doonbank Crescent 23:54
Patna, before Doonbank Nursing Home 23:55
Waterside, opp New Cottages 23:56
Waterside, before Dunaskin Heritage Centre 23:56
Waterside, opp St Francis Xaviers Church 23:56
Dalmellington, opp Fire Station 23:59
Dalmellington, opp Croft Street 00:00
Dalmellington, after Fire Station 00:00
Dalmellington, after Bellsbank Road 00:01
Bellsbank, opp Auchenroy Crescent 00:02
Bellsbank, opp Craiglea Crescent 00:03
Dalmellington, opp Ness Glen Road 00:03
Bellsbank, before Eriff Road 00:04
Bellsbank, before Dalfarson Avenue 00:05
Bellsbank, before Merrick Drive 00:05
Bellsbank, before Glenmount 00:06
Bellsbank, opp Eriff Road 00:06
Dalmellington, before Ness Glen Road 00:06
Bellsbank, after Craiglea Crescent 00:06
Bellsbank, after Auchenroy Crescent 00:07
Dalmellington, before Bellsbank Road 00:07
Dalmellington, opp Fire Station 00:08
Dalmellington, after Park Crescent 00:09
Dalmellington, before Broomknowe 00:09
Dalmellington Broomknowe (at 28/29) 00:09
Burnton Turning Circle (opp) 00:11

Timetable data from Stagecoach West Scotland, 14 September 2021

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