36 - York, Railway Station - Sutton Upon Derwent

A bus service operated by York Pullman

Sutton Upon Derwent to York, Railway Station

Sutton upon Derwent Sutton Main Street 09:0010:2012:2514:25
Sutton upon Derwent The Sutton Arms 09:0110:2112:2614:26
Sutton upon Derwent Sutton On Derwent Main St 09:0210:2212:2714:27
Elvington, o/s Village Hall 09:0510:2412:2914:29
Elvington, opp Mallard Court 09:0610:2512:3014:30
Elvington Primary School (opp) 09:0710:2612:3114:31
Elvington Park (adj) 09:0810:2712:3214:32
Elvington, o/s Yorkshire Air Museum 09:0910:2812:3314:33
Yorkshire Air Museum Air Museum Entrance 09:1010:2812:3314:33
Elvington, opp Yorkshire Air Museum 09:1110:2912:3414:34
Wheldrake Dalton Hill (adj Wenlock Gardens) 09:2010:3612:4014:40
Wheldrake Post Office 09:2110:3712:4114:41
Wheldrake, opp Alice Hawthorne 09:2210:3812:4214:42
Wheldrake, opp North Lane 09:2210:3812:4214:42
Crockey Hill Farm (opp. Red Cottages) 09:2610:4212:4614:46
Crockey Hill, opp Forest Farm 09:2710:4312:4714:47
Fulford, o/s Persimmon House 09:2810:4412:4814:48
Fulford, adj Naburn Lane End 09:3010:4612:5014:50
Fulford, adj Pasture Farm Close 09:3010:4612:5014:50
Fulford Main Street (opp 53) 09:3110:4712:5114:51
Fulford Church (opp) 09:3210:4812:5214:52
Fulford Road, adj Broadway West 09:3310:4912:5314:53
Fulford Road, opp Imphal Barracks 09:3410:5012:5414:54
Fulford Road, adj Alma Terrace 09:3510:5112:5514:55
York, opp Howard Street 09:3610:5212:5614:56
York, opp Edinburgh Arms 09:3710:5312:5714:57
York Ryedale Building 09:3910:5512:5914:59
York Piccadilly (PF) 10:5613:00
York Merchantgate (PC) 09:4015:00
York Low Ousegate (TF) 10:5813:02
York Victoria Bar 11:0113:05
York Nunnery Lane Car Park (BE) 11:0213:06
York Queen Street 11:0313:07
York Rail Station (RJ) 11:0413:08

Timetable data from York Pullman Bus Company/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 1 December 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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