X36 - York, Railway Station - Bielby, Main Street

A bus service operated by York Pullman

Bielby, Main Street to York, Railway Station

Bielby Main Street 06:45
Everingham Carr Lane 06:48
Everingham Main Street 06:49
Seaton Ross Mill Lane 06:51
Seaton Ross North End 06:52
Seaton Ross Church Lane 06:53
Melbourne Main Street 07:01
Melbourne Main Street 07:02
Melbourne Main Street 07:03
Storwood Brocklesbank Corner 07:05
Sutton upon Derwent Hagg Bridge 07:07
Sutton upon Derwent Sutton Main Street 07:1017:00
Sutton upon Derwent The Sutton Arms 07:1117:02
Sutton upon Derwent Sutton On Derwent Main St 07:1217:02
Elvington, o/s Village Hall 07:1417:04
Elvington, opp Mallard Court 07:1517:05
Elvington Primary School (opp) 07:1617:06
Elvington Park (adj) 07:1617:06
Elvington, o/s Yorkshire Air Museum 07:1717:07
Yorkshire Air Museum Air Museum Entrance 17:08
Elvington, o/s York Maze 07:2017:10
Grimston, adj Bingley House Farm 07:2517:15
Hull Road, opp Canham Grove 07:2717:17
Hull Road Badger Hill Shops 07:2817:18
Hull Road, o/s Archbishop Holgate's School 07:2817:18
Hull Road, adj Windmill Lane 07:2917:19
Hull Road, opp Milson Grove 07:3017:20
Hull Road, opp The Beeswing 07:3117:21
Hull Road, o/s The Boulevard 07:3117:22
Hull Road, opp Lansdowne Terrace 07:3217:23
York, o/s St Lawrence Church 07:3217:24
York, opp Huby Court 07:3317:26
Foss Islands, o/s Student Castle 07:3317:26
York St Denys' Road 07:3417:27
York Piccadilly (PF) 07:3517:28
York Low Ousegate (TF) 07:3717:30
York Rougier Street (CC) 07:39
York Victoria Bar 17:32
York Nunnery Lane Car Park (BE) 17:33
York Queen Street 17:34
York Rail Station (RJ) 07:4017:35

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/KJTR/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 8 April 2024

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