37 - Salisbury - Whaddon - West Dean - Lockerley

A bus service operated by Salisbury Reds

Salisbury - Whaddon - West Dean - Lockerley

Laverstock The Three Schools (Bus Park) 16:05
Laverstock St Andrews School (S-bound) 16:06
Laverstock The Green (SW-bound) 16:07
Laverstock William Close (SW-bound) 16:07
Laverstock Mayfair Road (SW-bound) 16:08
Laverstock Manor Farm Road (W-bound) 16:08
Salisbury Milford Mill Road (S-bound) 16:09
Salisbury, opp Shady Bower Close 16:10
Salisbury, o/s St Martins School 16:10
Salisbury Shady Bower (NW-bound) 16:11
Salisbury Rampart Road (W-bound) 16:12
Salisbury The Chapel (W-bound) 16:13
Salisbury Endless Street (Stop D) 16:15
Salisbury Milford House (E-bound) 12:1114:01
Salisbury Brown Street (S-bound) 16:2118:06
Salisbury The Beeches (S-bound) 12:1414:04
Salisbury St Osmunds School (S-bound) 16:2218:07
Salisbury Wiltshire College (E-bound) 16:2318:08
Salisbury, o/s Retail Park 12:1414:0416:2418:09
Britford Bourne Retail Park (E-bound) 12:1514:0516:2518:10
Petersfinger The Bend (SE-bound) 12:1614:0616:2618:11
Petersfinger Haven Court (S-bound) 12:1714:0716:2718:12
Alderbury Shute End (S-bound) 12:1814:0816:2818:13
Alderbury Green Dragon (SE-bound) 12:2114:1116:3118:16
Alderbury Crossroads (SE-bound) 12:2214:1216:3218:17
Alderbury Lights Lane (SE-bound) 12:2214:1216:3218:17
Alderbury, opp Village Hall 12:2314:1316:3318:18
Alderbury Old Police Station (SE-bound) 12:2414:1416:3418:19
Alderbury Grimstead Road (SE-bound) 12:2414:1416:3418:19
Whaddon Post Office (S-bound) 12:2514:1516:3518:20
West Grimstead Telephone Box (E-bound) 12:2714:1716:3718:22
West Grimstead Greenfields (NW-bound) 12:2714:1716:3718:22
East Grimstead Gothic Cottage (E-bound) 12:3214:2216:4218:27
East Grimstead Lyvers Farm (N-bound) 12:3314:2316:4318:28
Farley, opp All Saints' Church 12:3614:2616:4618:31
Farley, o/s All Saints' Church 12:3714:2716:4718:32
Farley Old Chapel (W-bound) 12:3814:2816:4818:33
East Grimstead Lyvers Farm (S-bound) 12:4114:3116:5118:36
East Grimstead Gothic Cottage (S-bound) 12:4214:3216:5218:37
West Dean, o/s Bridge Cottage 12:4714:3716:5718:42

Lockerley - West Dean - Whaddon - Salisbury

West Dean, o/s Bridge Cottage 06:5512:4714:37
West Dean Rectory Hill Cottages (N-bound) 06:5512:4714:37s
West Tytherley, outside Village School 07:0112:5314:42s
West Tytherley Beales Court (adjacent) 07:0209:1412:5414:43s
West Tytherley, opposite Village School 07:0209:1412:5414:43s
East Tytherley Village Centre (E-bound) 07:0509:1712:5714:46s
Lockerley The Star Inn (adjacent) 07:0809:2013:0014:48s
Lockerley, outside St Johns Church 07:1009:2113:0114:49s
Lockerley, opposite The Vicarage 07:1209:2313:0314:50s
Lockerley, opposite St Johns Church 07:1409:2513:0514:52s
Lockerley Green (SW-bound) 07:1609:2713:0714:54s
Lockerley Holbury Lane (W-bound) 07:1609:2713:0714:54s
East Dean, adj Glebe Meadow 07:1909:3013:1014:56
West Dean Red Lion House (NW-bound) 07:2209:3313:13
East Grimstead Gothic Cottage (N-bound) 07:2809:38
Farley, o/s All Saints' Church 07:3309:43
Farley Old Chapel (W-bound) 07:3409:44
East Grimstead Lyvers Farm (S-bound) 07:3709:47
East Grimstead Gothic Cottage (W-bound) 07:3909:4813:18
West Grimstead Greenfields (SE-bound) 07:4209:5113:21
West Grimstead Telephone Box (W-bound) 07:4309:5213:22
Whaddon Post Office (N-bound) 07:4809:5513:25
Alderbury Grimstead Road (NW-bound) 07:4809:5513:25
Alderbury Old Police Station (NW-bound) 07:4909:5613:26
Alderbury Village Hall (NW-bound) 07:4909:5613:26
Alderbury Lights Lane (NW-bound) 07:5009:5713:27
Alderbury Crossroads (NW-bound) 07:5109:5813:28
Alderbury Green Dragon (NW-bound) 07:5109:5813:28
Alderbury Shute End (N-bound) 07:5510:0113:31
Petersfinger Haven Court (N-bound) 07:5610:0213:32
Petersfinger The Bend (NW-bound) 07:5710:0313:33
Britford Bourne Retail Park (W-bound) 07:5910:0513:35
Salisbury, opp Retail Park 08:0010:0613:36
Salisbury The Beeches (N-bound) 10:07
Salisbury Wiltshire College (W-bound) 08:0113:37
Salisbury The Chapel (W-bound) 10:10
Salisbury St Osmunds School (N-bound) 08:0313:39
Salisbury Catherine Street (N-bound) 08:0413:40
Salisbury New Canal (Stop U) 08:0510:11s13:41
Salisbury Tesco (Stop K) 10:14

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 27 June 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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