4 - Newbury - Lambourn via Speen, Stockcross, Boxford, Great Shefford, Eastbury

A bus service operated by Newbury & District

Newbury - Speen, Stockcross, Boxford, Great Shefford, Eastbury - Lambourn

Newbury Station (Stop T) 10:3712:3714:2317:37
Newbury Cheap Street (Stop N) 10:3912:3914:2517:40
Newbury Wharf (Bay C) 10:4112:4114:2717:43
Newbury Park Way (Stop P) 08:5710:4712:4714:3216:1217:47
Newbury Park Way Top (Stop R) 08:5710:4712:4714:3216:1217:47
Newbury, opposite Oxford Street 08:5810:4812:4814:3316:1317:48
Newbury, adj Leys Gardens 08:5910:4912:4914:3416:1417:49
Newbury, adj Speen Lane Foot 09:0010:5012:5014:3516:1517:50
Speen Coxeter Road (W-bound) 09:0110:5112:5114:3616:1617:51
Speen Kersey Crescent (W-bound) 09:0210:5212:5214:3716:1717:52
Speen Sutton Road (adj 34) 09:0310:5312:5314:3816:1817:53
Speen, opp The Sydings 09:0410:5412:5414:3916:1917:54
Speen, adj Hare and Hounds 09:0510:5512:5514:4016:2017:55
Stockcross, opp Deanwood House 09:0610:5612:5614:4116:2117:56
Stockcross, opp Foley Lodge 09:0610:5612:5614:4116:2117:56
Stockcross, opp Snake Lane 09:0710:5712:5714:4216:2217:57
Stockcross Post Office (nr) 09:0810:5812:5814:4316:2317:58
Wickham Heath, opp Coomesbury Lane 09:1011:0013:0014:4516:2518:00
Boxford, opp The Bell Inn 09:1411:0413:0414:4916:2918:04
Easton Rood Hill (NW-bound) 09:1511:0513:0514:5016:3018:05
Welford Park (N-bound) 09:1711:0713:0714:5216:3218:07
Weston Village Centre (NW-bound) 09:1911:0913:0914:5416:3418:09
Great Shefford The Mill 09:2011:1013:1014:5516:3518:10
Great Shefford, adj East Shefford Telephone Exchange 09:2211:1213:1214:5716:3718:12
Great Shefford, opp The Swan 09:2311:1313:1314:5816:3818:13
East Garston, opp Maidencourt Farm 09:2411:1413:1414:5916:3918:14
East Garston Queens Arms (NW-bound) 09:2611:1613:1615:0116:4118:16
East Garston, opp Humphreys Lane 09:2611:1613:1615:0116:4118:16
East Garston, adj Westfield Farm 09:2711:1713:1715:0216:4218:17
Eastbury, adj Horseshoe Cottage 09:2811:1813:1815:0316:4318:18
Eastbury, adj Straight Lane 09:2911:1913:1915:0416:4418:19
Eastbury, opp The Plough 09:3011:2013:2015:0516:4518:20
Eastbury, opp The Hermitage 09:3011:2013:2015:0516:4518:20
Bockhampton Long Hedge (opp 13) 09:3211:2213:2215:0716:4718:22
Lambourn Woodbury (adj 32) 09:3311:2313:2315:0816:4818:23
Lambourn Mill Lane (N-bound) 09:3411:2413:2415:0916:4918:24
Lambourn, adj Millfield 09:3411:2413:2415:0916:4918:24
Lambourn, opp Market Square 09:3611:2613:2615:1116:5118:26

Lambourn - Speen, Stockcross, Boxford, Great Shefford, Eastbury - Newbury

Lambourn, adj Market Square 09:4011:3113:3115:16
Lambourn Millfield (Adj 22) 09:4211:3313:3315:18
Lambourn, on Mill Lane 09:4311:3413:3415:19
Lambourn, opp Woodbury 09:4511:3613:3615:21
Bockhampton, adj Long Hedge 09:4611:3713:3715:22
Eastbury, adj The Hermitage 09:5111:4213:4215:27
Eastbury, adj The Plough 09:5211:4313:4315:28
Eastbury, opp Straight Lane 09:5211:4313:4315:28
Eastbury, opp Horseshoe Cottage 09:5311:4413:4415:29
East Garston, opp Westfield Farm 09:5411:4513:4515:30
East Garston, adj Humphreys Lane 09:5611:4713:4715:32
East Garston Queens Arms (SE-bound) 09:5711:4813:4815:33
East Garston, adj Maidencourt Farm 09:5811:4913:4915:34
Great Shefford, adj The Swan 10:0011:5113:5115:36
Great Shefford, opp East Shefford Telephone Exchange 10:0011:5113:5115:36
Great Shefford, adj East Shefford House 10:0111:5213:5215:37
Great Shefford The Mill 10:0211:5313:5315:38
Weston Village Centre (SE-bound) 10:0411:5513:5515:40
Welford Park (S-bound) 10:0611:5713:5715:42
Easton Rood Hill (SE-bound) 10:0711:5813:5815:43
Boxford, adj The Bell Inn 10:0912:0014:0015:45
Wickham Heath, nr Coomesbury Lane 10:1212:0314:0315:48
Stockcross Post Office (opp) 10:1512:0614:0615:51
Stockcross, adj Snake Lane 10:1512:0614:0615:51
Stockcross, adj Foley Lodge 10:1612:0714:0715:52
Stockcross, adj Deanwood House 10:1712:0814:0815:53
Speen, adj The Sydings 10:1912:1014:1015:55
Speen, on Sutton Road 10:2012:1114:1115:56
Speen Kersey Crescent (E-bound) 10:2012:1114:1115:56
Speen Coxeter Road (E-bound) 10:2112:1214:1215:57
Newbury, opp Speen Lane Foot 10:2312:1414:1415:59
Newbury, opp Leys Gardens 10:2312:1414:1415:59
Newbury Oxford Street (Adjacent) 10:2412:1514:1516:00
Newbury Park Way Top (Stop S) 10:2512:1614:1616:01
Newbury Park Way (Stop Q) 10:2612:1714:1716:02
Newbury Wharf (Stop H) 10:2712:1814:18
Newbury Wharf (Bay G) 16:03
Newbury Cheap Street (Stop O) 10:2712:1814:18
Newbury Market Street (Stop M) 10:2812:1914:19
Newbury, adj Fair Close 10:30s12:21s14:21s
Newbury Station (Stop T) 10:3212:2314:23

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Newbury & District, 8 April 2024

Newbury & District


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