418B - Loughton - Debden - Theydon Bois - Epping - Brays Grove - Harlow

A bus service operated by Central Connect

Loughton - Harlow Town Centre

Loughton Station (Stop B) 20:3522:40
Loughton, o/s Sainsbury's 20:3522:40
Loughton, opp The Crown 20:3522:40
Loughton, adj Forest Road 20:3622:41
Loughton, opp Traps Hill 20:3622:41
Loughton Library (opp) 20:3622:41
Loughton, adj Church Lane 20:3722:42
Loughton, opp Oak View School 20:3822:43
Loughton, adj Durnell Way 20:3822:43
Loughton, adj Newmans Close 20:3822:43
Loughton, opp Hatfields 20:3922:44
Debden, opp Newmans Lane 20:3922:44
Debden, adj Ibbetson Path 20:4022:45
Debden Station (o/s) 20:4022:45
Chigwell Rolls Park Corner (NE-bound) 20:4122:46
Abridge, opp Caravan Park 20:4422:49
Abridge, opp Log Cabin Cafe 20:4522:50
Abridge, o/s The Blue Boar 20:4522:50
Abridge, o/s Piggotts Farm 20:4622:51
Theydon Bois, adj Coopersale Lane 20:4922:54
Theydon Bois Green (adj) 20:5122:56
Theydon Bois, opp Village Hall 20:5122:56
Theydon Bois, opp Morgan Crescent 20:5222:57
Theydon Bois, o/s Little Gregories 20:5322:58
Theydon Bois, opp Golf Club 20:5322:58
Ivy Chimneys, adj Fishers Lane 20:5523:00
Ivy Chimneys, adj Meadow View 20:5623:01
Epping, adj Western Avenue 20:5723:02
Epping, opp Sunnyside Road 20:5823:03
Epping, opp Woodland Grove 20:5923:04
Epping, o/s Woodlands 21:0023:05
Epping, o/s Railway Station 21:0123:06
Epping, opp Woodlands 21:0723:12
Epping, adj Nicholl Road 21:0823:13
Epping, o/s Church 21:0923:14
Epping, o/s Council Offices 21:0923:14
Epping, adj Maltings Lane 21:1123:16
Epping St Margaret's Hospital (inside) 21:1323:18
Epping, o/s St Margaret's Hospital - main Rd 21:1323:18
Epping, opp Brickfield Business Centre 21:1423:19
Thornwood Common, adj Carpenters Arms 21:1723:22
Thornwood, adj Upland Road 21:1723:22
Thornwood, opp Cross Keys 21:1923:24
Thornwood, o/s Horseshoes Farm 21:2023:25
Thornwood, opp McDonalds 21:2223:27
Potter Street, opp Park Avenue 21:2423:29
Potter Street The Red Lion (near) 21:2623:31
Potter Street, adj Larkswood 21:2623:31
Brays Grove, opp School 21:2723:32
Brays Grove, o/s Baileys 21:2823:33
Brays Grove, opp Tumbler Road 21:3023:35
Harlow, opp Leisure Centre 21:3223:37
Harlow Bus Station (Stand 13) 21:3523:40

Harlow Town Centre - Loughton

Harlow Bus Station (Stand 13) 21:40
Harlow, o/s Leisure Centre 21:41
Brays Grove, adj Tumbler Road 21:44
Brays Grove, opp Baileys 21:45
Brays Grove, o/s School 21:46
Potter Street, opp Larkswood 21:47
Potter Street, adj The Red Lion 21:48
Potter Street, adj Park Avenue 21:49
Thornwood, o/s McDonalds 21:52
Thornwood, opp Horseshoes Farm 21:53
Thornwood, opp Rye Hill Road 21:55
Thornwood, opp Upland Road 21:55
Thornwood Common, opp Carpenters Arms 21:57
Epping, o/s Brickfield Business Centre 21:58
Epping St Margaret's Hospital (inside) 22:00
Epping, o/s St Margaret's Hospital - main Rd 22:00
Epping, opp Maltings Lane 22:01
Epping, opp Council Offices 22:02
Epping, opp Church 22:03
Epping, opp Nicholl Road 22:03
Epping, o/s Woodlands 22:04
Epping, o/s Railway Station 22:06
Epping, opp Woodlands 22:06
Epping, adj Woodland Grove 22:06
Epping, adj Sunnyside Road 22:07
Epping, opp Western Avenue 22:08
Ivy Chimneys, opp Meadow View 22:10
Ivy Chimneys, opp Fishers Lane 22:10
Theydon Bois, o/s Golf Club 22:11
Theydon Bois, opp Little Gregories 22:12
Theydon Bois, adj Morgan Crescent 22:13
Theydon Bois, o/s Village Hall 22:13
Theydon Bois Green (opp) 22:14
Theydon Bois, opp Coopersale Lane 22:15
Abridge, opp Piggotts Farm 22:18
Abridge, opp The Blue Boar 22:19
Abridge, adj Log Cabin Cafe 22:20
Abridge, o/s Caravan Park 22:20
Chigwell Rolls Park Corner (NW-bound) 22:24
Debden Station (opp) 22:26
Debden, adj Borders Lane 22:27
Debden, opp Ibbetson Path 22:28
Loughton, adj Hatfields 22:29
Loughton, opp Newmans Close 22:30
Loughton, opp Durnell Way 22:32
Loughton, o/s Oak View School 22:32
Loughton, opp Church Lane 22:32
Loughton Library (o/s) 22:33
Loughton, adj Traps Hill 22:33
Loughton, opp Forest Road 22:34
Loughton The Crown (near) 22:34
Loughton Station (Stop A) 22:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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