48 - West Bromwich - Q.E. Hospital

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West Bromwich - Q.E. Hospital

West Bromwich Bus Station (Stand K) 07:5708:57then every 30 minutes until16:5717:35then hourly until23:35
West Bromwich, adj Sandwell College 07:5908:5916:5917:3723:37
West Bromwich, adj Boulton Rd 08:0009:0017:0017:3723:37
West Bromwich, before Kelvin Way 08:0009:0017:0017:3823:38
West Bromwich, opp Grice St 08:0109:0117:0117:3923:39
West Bromwich, adj Hackett Drive 08:0209:0217:0217:3923:39
West Bromwich, opposite West End Ave 08:0209:0217:0217:4023:40
West Bromwich, adj Marshall St 08:0309:0317:0317:4023:40
West Bromwich, before Holly Lane 08:0409:0417:0417:4123:41
Londonderry, before Marion Rd 08:0409:0417:0417:4123:41
Londonderry, adj Hugh Rd 08:0509:0517:0517:4223:42
The Londonderry (opp) 08:0509:0517:0517:4223:42
Londonderry, after Hayes Rd 08:0609:0617:0617:4323:43
Londonderry, after Thimblemill Road 08:0709:0717:0717:4423:44
Londonderry, before Bristnall Hall Rd 08:0809:0817:0817:4523:45
Warley, after Eva Rd 08:0809:0817:0817:4523:45
Warley, adj Hurst Rd Community Hall 08:1009:1017:1017:4623:46
Warley, after Abbey Rd 08:1109:1117:1117:4823:48
Warley Woods, opp Lenwade Rd 08:1309:1317:1317:4923:49
Warley Woods, opp Warley Water Tower 08:1309:1317:1317:5023:50
Warley Woods, opp Beechwood Rd 08:1509:1517:1517:5123:51
Warley Woods, before Galton Rd 08:1609:1617:1617:5223:52
Warley Woods, opp Long Hyde Rd 08:1709:1717:1717:5323:53
Bearwood, after Wigorn Rd 08:1809:1817:1817:5423:54
Bearwood St Mary's Church (Stop BJ) 08:1809:1817:1817:5423:54
Bearwood Sherwood Rd (Stop BE) 08:1909:1917:1917:5523:55
Bearwood Hagley Road West (Stop BP) 08:2009:2017:2017:5623:56
Court Oak, adj Knightlow Rd 08:2109:2117:2117:5723:57
Court Oak, before Gillhurst Rd 08:2109:2117:2117:5723:57
Court Oak, opp Elm Tree Rd 08:2209:2217:2217:5823:58
Harborne, opp Court Oak Rd 08:2309:2317:2317:5923:59
Harborne, adj Serpentine Rd 08:2409:2417:2418:0000:00
Harborne, before Greenfield Rd 08:2409:2417:2418:0000:00
Harborne Junction (after) 08:2509:2517:2518:0100:01
Harborne, opp York St 08:2609:2617:2618:0200:02
Moor Pool, opp High St 08:2709:2717:2718:0300:03
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, opp Barlows Rd 08:2809:2817:2818:0400:04
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, after Somerset Rd 08:2909:2917:2918:0500:05
Birmingham University, before Farquhar Rd 08:3009:3017:3018:0600:06
Birmingham University Blood & Transplant Centre (adjacent) 08:3109:3117:3118:0700:07
Birmingham University University Station (Stop QE) 08:3109:3117:3118:0700:07
Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Stop QA) 08:3409:3417:3418:1000:10

Q.E. Hospital - West Bromwich

Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Stop QB) 08:3509:35then every 30 minutes until17:3518:12then hourly until00:12
Birmingham University University Station (Stop QD) 08:3609:3617:3618:1300:13
Birmingham University, opposite Blood & Transplant Centre 08:3709:3717:3718:1400:14
Birmingham University, after Farquhar Rd 08:3709:3717:3718:1400:14
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, before Somerset Rd 08:3809:3817:3818:1500:15
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, adj Barlows Rd 08:3909:3917:3918:1600:16
Harborne, after Metchley Lane 08:4009:4017:4018:1700:17
Harborne York St (adjacent) 08:4109:4117:4118:1800:18
Harborne Junction (near) 08:4209:4217:4218:1900:19
Harborne Greenfield Rd (adjacent) 08:4309:4317:4318:2000:20
Harborne, adj War Lane 08:4409:4417:4418:2100:21
Harborne, adj Court Oak Rd 08:4409:4417:4418:2100:21
Court Oak, adj Elm Tree Rd 08:4509:4517:4518:2200:22
Court Oak, after Gillhurst Rd 08:4609:4617:4618:2300:23
Court Oak, opp Knightlow Rd 08:4709:4717:4718:2400:24
Bearwood Hagley Road West (Stop BQ) 08:4809:4817:4818:2500:25
Bearwood Poplar Road (Stop BZ1) 08:4809:4817:4818:2500:25
Bearwood Sherwood Rd (Stop BF) 08:4809:4817:4818:2500:25
Bearwood St Mary's Church (Stop BH) 08:4909:4917:4918:2600:26
Bearwood, before Wigorn Rd 08:4909:4917:4918:2600:26
Warley Woods, adj Long Hyde Rd 08:5009:5017:5018:2700:27
Warley Woods, opp Galton Rd 08:5109:5117:5118:2800:28
Warley Woods, adj Beechwood Rd 08:5109:5117:5118:2800:28
Warley Woods, adj Warley Water Tower 08:5309:5317:5318:3000:30
Warley Woods, adj Lenwade Rd 08:5309:5317:5318:3000:30
Warley, adj Pheasant Rd 08:5409:5417:5418:3100:31
Warley, opp Hurst Rd Community Hall 08:5509:5517:5518:3200:32
Warley, before Eva Rd 08:5709:5717:5718:3400:34
Londonderry, after Bristnall Hall Rd 08:5709:5717:5718:3400:34
Londonderry, before Thimblemill Road 08:5809:5817:5818:3500:35
Londonderry, before Hayes Rd 08:5909:5917:5918:3600:36
The Londonderry (adj) 09:0010:0018:0018:3600:36
Londonderry, opposite Marion Rd 09:0110:0118:0118:3700:37
West Bromwich, after Holly Lane 09:0210:0218:0218:3800:38
West Bromwich, opp Marshall St 09:0310:0318:0318:3900:39
West Bromwich, before West End Ave 09:0310:0318:0318:3900:39
West Bromwich, opp Hackett Drive 09:0410:0418:0418:4000:40
West Bromwich, adj Grice St 09:0510:0518:0518:4100:41
West Bromwich, after Kelvin Way 09:0610:0618:0618:4200:42
West Bromwich, opp Boulton Rd 09:0710:0718:0718:4200:42
West Bromwich Bus Station (Stand K) 09:1010:1018:1018:4500:45

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